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Upgrade Your Ride With a Super Bike Seat From Carorbis – Ride in Style & Comfort

A comfortable and stylish bike seat will elevate your riding experience to the next level and keep you refreshed along your journey. Carorbis has an extensive selection of high-quality bike seats, designed to meet the needs of every rider. Whether you are riding a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, Interceptor 650, Harley Davidson Sportster or StreetRod 750, Carorbis has you covered. Our bike seats provide the perfect combination of comfort, durability and style. You can even find backrests and seat cowls to improve your riding experience.

So, why wait? Start browsing through Carorbis today, and discover the ultimate in bike seat comfort and performance.

Explore Our Range of Motorcycle Seats

On Carorbis you can find a range of bike seats for your motorcycle including low rider seats, touring seats, seat cowls and bike backrests. These products are specifically designed to offer style, comfort and to support appropriate posture.

  1. Low Rider Seat

    These low rider seats are designed to be lower than traditional seats, offering a more relaxed and laid-back riding experience. They are slightly wider and flatter than standard seats, allowing the rider to wiggle around in the seat to find the most comfortable position.
  2. Touring Seat

    Touring seats provide maximum comfort on long rides due to their extra padding and thicker material compared to other types of seats. Touring bike seats reduce rider fatigue and discomfort on long trips. If you are planning on a long road trip, consider investing in a high-quality touring seat.
  3. Seat Cowl

    Seat cowl are designed to replace the rear passenger seat to create a smooth and streamlined look that helps the motorcycle glide through the air. They are typically made from fibreglass or ABS plastic and are available in a wide range of colours to suit individual rider preferences.
  4. Bike Backrests

    A motorcycle seat with a backrest can make the rider’s journey cool and comfortable. Bike Backrests reduces pressure on the spine and prevents back pain, which is ideal when travelling on a motorcycle for long hours. Investing in a good-quality bike backrest can make a significant difference in your overall riding experience.

The bike seat price in India starts from Rs.4,500 on for the backrest mini for Harley Davidson StreetRod. Start shopping online on Carorbis today, and give your bike seat the upgrade it deserves!

End Your Search for ‘Bike Seat Near Me’ With Carorbis

Carorbis prides itself on being the premier online shopping marketplace that specialises in car & bike accessories. The user-friendly website is designed to offer customers a hassle-free and convenient way to purchase automotive parts online. Carorbis has an extensive range of products available to cater to car and bike enthusiasts. With bike seat price starting from Rs.4,500, you will find the most affordable aftermarket bike accessories on Carorbis.

Moreover, Carorbis’ quality assurance team ensure that only 100% genuine products are delivered to customers, with a convenient doorstep delivery service that takes 3-5 business days. Shipping is free for orders above Rs.500 and there is a hassle-free refund/return policy within 10 days of product delivery. Rest assured, you will be completely satisfied with the Carorbis online shopping experience.

Shop now at Carorbis, and experience the best in automotive parts and accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why bike seats are so uncomfortable?

Ans. Bike seats are usually narrow and streamlined to fit the look of the bike. The lack of support may get uncomfortable on long rides.

Q 2. How adjust bike seat?

Ans. Most bike seats are fixed and cannot be adjusted. You can purchase an aftermarket seat on Carorbis if you looking for comfort and style.

Q 3. How to adjust bike seat height?

Ans. Some seats have adjustable brackets to increase or decrease seat height. But this is not a feature found on all bikes.

Q 4. Why do bike seats hurt?

Ans. Bike seats have limited padding which creates pressure points on the rider’s body. This can be uncomfortable or even painful on a long journey.

Q 5. Why are bike seats so small?

Ans. Due to reasons of aerodynamics, weight, riding position and style, bike seats are quite small and offer little in terms of comfort.

Q 6. Are bike seats universal?

Ans. Each seat is designed for a specific model of bike and you must choose an aftermarket seat that is compatible with your particular bike for a perfect fit.

Q 7. Which bike seat is best?

Ans. It ultimately depends on your comfort, style and desired fit. Make sure the seat you use is designed for your specific make and model of motorcycle.

Q 8. Will any bike seat fit?

Ans. Motorcycle seats are designed to fit within a specific frame and mounting system of the chassis. It is not possible to use one bike seat on another motorcycle without considerable modification.

Q 9. How long do bike seats last?

Ans. Seats that are exposed to weather elements and subject to high wear and tear will not last long. Most bike seats will last a couple of years with regular use and proper car.