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It’s about time Indian drivers started to prioritise car’s safety when on the road. The rapidly growing use of airbags cars in India signifies the deeper urge for protection among drivers. 

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made dual airbags mandatory in the country since last year. From entry-level cars to high-end, airbags are a must to ensure driver’s safety on Indian roads. The front passenger airbag became mandatory for all cars in April 2021. Airbag cars ensure improved protection for drivers in combination with seat belts. 

In this short blog, we bring you the popular airbags car in India if you are planning to buy one. An airbag in a car is worth several benefits and prevents a serious risk of fatal accidents. 

What are Airbags?

Airbags in cars are supplemental protection units designed to protect drivers. The design of the airbag aims to slow down the driver or passengers forward motion in case of a crash.

The airbags reduce the chance of your upper body and head colliding into the car’s interior during a crash. It helps to prevent fatal accidents. 

Are there different kinds of airbags in cars?

Yes! There’s a wide variety of airbags for cars. The basic front airbag of the car is designed to slow the acceleration of the driver during a crash, reducing the forces acting on them and preventing fatal injuries. 

The side airbags also work the same way, but they protect the driver from side impacts. Curtain or tabular airbags protect the driver’s head from hitting the side of the vehicle. While the airbags mounted in the seat or the door are created to protect the pelvis. 

Having one airbag isn’t enough. All other airbags in cars are designed to help the driver stay safe from all kinds of impacts. For instance, the knee airbag is designed to protect the legs from crashes. 

You must have noticed how your legs fling forward when you put a sudden stop to your car. When the leg hits with force, the result is a severe leg fracture and damage to the hips or pelvis. It’s pretty brutal. 

Where are airbags fitted in cars?

Usually, airbags in cars are fitted within steering wheel hubs for protection during a front-on collision. 

Now, they are also installed throughout the car for all-around protection for drivers and occupants in different situations including side, front, rear and all other sides. 

Few cars have nine airbags, while others have six, though there’s no strict number to airbags requirement for maximum safety.  

Here are some of the essential areas where airbags are vital for your car. 

1: Frontal Airbags –

As the name suggests, frontal airbags are installed at the car’s front location to ensure driver protection from front impact and are mounted in the steering wheel. Frontal airbags are now fitted into the dashboard. 

Frontal Airbags

2: Side Airbags –

The side airbags are installed on the side to prevent side collisions and possibly during rollovers. 

Side Airbags

3: Knee Airbags –

The knee airbags are deployed in the car’s front section to protect against frontal collisions. Knee airbags can protect the driver’s knee from smashing into the steering column and dash.

Knee Airbags

4: Curtain Airbags –

These airbags are inflated downwards from the roof sill of the car to protect the driver’s head.

Curtain Airbags

5: Footbags –

The footbags are installed into the foot to reduce injuries related to the feet and lower part of the legs.


6: Seatbelt Airbags –

The seatbelt airbags are installed from the seatbelt across the torso and shoulder for maximum upper half body protection. 

Seatbelt Airbags

7: Side Torso Airbags –

The side torso airbags are deployed from the side of the seat in the upward direction. 

Side Torso Airbags

How Many Airbags in Car are Enough?

How do we know how many airbag in car is right? It’s recommended to use airbags that protect the head, face, neck and thorax in front and side crashes. It includes frontal, side and curtain airbags to the list. 

To sum up, you require at least six airbags in cars to ensure optimal protection. You can also install more than six airbags to increase the protection. 

There’s no limitation to additional airbags car in India. The more, the better. 

6 Airbags Car India 2021

If you happen to look for 6 airbags cars, then we’ve got a list for you. Here are some of the cars with 6 airbags in India to guarantee maximum protection. 

1: Ford Figo –

The Ford Figo Automatic cars come with a total of six airbags including front, side and curtain airbags to protect you at all costs. 

Ford Figo

2: Hyundai Elite I20 –

The Hyundai Elite i20 and its crossover sister, the i20 Active comes with six airbags including front, side and curtain airbags. 

Hyundai Elite I20

3: Ford Figo Aspire –

The Ford Figo Aspire model features a total of 6 airbags including top-end, side and curtain. 

Ford Figo Aspire

4: Ford Ecosport –

The Ford EcoSport comes with six airbags including the driver, co-occupant airbags, side and curtain airbags for better safety.

 Ford Ecosport

Cheapest Airbags Cars in India

1: Maruti Alto 800 

Starting with the price of INR 2.52 lakhs onwards, Maruti Alto 800 is a pretty affordable car with proper safety supplements. It comes with a driver-side airbag and several other features for a smooth driving experience.

Maruti Alto 800

2: Maruti Alto K10 

The LX(O) version of the Maruti Alto K10 comes with the pricing of INR 3.33 Lakhs only. It features a stunning design, a stylish hatchback and several sets of features including a bigger engine for high performance. It also comes with airbags to ensure the better safety of drivers and passengers. 

Maruti Alto K10

3: Datsun Redi-Go

The S version of Datsun Redi-Go is one of the stylish, small cars with an option of airbags. It’s available at the pricing of INR 3.37 lakhs with immaculate interior decor and a Japanese-manufactured engine for long service life. 

Datsun Redi-Go

4: Hyundai Eon

The Lite plus version of Hyundai Eon starts at the price of INR 3.56 lakhs. The car features excellent interior design and a surplus number of features for high performance and service life. The Lite plus version comes with a driver-side airbag for improved safety. 

Hyundai Eon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How many airbags are in Tata Nexon?

Ans. The Tata Nexon contains driver and co-driver airbags for standard safety and protection against crashes.

Q 2: How many airbags are in Creta?

Ans. The Hyundai Creta includes six airbags. 

Q 3: How many airbags are in Kia Seltos?

Ans. The brand-new Kia Seltos feature dual front airbags, dual front seat-mounted side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags. 

Q 4: How many airbags are in Baleno?

Ans. The NEXA Baleno has dual airbags for safe and comfortable drive. 

Q 5: How many airbags are in the Fortuner?

Ans. Toyota Fortuner comes with two airbags including a frontal airbag and one front passenger frontal airbag.  

Q 6: How many airbags are in tata Altroz?

Ans. Tata Altroz contains two airbags in full. 

Q 7: How many airbags are in Scorpio s11?

Ans. Scorpio s11 contains two airbags.

Ending Note

We at Carorbis, urge our readers to protect themselves with airbags. Whenever you are buying a new car, consider buying cars with 6 or more airbags to increase the safety of you and your loved ones.

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