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They say a bike is not just another vehicle. It is an expression of emotion and this applies not only for the millennials but people of all age groups. If you ever happened to notice then bikes highly symbolize the personality of an owner. For instance, an outdoorsy adventurer would never settle for anything less than a Harley or Royal Enfield. And a minimalist would never go for something so extravagant and unnecessary expenses. So, you see a bike is a symbolic of one’s beliefs.

Therefore, it is necessary that we understand each of its components to their deepest core so that we can treat our beliefs right. To serve this purpose, today we are going to have an elaborate discussion about bike parts name and go through some spectacular details that can help you accessorize and maintain your bikes very well.

Bike Parts Name That You Never Heard Of

Before we dive deeper into the discussion it is important to understand that each bike part name in the following discussion falls into four major categories that serve a unique purpose each. These four categories have been carefully designed so that they can serve each and every intricate detail of the biker as well as the bike. Bike parts name fall under the following four broad categories.


Bike Protection 

In the discussion of bike parts name that serve a particular purpose, it is natural that we discuss those that provide protection first. They say road safety should be the first priority for a biker but it is even a bigger responsibility for a manufacturer of bike parts. He needs to ensure the safety of the biker in the worst scenarios possible. For a vehicle as vulnerable as a bike, safety becomes a little technical issue and makes the whole procedure a whole lot of complex.

With all these challenges ahead, manufacturers and dealers have successfully ventured into making protection products for bikes. There is a complete list of bike parts name that are responsible for bike protection and that ensure the safety of the rider. 

Let us take a closer look at the bike parts name list to know all the bike parts name that are responsible for bike protection 

  • Bike Windscreen – there are times when we cannot afford to stop midway during our road journey because of strong winds. These strong winds will not stop for you then why should you yield to them when you have the power to be invincible. Bike windscreens come to your rescue in such unavoidable situations.
Bike Windscreen

Bike windscreens will protect you from the strong winds, any particulate matter suspended in the air, any unwanted object blowing with the winds that can hinder your focus from the road, any object thrown in your direction by fellow drivers on the road. Bike windscreens are an excellent option if you live in a windy neighbourhood or if you are looking forward to have a long road trip in the mountains. Besides, these bike windscreens also provide a touch of excellence, elegance and style to your beautiful ride. 

  • Skid Plate – this bike part is a true genius designed by the manufacturers and the greatest gift bestowed upon all the petrol heads and adrenaline junkies out there. One major disadvantage of having a fast and furious ride on the road is that there are lots of stones and debris damaging the bottom of your vehicle. Some of this damage is irreversible and harmful. Therefore, all the automotive geniuses around the world came up with this miraculous bike part called skid plate.
Skid Plate

A skid plate will prevent any damage or abrasion on the sides and underside of your bike. This will save you many bills when you send in your bike for servicing as it will protect the most vulnerable part of your bike. Also, if your bike survives a tragic road accident then it will protect the side edges from breaking off. This is a major advantage so, one should 

always use a skid plate especially for heavy vehicles like Royal Enfield Bullet. 

  • Bike Engine Guard – just as the name suggests bike engine guard is meant to protect all the critical parts of the engine in the time of a crisis. When a bike meets an accident then the very first means of protection should be to prevent the engine that is the very core of the vehicle. If we lose the engine in a crash then it becomes almost impossible to revive the vehicle back to its working conditions. Moreover, it is very dangerous if the engine explodes because of the fuel influx and sparks as it will pose a serious threat to the life of the biker as well as others on the road as well. 
Bike Engine Guard

Therefore, getting a bike engine guard should be the very first thing on your bike parts name list as it is an investment in your own life and security. Once you will buy a bike engine guard it will naturally convince you of its additional advantages and multiple benefits. 

bike accessories image

Body, Fairing and Fender

This category under bike parts name list has a wide variety of products that are solely meant to enhance the look of body of the bike. As we mentioned earlier that a bike is a medium to express one’s tastes and beliefs therefore it would be a little unlikely if the owner drives the bike in its own basic version. A few modifications, additions and subtractions here and there help in expression in a more effective manner. If the body of the bike looks too flashy then it becomes the matter of criticism but at the same time if it is too dull then it is barely noticeable. Who wouldn’t like to own a classic ride that serves as an eye candy to their friends and is an object of envy for your colleagues? 

We bring to you a wide variety of bike parts name that will help you improvise the functioning of various parts of your bike as well as enhance the looks of your bike. Check out the various names of bike parts that will help you impress all the bystanders on the road.

