Modified Cars in India

We all love to customise our cars to make them suit our personality and character. Modification of cars is the best way to achieve this by altering the body work, mechanicals and interiors to make a unique vehicle that stands out from the crowd. Modified cars in India are getting more popular due to the ease of making alterations, and the wide availability of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Not all modified cars in India are legal and safe. Lawmakers have at times ruled certain cars as illegal when the safety of cars has been compromised by a modification. For instance, the airbag sensors may be inhibited by different bumpers, or the ABS system may be affected due to different types of tires.

Modified Cars in India

Here is a list of top 5 modified cars in India that you should definitely check out. From the weird, to the exotic we have listed the cars that have a certain uniqueness about them. And this list may give you some ideas about how to modify your own car if you ever wish to do so.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Pocket Rocket

The Swift has always been a good looker from the day it was launched. People fell in love with its hot hatch design, sporty curves, powerful and reliable 1.2 litre engine, and the fact that it was an affordable premium hatchback.

It is often the most modified car in the country because it sells in high numbers and there are many example models to get hold of.

This Swift has had its engine modified to a 1.3 litre to increase performance. With the upgrade in capacity and the installation of a turbocharger, and the installation of forged pistons, the power it produces has been raised to 176 BHP.

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The turbo used is a Garrett G20 model and it also gets a Haltech Sprint ECU. An intercooler has been installed with special silicone pipes to handle the extra power.

The stock clutch has been taken out and replaced with a Exedy Stage 1 clutch to transmit the massive power and torque from the engine to the gearbox and wheels. The stock flywheel has been replaced with a performance type flywheel from Fidanza.

To further compensate for the performance, the stock exhaust system has been replaced with a custom twin exhaust system. Driving dynamics have been improved with an updated suspension system from Tein Superstreet which has electronic damping control. Bumpers from the Swift Sport have been installed.

Factory fitted brakes have been removed and replaced with D1 spec brakes that have larger pistons and rotors. Sparco rims with special 205/50 tires have been added for superior grip and handling.

In the interior we have special racing seats from Toora, racing harness and a deep-dish steering wheel for race ready driving.

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Lime Green Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the Indian market. It is one of the most modified cars in India because of its sporty looks and easily customised engine.

This particular Baleno has had no upgrades done to the engine and gearbox. It still has the 1.2 litre, NA, four-cylinder engine that produces a strong 82 BHP and 113 Nm of maximum torque. This engine comes paired with a 5-speed manual or CVT gearbox.

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The paint scheme on this Baleno has been completely overhauled. The predominant colour is grey all over, with lime green accents on the bumpers, rims and parts of the interior.

The car has an overall sporty and aggressive design because of the large air dams on the front bumper with a mesh grille.

The headlights of this Baleno have been upgraded to LEDs and fog lamps have been added for better visibility while driving. It comes with sports alloy rims that have been decked out with lime green accents, which can also be seen on the doors, wheels and brake callipers.

The lime green paintwork reminds you of the Aston Martin AMR models. The front bumper has been inspired by Mercedes AMG models. The auxiliary LEDs on the bumper add to this sporty and aggressive look. The headlamps have been given a smoked-out effect and there are special LEDs on the underside of the body that give the car a floating or gliding look when driving at night.

The grille has been blacked out along with the side view mirrors and alloy wheels set on low profile tires. The rear of the Baleno has a special spoiler with a diffuser like effect to add to the sporty nature of the customization.

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Slammed Honda Civic

Even in stock form, the Honda Civic exudes a sporty nature. With its low-slung body, sharp lines and rear spoiler, even without any modifications, it is a head turner. It comes with a very potent 1.8 litre, four-cylinder, petrol engine with iVTEC that changes the cam profile over 5000 rpm to give better power and acceleration.

Hondas are also known for their reliability and practicality, not to mention lots of interior cabin space. The Honda Civic is no exception and although this generation of Civics has been discontinued, it is still a favourite for the customization scene.

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The Civic has a big fan following and is one of the best modified cars in India. One of the reasons why tuners love to lay their hands on the Civic is because of the numerous aftermarket parts and accessories that are available for the Honda Civic in the international market.

It is just a matter of importing the necessary components from Thailand or China which is where most of the parts come from. It comes as no surprise that some of these Civics are heavily modified in our country.

The Honda Civic seen here is one such modified example you get to drool over. The car has been wrapped in a striking blue colour and sports an aggressive front bumper. The grille has a prominent Honda badge that lies in between new headlights with LEDs and DRLs.

It gets a custom blacked out hood and the side view mirrors receive the same black treatment. The stock tires have been replaced with aftermarket low profile tires with special alloy wheels.

