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A good driving experience goes beyond just having a smooth and reliable car. The perfect car accessories list can add style, convenience and comfort to your daily drives, making your journeys much more enjoyable. But then comes the question, where to buy car accessories online in India? Well, there are many automotive accessory stores where you can buy the best car parts, however, if you are looking for affordable price tags, a wide catalogue of products and express delivery, then an online car accessory store is your best bet.

This blog aims to provide car enthusiasts with a list of car accessories that offer practical solutions for various needs, from car covers that protect your parked vehicle to portable tyre inflators that can keep you from getting stranded on the highway. There are also interior upgrades like cup holders, portable charger and car floor mats that cater to the individual needs of drivers. By exploring the best car accessories list in India, you will get a better understanding of the options available to suit your style and functional requirements.

Car Accessories List With Price

If you are planning on taking your car to the next level then you will need to look at this car accessories list with pictures to guide you on the wide range of products available on the market in India. They say that your car is a reflection of your personality, so it makes sense to personalise your ride with your own unique style.

Let’s dive into the world of aftermarket modifications that will add comfort, enhance protection, boost performance and improve safety and convenience.  

Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior Car Accessories

The exterior of a vehicle presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your style while enhancing protection, safety and convenience. Popular exterior parts such as car body covers and extra lights can elevate the appearance of your vehicle while safeguarding your ride.

AccessoriesFeaturesMaterialBrandsApprox Price
Car CoverUV Resistant, Dust Proof, Scratch Proof, Water ProofLycra/Polyethylene/TyvekPolco, myTvs Rs.1,600 onwards
Wiper BladeStreak Free Wiping,
Easy Installation,Long Lasting
Rubber, Silicone Coated, Metal and PlasticBosch, Michelin, Rain-X,Geomex Rs.114 onwards
Car Bulb Bright and Focussed,Low Energy ConsumptionLED, HIDPotauto, Philips, Bosch, Osram, BiolightRs.65 onwards
HornLoud and Clear Tone,Universal Fit, WaterproofElectronicBosch, Roots, Super, Senbao GeomexRs.148 onwards
Tyre InflatorPortable, Compact, Lightweight, Digital GuageMichelin, myTVS, BergmannRs.2,995 onwards
Car MatsCustom Fit, Waterproof, Dust Resistant, Easy To Clean, Good Coverage, Non ToxicRubber, PVCMichelin, Pharaoh, ElegantRs.1,575 onwards
Seat CushionsErgonomic, Soft Fabrics, Versatile, Wide Range of ColoursSuede, MicrofibreElegantRs.560 onwards
Car Cup HolderFoldable and Versatile Designs, Easy To CleanPlasticSeiko Sangyo, NapolexRs.1,651 onwards
Car DustbinCompact and Stylish, Easy To Use, Flexible Flip LidABS PlasticInvolve, Seiko Sangyo, NapolexRs.179 onwards
Air FreshenerFights Odours,Refreshing Scent,Relaxing Mood,Long LastingSpray, Gel, Diffuser, Hanging, Scent CardInvolve, Michelin, Jelly Belly, Everfresh, BlangRs.120 onwards
Phone AccessoriesHands Free, Easy Charging, Quick InstallationPlasticSeiko Sangyo, Napolex, Super, Geomex,myTVSRs.149 onwards
Vacuum CleanersPortable, Powerful, Compact,VersatileBuilt In Tyre Inflator,TorchmyTVS, Michelin, BergmannRs.1,650 onwards
Car Cleaning ProductsDeep Cleaning,Protects and Restores Paint,Showroom ShineWavex, Michelin,Soft99,3M,Formula 1,MotorKaft,myTVS, Rain-X, Rs.125 onwards
Interior Seat and Leather CleanersCleans and Conditions Leather, Restores Plastic, Rubber and VinylMichelin, WavexRs.155 onwards
Glass CleanersClear Visibility on Glass,Water Repellent,Scratch and Dust ProofWavex, Michelin, Soft99, Rain-XRs.342 onwards
ECUEnhanced Performance, Fuel Efficiency,Smooth Power DeliveryDieselTronic ECURs,19,999 onwards
Touch ScreenMedia, GPS, USB and SD Card, InternetmyTVSRs.4,298 onwards
DashcamNight Vision, Loop Recording, WiFi, Temperature Resistant, Journey TimelapseQuboRs.3,590