  • Tyre Hugger – just as the name suggests clearly a tyre hugger is an accessory that is attached to the rear end of your bike and is perfectly wrapped around your tyre. It is a piece made of either metal or plastic and it ensures to remove any dirt, debris or stone attached to the tyre. Thus, it elongates the life of a tyre and improves its functioning. Major motive of a tyre hugger is to keep the dirt and debris off the tyre. Other than that it also enhances the look of a tyre. This particular bike part counts as an essential in the bike parts name list as it saves a lot of money on the cleaning of tyre later. 
Tyre Hugger

A lot of people opt to buy tyre huggers for Royal Enfield as it protects the tyres and beautifies the macho look of the bike even further. You can easily afford a tyre hugger at any automotive store within a fair price range of 5000INR. 

  • Bike Backrest – the biggest discomfort in riding a bike is discomfort itself. You cannot lie down, stretch your legs or at least rest your back. But worry not because with this magnificent bike part, you will find yourself in the peak of comfort. Bike backrest allows to rest your back and it proves to be a real treasure for people who go on extremely long journeys on their bikes. You will often find bikers complain about their backpain but with bike backrest all the problem is resolved with just one solution.
Backrest for Harley Davidson Street 750/500

Bike backrests are easily available both online and offline at a feasible price. You can easily afford this accessory as its price range is highly flexible starting at the price 5000INR. Other than comfort, bike backrests also provide a stylish finish to your bike.

  • Bike Fairing – another unique yet spectacular bike part that does an outstanding job in deflecting the wind for the ease and comfort of the rider. They provide a sleek and streamlined appearance to your motorbike that looks splendid and outshines your vehicle in the ordinary. Basically it does the same work as a windscreen but it is more effective and attractive than any ordinary windscreen. 
Bike Fairing

A bike fairing can be easily afforded within a price range of 8000-9000INR. Therefore, you can buy it anytime if you feel the need for it.

  • Tail Tidy – clearly not a very common term that goes around in the casual conversations. A tail tidy is another classy item in the bike part names list that is highly effective in its function. It is mounted on the rear end of the bike and its function is to add a neat, sleek and convenient look. A tail tidy is very easy to fit and it makes your bike look even more stunning thus, its addition is never counted in the extravagance. It is as necessary as the handle of the bike itself because the aerodynamic structure of bike dictates its parameters to a highly unexpected extent. Tail tidy is available within a price range of 800-2500INR.
Tail Tidy
  • Radiator Grill – radiator grills act as a protection for the cooling fins or radiators as they prevent any stones or any other road particles to enter and damage the internal parts of your bike. A radiator grill can be easily afforded at a price of 2000INR maximum. You can either make the purchase online or offline, it completely depends on your convenience and cost effectiveness of the seller.
Radiator Grill

Other important items in the bike parts name list are 

  • Bash Plate 
  • Side Panel
  • Auxillary Light Mount 
  • Tank Lift
  • Air Filter Plate
  • Heat Deflector

You might have heard about some of these names of bike parts as they are quite common and are broadly used 

Handlebars and Controls 

Handle of the bike is the most critical part of the bike and nobody could change that fact. It is absolutely irreplaceable, highly functional and mostly used part of the bike that requires a lot of attention and detailing. With this amount of criticality that is revolving around the handle of the bike itself, it would be unfair if handles of the bike do not get the required care and attention. 

Listed below are a few items on the bike parts name list that help to enhance the function of the handle of the bike

  • Handle risers – the most important function of a handle riser is to provide a perfect and the most comfortable posture to the rider. You can easily adjust your handle’s position according to the comfortable posture that you want to sit in. 
Handle risers
  • Handlebars – a person might question someone replacing their handlebars and call it useless. You are highly mistaken because it is high time you realize the significance of a handlebar. It improves the efficacy of bike and helps bringing the torque to a right value. You can choose your handlebars within an affordable price range of 2000 to 4000INR.
  • Drag Handlebar – looking for a new aesthetic addition for your bike? Then drag handlebar is the perfect item in the bike parts name list. Other than that it helps in reducing the wind resistance that a driver faces during faster drives and rides.
Drag Handlebar


It will be absolutely fair to say that seat of the bike is actually the seat of biker’s comfort in its literal terms throughout the journey. Let us take a look at the following bike parts name list that serve the purpose of making the bike seat more comfortable and convenient. 

  • Touring Seat – for those who have to make long road trips out of necessity or passion, touring seat is the perfect option for you. All the extra padding in this bike part provides unparallel comfort and care to the biker.
Touring Seat
  • Low Rider Seats – these seats are designed particularly for the cruise style motorbikes that have a long wheelbase. These low rider seats provide a more comfortable riding position for the rider. Satisfactory comfort and better posture are the promised services of this bike part.
Low rider seat
  • Seat Cowl – yet another bike parts name that helps in providing an excellent posture to the biker and ensures his comfort with highest priority. It also provides a classy and sophisticated look to your bike. 
Seat Cowl


It has been quite informational and insightful time you spent reading about bike parts name. We hope that it was worth your time. Now that you have learnt everything about these new bike parts name, you might as well want to check some of them out so do not hesitate to shop now. Hope to see you soon in our next informational session. Until then, toodles.

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