A sporty rear wing and roof spoiler gives the car a Grand Touring look, while the rear LED lights are for added safety when driving at night, so that other motorists can ogle at the beautiful rear end. The brake callipers have been painted red just like a race car, and the Civic has an F1 type brake light that blinks when activated.

In addition, it has twin exhaust pipes and a sport rear bumper. The mechanical details have not been revealed, but it goes without saying that there must have been some performance enhancements to the car.  The stock engine has a maximum power output of 135 BHP which is adequate for quick acceleration and high speeds on the highway.

All in all, a tastefully modified Honda Civic that will stand out from the rest without a doubt.

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Lamborghini Inspired Honda Accord

One of the major reasons why people modify their cars is to enhance the looks and to add extra performance to the engine. Here is an example of a Honda Accord that has been inspired to look like a Lamborghini Aventador.

This particular model has been modified by Executive Modcar Trendz, Mumbai. The base model used is a Honda Accord from 2007 with a V6 engine which has been styled as a Lamborghini Aventador.

Although it has scaled down proportions, this car looks like a replica of the original supercar, complete with scissor doors, swooping body lines and air vents on the front and behind the doors. Even the orange paint work looks like a Lamborghini original colour scheme.

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The headlights, taillights, doors and even the twin exhaust at the rear resemble the Aventador from all angles. The wheelbase and length of the Honda Accord has been left unaltered, so proportion wise, it is much smaller.

However, its not just the exterior that has been modified. Even the interior has had extensive work done to look like a Lamborghini. Executive Modcar Trendz has added a centre console to make a cockpit-like driving position complete with all the buttons and dials of the supercar. The seat upholstery matches the exterior of the car with orange and black accents.

The centre console has an engine start /stop button and fully digital instrumentation. The designers have gone for a fighter jet inspired look for the interior.

Regarding the exhaust system, it offers a supercar sound by replacing the stock Honda exhaust with modified race type pipes.

Mechanically, the car remains the same, carrying over the 3 litre V-6 engine that produces 221 BHP of power and 196 Nm of maximum torque. The total cost of the modification is estimated to be Rs.25 lakh, quite an expensive conversion but much less than the original Lamborghini super car that costs in crores.

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Modified Maruti Omni – The Gymni

The Maruti Suzuki Omni has been a trusted commercial workhorse for decades. Not many people would have thought about modifying the Omni into a lifestyle vehicle because style never really went with its dull, boxy structure.

The interiors too are extremely bland and utilitarian, a blast from the past for this 80’s iconic van. The Omni is now discontinued, but it was a strong seller for nearly 3 decades. Lightweight and perfect for small business owners, the Omni never failed to impress with its load carrying capacity or its versatility.

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You might have seen the Omni as an ambulance or delivery vehicle as well, but this modified Omni takes the cake for uniqueness. They have gone for the off-road type look, with raised suspensions and larger tires.

This particular example has had a lot of parts and components directly taken from the Gypsy, therefore it was christened “Gymni”. It gets a custom paint job with special decals and many modifications like raised ground clearance, bull bars up front, and an external roll cage.

The Gymni also gets a special luggage rack at the back that is capable of hauling a motorcycle. The top gets an off-road spec roof rack and LED lights for better vision at night.

The chassis of the Omni remains the same, but the rear differential and engine have been taken from a Gypsy giving it more power and better performance off-road. This is not a 4-wheel drive vehicle like the Gypsy, instead remains true to its roots as a rear wheel driven van.

The rear differential was modified and brought to the centre of the vehicle, and therefore the transmission tunnel has been aligned to the mid-section of the van.

The front and rear axles have been widened and wheel arches are made bigger to accommodate the large wheels from the Gypsy. The most important component, the engine has been transplanted directly from the Gypsy. The vehicle also gets some jerry cans mounted on the sides to carry some extra fuel on long drives.

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Modification and customisation are a great way to get your car to suit your personality, and transform the vehicle to serve your needs. Sometimes it could be just for aesthetic purposes, like a custom paint job, or exterior accessories to increase its style quotient. At other times people may want to modify mechanicals for added performance and power. Whatever the type of customisation, it is a good idea to make sure that it is legal and doesn’t diminish or interfere with safety or proper driving.

Modifications you should avoid are loud Car horns, increasing the engine capacity, altering the size of the vehicle, width of the tyres, and tinting the windows. These modifications may lead to legality issues and they are best avoided.

Customisation options that you could explore are visual modifications like paint jobs, decals and stickers, engine modifications up to a certain extent, slight changes in tires, fuel changes such as adding an LPG or CNG kit and minor things like adding LED lights, fog lamps, and suspension upgrades.

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Car alterations can come with a host of safety standards, so it is better to be safe than sorry when upgrading your vehicle. Once you are fully aware of all the options available, you can amend the vehicle to have distinct features and high quality.

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