Car Covers

Every driver’s priority list includes accessories that provide protection from the elements while their car is parked. A high-quality car cover serves as a shield against sunlight, UV rays, rain, dust, dirt and harsh environmental conditions. Your car stays clean and scratch-free when parked outdoors for extended periods of time. Consider factors such as the size of your car to ensure the perfect fit, and materials that are waterproof and durable. Find the Perfect Armor for Your Vehicle With This Complete List Of Top 5 Car Body Cover Brands In India

Headlights, Emergency and Warning Lights

Proper lighting from headlights makes the difference between a comfortable drive and a stressful one, especially in low-light conditions and emergencies. Aftermarket bulbs and LED lights enhance visibility by illuminating a large area of the road ahead, allowing you to drive through adverse weather conditions and reducing eye strain. Drivers will be better prepared to avoid obstacles such as potholes, road diversions, other vehicles and pedestrians. Ensure that the lights you install comply with road regulations and are compatible with your vehicle’s electrical system. Learn How To Fix Headlights like a Pro, So You Can Drive with Confidence!

Tyre Inflators

An essential car accessories items list should include a portable tyre inflator. Low tyre pressure can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, loss of control and increased risk of accidents. Not to mention, a flat tyre can leave you in a tight spot if you don’t have a spare tyre on board. You end up saving a lot of time and effort with a portable tyre inflator in your trunk since you don’t have to rely on a service centre or mechanic. These convenient devices hook up to the car’s 12-volt power outlet and can fill a flat tyre in a matter of minutes. No stress or hassles involved. If You Want A Smooth Ride, Discover the Top 10 Tyre Inflators in India over here.


Bosch Horn

Indian roads can get crowded with traffic and all sorts of unexpected situations. While standard horns serve their purpose of alerting others on the road, an aftermarket car horn offers opportunities to enhance audibility and add some customisation to your vehicle. With an improved tone, you can grab anyone’s attention to communicate your presence on the road. These products work to improve your safety and add convenience to your journeys. Navigate The Roads With Ease With This List Of Top 10 Car Horns In India  

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades ensure optimal visibility during inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and fog. Additionally, wipers can clean debris, dust and dirt from the windscreen to get a clear view of the road ahead. An aftermarket wiper replacement includes features like durable materials, clean wiping ability and advanced technology for a streak-free windshield. These aftermarket products help you navigate the road with confidence. Unleash Clear Vision With This Ultimate Guide To Wiper Blades 

Interior Car Upgrades

Interior Car upgrades

The cabin is where you spend most of your time, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Car interior upgrades, add-ons and extras offer advanced products and luxury items to transform and personalise your interior. Browse through these car modification accessories’ names to discover which ones you need the most.

Car Floor Mats

You need vehicle mats to protect your car floor from dirt, debris, and moisture and also to add some comfort. These mats trap dust particles and prevent them from settling on the carpet causing stains and damage. With the right floor mats, you can minimise the risk of damage due to water on metal, reducing the effects of rust and corrosion. Car floor mats come in a variety of designs, colours and materials to suit your individual preferences as well as for a custom fit in your car. Install mats that provide all-weather protection for complete peace of mind.

Seat Cushions

Car Seat Cushion

Car travel pillows, backrests, neck rest and seat cushions improve driving comfort and provide additional support while seated in a vehicle. They provide extra padding that reduces pressure points and can prevent fatigue while travelling. Drivers can maintain a better posture that can alleviate back pain and absorb the impact of vibrations and shocks. The materials used in seat cushions are also skin friendly and help keep you cool while they wick away sweat and moisture. Travel pillows are an effective solution to enhance your driving comfort.

Car Cup Holder

A practical storage solution to hold your drinks on the road. Cup holders are perfect for those who like to grab a cup of coffee on their way to work and need somewhere a stable platform to prevent spills. With your favourite drinks within arm’s reach, you can keep your eyes on the road while you sip on a refreshing beverage. The cup holder is also a versatile product that can store your car keys, pens, loose change and other small items. These are valuable additions that add some convenience to your daily drives.

Car Dustbin

The best way to keep your interiors clean and organised is to add a car dustbin to the cabin. Compact and portable bins or trash cans provide a designated space to declutter your interiors, eliminating wrappers, tissues, receipts and small trash items that accumulate during journeys. A tidy cabin can lead to fewer distractions, plus you have more space to store important items. Drivers are also less likely to throw trash out the car window when they have a convenient way to dispose of unwanted items. These compact and portable interior addons are easy to clean and made from durable plastics for long-term use.

