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Carorbis Makes It Easy to Get a Good Shine With Bike Polishes & Waxes

Most bike owners know about keeping their ride clean with regular washes but often neglect using a bike polish and wax after the wash. One of the main advantages of using bike polishes and bike wax is that it protects the paint and metal surfaces from damage while giving them a natural shine.

Bike polish wax consists of a thick layer of protectant which covers the upper layer of paint, forming a hard surface which cannot be penetrated by dust and dirt. The wax needs to be buffed with a microfibre cloth to make the paint shine like new.

Carorbis is an online shopping platform for all your bike detailing needs. You can find a wide range of bike polish sprays, bike polish creams and detailing wax to spruce up your paintwork after a good wash. Carorbis offers free shipping on orders above Rs.500 and easy returns with a 10-day refund policy. You can be guaranteed 100% genuine products that will leave you totally satisfied with your purchase.

What is Bike Polish and Wax?

Let’s first differentiate bike polish and bike wax because although they both provide a sparkly finish to your bike; they are not the same product. Here are the essential differences between bike polish and bike wax.

Bike Polish

Once the cleaning and drying process is complete, bike polish is applied to the pained surface as a prep substance before the application of bike wax. A good bike polish spray will penetrate the dust and dirt that couldn’t be removed with soap and water. The bike polish price is around Rs.500 and can be used for several applications if used sparingly. Bike polish is good at removing any last traces of grease, grime and minor scratches. There are several types of products available such as bike polish liquid, bike polish cream, bike rubbing polish and bike metal polish.

Invest in a good bike polish kit that includes a microfibre cloth, foam applicator and even bike tyre polish to give your tyres an extra shine. Instrument plastics and trim can be rejuvenated with a bike dashboard polish to bring out the natural colours.

Bike Wax

Once you are finished with the bike polish, you need to add a layer of bike wax to protect the paint and bring out the sparkling shine. Bike wax is a protectant that forms a layer preventing dust, dirt and scratches on your bike. Harmful UV rays from sunlight, rain and adverse weather conditions cannot affect your paint job if it has a layer of wax applied. Water will just drip off without leaving swirl marks or stains behind.

The best motorcycle wax will resist corrosion, rust and fading from exposure to moisture and rainwater. Wax for bike is essentially a paint sealant that increases its life and keeps it looking new for several years. Just remember to use a light layer as adding too much bike wax may adversely affect the paintwork.

Reasons to Use the Best Bike Polish and Bike Wax

It is impossible to maintain your bike without scratches or blemishes on the paint work and you can expect imperfections in the clear coat over time. We don’t always park our bikes in a covered garage and they may be exposed to the elements at certain times. Improper washing or dusty riding conditions increase the likelihood of paint scratches.

That is why it is advisable to use the best bike polish and wax for bike. Here are some of the benefits of using these detailing products.

Prevent Scratches

The bike polish and wax protect the upper coating of paint from minor scratches due to the sealant properties of the compound.

Protection From Weather Elements

Damaging UV rays from sunlight are reflected off the polished surface and the paint has less chance of fading. Rain and moisture in the atmosphere can slowly corrode metal surfaces and cause deterioration in the paint surface. A layer of bike wax will not allow moisture to penetrate and attack the body panels.

Adds a Resilient Shine

Bike wax is made from natural or synthetic oils that add a sparkly shine to your paint job. The bike will get a uniform appearance which is a pleasing aesthetic and can increase the bike's perceived value.

Why Shop on Carorbis for the Best Bike Polish in India?

Purchasing the best bike polish liquid and bike wax is simple and convenient on the Carorbis online shopping portal. Browse through an extensive collection of bike detailing products such as polish liquids, polish creams, motorcycle wax, rubbing compounds, scratch removers and metal polish liquids. Carorbis is the fastest-growing online automobile accessory store with affordable prices and high-quality products.

Rest assured you will be 100% satisfied with the bike polish and wax products you buy on Carorbis.