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3D car floor mats provide a plush feeling to your car interior and help relax your feet on a long journey. Car 3D mats also add a cool aesthetic to your cabin, a premium look that can be found on more expensive car models.

Car 3D floor mats are useful in keeping dust and dirt off the cabin carpets and can prevent moisture and rain water from seeping in. They come in several colours to brighten up interior and with a range of designs to suit the upholstery and seats.

Types of 3d Car Mats

3D car floor mats protect your interior from dust, dirt, moisture and exposure to weather elements which may cause rust or corrosion. Car floor mats are distinguished by the material they are made from such as fabric, rubber, vinyl and polyurethane.

Carorbis offers perfect fitting 3D car floor mats for all car models. They are durable and of high quality to provide several years of protection and comfort in your interior. Browse through our wide collection of 3D car floor mats and pick the one that suits your car the best. Each 3D car floor mat has its own unique design and aesthetic appeal to uplift your cabin, enhance comfort and protect your interiors.

Let’s look at the different types of 3D car floor mat for cars.

Rubber 3d Floor Mats

These mats are long lasting and durable through all weather conditions and are usually installed in cars during the rainy season. Rubber is a sticky material that adheres to the cabin floor and prevents it from slipping in its position. It is safe to use them on the driver side because they won’t interfere with control pedals. The best part is they are totally water resistant as moisture just runs off the mats without soaking in. This makes them easy to clean with a brush and moist cloth when dirt builds up. Rubber 3D floor mats are usually black in colour but you can find other shades such as red and white.

Fabric 3d Car Floor Mats

The most common type of car 3D floor mats is made from fabric such as cotton blended with synthetic nylon. Fabric mats for car floors are breathable and easy to clean due to soft textures which are pliable. They usually have contoured edges and anti-slip rubber mounts to keep them in position while driving. There are a wide range of colours available as well as varying textures such as velvet or smooth. Since the fabric material is highly durable, you can clean them every other day without any issues. They have a long life and provide you with excellent comfort and aesthetic appeal. Fabric car mats are the most sought-after 3D floor mats on online car accessory websites.

Vinyl 3d Floor Mat for Car

Vinyl is an all-weather material that won’t absorb water and can keep the car floors dirt free. They cost less than other 3D car floor mats but are still considered high quality because of their durable nature. Vinyl 3D car floor mats can be specially designed to custom fit a car interior, taking into account all the edges, contours and unique shape of the cabin floor. You can easily wash vinyl mats with soapy water and a clean cloth to get rid of dust, dirt, grime and grease.

Why Should You Purchase 3d Car Mats?

3D car floor mats give an expensive look to your interior and are available in a range of colours, designs and styles to suit any kind of car model. The best 3D mats for car are high-quality, water resistant, durable and easy to clean. 3D stands for 3 Dimensional which refers to the mats raised edges, contours and flexible material that conforms to the contours of your car cabin floor. The unique design of 3D car floor mats allows them to accumulate dust and debris so that they can be cleaned without any hassles. These car floor mats also keep moisture away from bare metal components which could get rusted or corroded due to exposure.

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