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Security and safety are the most important features of an armoured car. VIPs in our country and around the world travel in bulletproof cars to protect their lives from gunfire and bombs. Bullet proof cars are in high demand for heads of state, armed forces, banks, etc.

Today even civilians can purchase bulletproof cars i.e., of course if they can afford these expensive vehicles. The price of armoured cars varies greatly depending on the safety and luxury features in them. The top most level of protection is reserved with a B7 security level, there are lower security levels that cost less like the B4 security level.

The amount of protection that you need depends on where you live, work, etc. Countries where guns, bombs and missiles are an everyday occurrence may require you to travel in a bulletproof car.

Best bulletproof cars around the world

Bulletproof vehicles are available with a wide range of features and security functions to protect occupants from guns, rifles and explosive devices. Here is a list of the best bulletproof cars around the world.

Jaguar XJ Sentinel

 1Jaguar XJ Sentinel

If you are looking for a bullet proof vehicle with high protection and a sporty design, the Jaguar XJ Sentinel is perfect for you. The car is heavily armoured and can protect the occupants from high calibre weapons.

The Jaguar XJ Sentinel comes with night vision, a titanium exterior, and run flat tires to protect from any kind of attack. The windows and windscreen is bulletproofed in this vehicle making it highly secure.

If you need to be protected and want to drive around in luxury, this is the car for you.

Tesla Model S plaid

 Tesla Model S plaid

The Tesla Model S plaid is a bulletproof sedan that has an extreme amount of protection. It can withstand impact from hand guns, gun fire from rifles and even a bomb blast. It is designated as having Level 4 security.

The Tesla has a smoke screen function and run flat tires that enhance its protection levels. The car has a self-driving function using cameras and LEDs allowing the vehicle to escape from terrorists and kidnappers even at night.

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Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor

This large truck comes with many safety and security features. It has protection from firearms and guns such as the AK47.

The bulletproof car has night vision for enhanced visibility in darkness and shocking handles to prevent any terrorist from trying to force their way in. It has an advanced blind spot detection feature, front and rear parking sensors and lane departure warning system.

The vehicle is used by officials that need protection, corporate executives and other high ranking personnel. It can protect from armour piercing ammunition, bombs and explosive devices.

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Dartz Black Shark

Dartz Black Shark

The giant Dartz Black Shark is a completely bulletproof and armoured car. It features an anti-sniper roof, Kevlar and titanium exterior body, and a driver assist function that is partly automated.

The armoured vehicle also comes with a signal jamming device, bomb detection system, and many more safety and security features to keep the driver and occupants safe.

The engine makes a whopping 1500 bhp, making this armoured vehicle a seriously powerful beast. The car is used by VIPs, corporate executives and politicians around the world.

Armoured Lincoln Town Car

Armoured Lincoln Town Car

A luxurious and comfortable car, the Lincoln Town car comes with a bulletproof exterior for added safety and security. It offers protection from ballistics and gunfire, different weapons and explosives.

Some of the safety features of the vehicle are, advanced airbags, automatic rain sensing wipers and lane departure warning systems.

Audi A8 L Security

Audi A8 L Security

Audi is a very appealing brand, and this bulletproof, armoured car is both stylish and secure. The Audi A8 L Security is a fine blend of comfort, protection and style all wrapped up in one car.

It can stay safe from rifles, guns and other weapons. There is also a hidden nozzle under the roof to fight fires.

The car features run flat tires, an automatic braking system and many other safety functions. The cabin has a feature to supply oxygen in the event of a chemical attack.

The vehicle is highly customisable so that VIPs and high-profile personalities can modify it according to their safety needs.

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Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover Sentinel

The Range Rover exudes a sense of safety because you sit high up and cocooned in comfort. The Range Rover Sentinel can withstand gunfire, bullets, bombs and chemical weapons. It is rated as one of the best cars to deal with terrorists and lethal weapons attacks.

One of the biggest advantages of the Range Rover is that you can take it off-road due to its high ground clearance, powerful engine and four-wheel drive system with run flat tires. This means you can change your route in the event of an attack.

BMW 760 Li High Security

BMW 760 Li High Security

This armoured car is known to be a survival car which has protected a number of personnel in the past. It features 2.4-inch-thick glass that will prevent ammunition from piercing through the exterior. The glasses are double laminated, so they won’t fall into the cabin in case they crack completely.

In war torn countries, and areas of high terrorist activity, this is the safest car one can choose. It has a number of other safety features as well that make this the ultimate in bulletproof cars.

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Bentley Bentayga Armoured

Bentley Bentayga Armoured

The Bentley SUV is a midrange security level car that has armour from roof to floor making it a completely armoured car. It is protected all round from bullets, rifles and explosive devices.

Some other security features of this car include shocking doors, protection from chemical weapons, signal jamming and a 360-degree surveillance system.

It is able to counter any security breaches from criminals and terrorists wanting to get inside the armoured car.