Air Fresheners and Car Perfumes

There is nothing more pleasant than driving around in a clean and fresh ambience. Air fresheners help eliminate bad odours and neutralise pollution that can invade your interiors. An invigorating scent can have a destressing effect and keep you relaxed on long drives through heavy traffic. The long-lasting effect of car perfumes provides a welcoming atmosphere for passengers that uplifts the mood and complements your personal style and preferences. For example, lady drivers like to have floral or fruity perfumes in their cars while men choose woody or musky fragrances. Air fresheners also come in a variety of designs such as mirror-hanging products or dashboard-mounted.

Phone Accessories

Smartphone holders and charging accessories can keep you connected on the move. They provide practical solutions for holding and charging your mobile phone while ensuring seamless and convenient connectivity. Hands-free operation is essential while driving, especially if you are using GPS navigation, etc. A dashboard-mounted storage solution lets you make calls, access media and use voice commands without any distractions. Phone holders provide a stable and secure position for your phone, reducing the risk of sliding while driving. Other products such as USB covers can protect your phone from dirt and dust, water and moisture. Cable chargers are extremely handy as they can connect to the 12-volt power outlet in your centre console for fast charging. Seamlessly Sync Your Ride, Learn How To Connect Your Smartphone Via Bluetooth With This Guide.

Vacuum Cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A must-have device for those who like neat and tidy interiors. They can tackle most cleaning tasks with ease, removing dirt, dust and debris from car floors and seats. Portable vacuum cleaners are compact and versatile, able to reach under seats and in between door jams for the best cleaning action. And they can be stored in the car trunk until you need them again. Some vacuum cleaners are rechargeable while others connect to the power socket in your car for convenient use. These handy devices get rid of allergens and dust mites so that you can breathe better while on the road. Read This Definitive Guide To The Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners in India For Spotless Interiors.

Auto Detailing and Care

Go beyond regular cleaning to restore the original look of your car. Professional-level results can be achieved with products such as car wash shampoo, polish, wax, ceramic coating spray and interior care accessories. Read on for some more names of car accessories that can enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Car Cleaning Products

You can achieve a showroom shine with the right car wash shampoo and foam sprayer. They make cleaning your car a simple and quick job, removing dirt and grime in one easy step. You also need some good polish and wax to achieve a smooth finish after a good wash. Microfibre cleaning cloths are soft and supple so that they don’t leave scratches or swirl marks on the car’s body. Learn How To Wash Your Car at Home The Easy Way For A Showroom Shine.

Interior Seat And Leather Cleaners

Preserve the beauty and comfort of your car’s interior and leather surfaces with leather cleaners that are designed to clean, protect and nourish these materials. Proper cleaning and conditioning of interior trim surfaces maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan.

Glass Cleaners

Optimal visibility relies on a clean and spotless windscreen and windows. Glass cleaners are formulated to remove dirt, smudges, spots and other residue from glass surfaces providing the driver with a crystal-clear view of the road ahead.

Performance Parts

Performance Parts

Improve your vehicle’s capabilities with custom performance upgrades. Your car accessories name list should include these engine upgrades.

Piggyback ECUs

Engine ECU chips are plug-and-play devices that optimise engine performance for enhanced acceleration, better fuel economy and more horsepower. With improvements in ignition timing, fuel delivery, the driver can enjoy maximum benefits from the vehicle.

Audio And Electronics

Your car accessories names list should include ways to transform in-car entertainment and safety. These devices cater to the needs of music lovers, tech nerds and those seeking a connected driving experience.

Car Touchscreen

A revolution in the way drivers interact with infotainment systems and vehicle controls. These innovative car touchscreens offer interactive access at the touch of a finger with user-friendly interfaces for media control and easy viewing of navigation apps.


These are valuable tools to capture footage of road accidents and long-distance trips to enhance safety. Drivers can use dashcam footage for insurance claims and to capture memorable moments during scenic drives.


We hope this blog on car accessories names has given you a bird’s eye view of ways to enhance your automotive adventures. There is a plethora of options to choose from the online car and bike accessories stores, offering the latest aftermarket products for your vehicle. These additions allow you to customise your car with enhanced comfort, functionality and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Car Accessories Expensive?

Ans. You can find affordable options for a range of car products at online stores. Websites like Carorbis offer an extensive range of aftermarket modifications at reasonable prices and doorstep delivery.

Q2. What Are Some Essential Add-ons That Car Owners Should Buy?

Ans. Car care products such as tyre cleaners, car wash kits and dashboard cleaners are essential items that every driver should purchase. For entertainment, invest in a good set of car speakers with a high-end infotainment system.

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