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Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml
Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml
Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml
Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml

Michelin Wet Wax 650 ml

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₹695₹625.50 (₹69.5 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹75 Delivery Charges

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Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml
Michelin Wet Wax 650 ml

₹695₹625.50 (₹69.5 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹75 Delivery Charges

In Stock

Product Info :

Get back the new like texture in a few sprays of Michelin Wet Wax.

  • MICHELIN latest formulation of triple-action Wet Wax. Aids in the drying of paintwork after washing. Wet Wax leaves the paintwork glossy, brings back the natural shine and helps protect the paintwork between waxing. Use in conjunction with MICHELIN Fast Shine as part of your paintwork maintenance routine to keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

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₹695₹625.50 (₹69.5 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹75 Delivery Charges

In Stock

Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml
Michelin Wet Wax 650 ml

₹695₹625.50 (₹69.5 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹75 Delivery Charges

In Stock

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Instant shine Michelin Wet Wax

Automobiles undergo numerous attacks of weather, dust and pollutants which ultimately harms them and makes their surface look non-textured and dull over time. Going for a service can be very time-consuming and expensive at times. But Michelin Wet Wax 650 MI is the ultimate solution to save your car’s shine effortlessly at an affordable price, simply at home.

From The House Of Michelin

Michelin is a well known brand for the superior quality it provides in the range of automobile products at an affordable price. One such product is this Michelin Wet Wax that aids you in easy maintenance of your automobile. Now effortlessly wax your car at home and save your precious time and efforts.

Handy Design Of The Bottle

This supertech liquid comes in an ergonomic bottle designed specially for easy spraying. The pre-compression trigger installed in the cap dispenses the perfect amount of liquid with high velocity without letting it fall off and get wasted. The perfect design makes the bottle both handy and simple to use.

Retains The Glossy Shine

The paintwork starts fading away after regular exposure to the harmful UV rays, dirt, dust and tough weather conditions and it gets difficult to maintain the shine of our beloved car. This Michelin Wet Wax for car helps you to retain the glossy shine of the paintwork after a few sprays and wipes instantly. The wax layer also makes a guardian layer over the paintwork.

Speeds Up Drying 

Save your time with the instant drying technology of the Michelin Wet Wax that speeds up the drying process after the product is sprayed on all the exterior surfaces of the automobile. The magic liquid dries up and delivers a sparkling texture within a few minutes.

Forms A Protective Layer 

The latest formula Michelin Wet Wax restores the gloss of the paintwork and makes a protective layer over the surface. This protective layer prevents future buildup of dust which ultimately prolongs the life of the paintwork.

Easy To Use

Following are the easy steps to use the Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml in most effective manner:

  • Open the nozzle of the bottle to spray the liquid in a perfect amount.
  • Spray the liquid on the surface.
  • Use a clean pad to spread the wax finely over the surface.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes to let the surface dry.
  • Remove the matte residues of wax behind.
  • Repeat all over the car surface.

Make sure to wash the car before waxing.

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How to wax your car at home with Michelin Wet Wax?

To wax a car at home, you should use a good quality wax product. Michelin Wet Wax is a great product to give a new texture to your car’s surface. Firstly, you need to wash your car before applying the wax. After that you can take some wax on a pad and start waxing from a particular area in smooth circular motion. Finally, you have to remove the residue after the surface has dried up and your car is ready to shine out.

What is the cost of this Michelin Wet Wax 650 Ml?

You can get the Michelin Wet Wax at Maximum retail price of INR 625. However, you can purchase this Wet Wax from Carorbis at a discounted rate.

How long does it take for the Michelin car Wet Wax to dry?

You don't need to wait longer to dry up the Michelin Wet Wax. The instant drying formula gives a magical result and dries within a couple of minutes while leaving an unmatchable shine behind.

For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We would be more than happy to assist you! Email ID: help@carorbis.com

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