Mercedes Benz Maybach Pullman Guard

Mercedes Benz Maybach Pullman Guard

This car is not only one of the most luxurious vehicles on the list, it is also completely bulletproof, armoured and can protect occupants from a wide variety of attacks. This high security car lets others know that the occupants are very important people.

This Maybach offers protection against handguns, ballistics, explosive devices, bombs and hand grenades. The car is sure to disappoint any attacker who is trying to get through the vehicle with a weapon.

It is rated as one of the best bulletproof cars that you can buy, with advanced safety, security features and driver assistance.

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Mercedes Benz S-Guard

Mercedes Benz S-Guard

Another car from the Mercedes Benz brand, the S-Guard which focuses on long term security. These cars are known to offer a high level of security and protect occupants from attacks such as gunfire from handguns, rifles, grenades and explosive devices.

The body of the Mercedes is made from ballistic- reinforced steel to withstand any assault. It has run flat tires, windows that are shatterproof, and can suppress fires. In the case of a chemical attack, it can supply fresh air into the cabin.

This car is suitable for company executives, heads of state, business tycoons and politicians.

Karlmann King

Karlmann King

The Karlman King is a super secure vehicle that can remain unscathed from almost any terrorist attack. The exterior of the car is painted dark that prevents attackers from focusing their attacks on a single point. It has ballistic armour and a number of protection features.

This vehicle is a good off-roader as well, so it can take alternate routes if the situation arises.

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series armoured cars are some of the most well known in the world. Several heads of states make use of this vehicle as their official car. The car is very strong and virtually unbreakable.

This BMW has a V12 engine with 535 bhp. The interior is all leather giving the occupants a luxurious comfort level no matter what the situation is on the outside. Even the exterior is beautifully sculpted.

Its numerous safety features protect the driver and passengers. Some of its safety functions are collision warning systems, parking sensors, blind spot detection, etc. The car is also capable of creating smoke screens, it has shocking door handles and a completely armoured body that is bulletproof.

This car can easily be driven through high crime rate areas, and will still offer the same level of protection as it was designed to.

Cadillac One

Cadillac One

This is the official car of the President of The United States of America. This car is heavily armoured to withstand a host of attacks. It is by far the most comprehensive, armoured car that is on our roads. It provides fool proof security to the occupants.

Advanced features in the car include safety alert seats, collision alert systems, lane change alert, and blind spot detection. The vehicle is also capable of fire suppression, night vision for increased visibility, rear cross traffic alert system and front collision brake assist.

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Bulletproof cars in India

In India, politicians, government officials, military personnel, and top industrialists use bulletproof cars to travel. Bulletproof kits in the country cost around Rs.12 lakh for armoured panels, bulletproof glasses, anti-explosive kits for the fuel tank, and GPS tracking systems for the vehicle.

Armoured Toyota Fortuner

Perhaps the toughest SUV in India, the Toyota Fortuner. When the car is armoured to be bulletproof, its robustness and build quality is taken to another level. It becomes a moving fortress on wheels.

  • The armoured enhancements for the vehicle include
  • Run flat tires
  • Explosive resistant fuel tank
  • Bulletproof body panels and doors
  • Heavy duty door hinges
  • Robust door pillars
  • Specially reinforced suspension, heavy duty springs and shock absorbers
  • Emergency exit door
  • Radiator protection
  • Upgraded brake system

Defence armoured Tata Safari

This SUV has a heavy-duty frame and upgraded suspension to offer great security and safety for the occupants. The various armoured features are as follows:

  • Level 3 protection for doors and body panels
  • Kevlar carpet that is anti-explosive
  • Run flat tires
  • Robust axles which have a higher load carrying capacity

How much does bullet-proofing a car cost?

It may cost Rs.25 lakh – Rs. 60 lakh or more to bulletproof car. The price is based upon the size of the car, and whether you want just body panels to be armoured or even the glass and underbody to be covered.

Are Police cars bullet proof?

Some police cars in foreign countries are equipped with various armoured packages to prevent bullets and explosive devices from damaging the car so that the Police officers are safe. 

Police cars have their windows, windscreen and doors adequately protected against armour piercing bullets, gun fire from hand guns and rifles, explosive devices, etc. Bullet-proofing cars will ensure maximum security for the police officers when they are in the line of fire.

Many police cars also come with run flat tires, especially the bigger SUVs that can easily blow a tire under gunfire. This allows the police officers to pursue suspects with all their tires intact.


Everyone from celebrities, rock stars, executives, politicians and VIPs need armoured cars to keep them safe while travelling. There is a long list of readily available cars and SUVs to keep you safe and secure if you can pay the price they demand. If not, there are always alternatives like armouring a regular car on a budget. It is possible but won’t have the security of a full-blown bulletproof people carrier.

Armoured cars are in high demand today, with increasing crime rates and terror attacks in the most unexpected places, we always have to be alert and on the defensive. A bulletproof car is the ideal mode of transport in such situations.

You can have a bulletproof car at an affordable price. But just in case you cannot afford a vehicle like a Cadillac One or BMW 7 Series, you can get a tough vehicle like a Toyota Land Cruiser or BMW X5 and have it armoured at a security company

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