Top 27 Car Parts Name Every Car Owner Must Know

A car is a massive body of work. With so many parts, it’s difficult to recall or even be aware of the infinite number of car parts names.

If you are an engineer or just own a car as most do, knowing the different car part names are quite useful. Apart from the most common ones like seats, tires, speedometer, and windscreen, there’s many more to remember.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the top 28 most integral names of car parts helpful for every driver.

If you really love owning your car, knowing about each part will make you a better driver and owner. Knowledge is a power that shouldn’t be eliminated from your experience.

In addition, if you are a little more careful about your car parts, you can improve your safety as well. A flat tire or engine trouble is avoided with the help of brief car part knowledge.

Brief Guide to Essential Names of Car Parts

Here’s our breakdown of the 28 most vital names of car parts. Include them into your vocabulary for a better understanding of your vehicle.

Outside and Inside Parts Names of Car

1. Hood


Out of the car spare parts name list, the hood is the most commonly asked term. The car hood is a cover placed over the front engine of the car. It protects the engine from foreign items and also provides access for engine repair and maintenance. You must have seen people or mechanics opening up the hood whenever any trouble with the car arises. Constructed using steel or sometimes, aluminium, car hoods vary from one make and model to another.

2: Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror

A rearview mirror is a car part that allows the driver to see the opposite side i.e the rear division. It is placed at the top of the windscreen and regarded as the most essential safety device in your car. The Rearview mirror assists the driver during parking, changing lanes, overtaking and more. The mirror is joined to the windscreen with a special kind of joint called the “swivel” joint. You can adjust the mirror according to your seating using the joint. How does the rearview mirror help? These mirrors are made using a convex lens that makes objects in the mirror quite closer than it is actually in nature. A bike in your rearview will appear very close even if it’s quite far from you. It alerts you of the possible danger or object you need to be careful about.

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3: Radiator

Radiator is a term you’ve probably often heard but are not aware of its importance.The primary purpose of radiation is to monitor and regulate a vehicle engine temperature and cool it down to prevent overheating. The constant movement of the engine generates a massive amount of heat throughout the engine system. It can cause overheating of the engine, resulting in severe damage. Radiators are present to cool down the system by removing excessive heat. It’s a part of the engine’s cooling system that also includes other parts such as liquid coolant, hose to circulate the coolant, thermostat, and a fan.

4: Radiator Support

Radiator Support

As the name suggests, radiator support helps to support the radiator to maintain its shape. It keeps the radiator close to the engine, ensuring coolant is pumped out evenly throughout the engine. Apart from securing the radiator to the engine assembly, radiator support also protects it from the engine’s heat and vibration.

5: Header and Nose Panel

Header and Nose Panel

These are also quite popular names of the car parts. The header panel is a piece of metal sheet present at the front side of the vehicle. Sometimes, it also fosters mounting points for headlights and grille.

6: Grilles


A grille resembles the teeth of the car. It covers the opening in the body of a vehicle to permit air to enter and exit. Most cars feature grilles at the front to protect the radiator and the engine.

7: Bumpers


Car bumpers are quite common names of car body parts. It is a structure attached to the front and the rear end of the car. Designed to absorb impact from a minor collision, and suitable enough to reduce repair cost.

8: Headlights


Out of all the complex car body parts names, headlights are pretty commonly known by everyone. Car headlights are lights attached to the front of the vehicle on each side to light up the road ahead. Headlights help you with easy and safe navigation on the road. These lights are of many kinds such as halogen, LED, laser and more.

9: Fenders

It is one of the names of the car parts that gets people confused often. A fender is a metal structure that frames the wheel of your car. People often confuse fenders with bumpers but it’s not the case. Bumpers are present on the front or back of the car while fenders frame the wheel. The purpose of the fender is to prevent sand, rocks, mud and other road contaminants from entering into the rotating tire.

10: Doors


Doors are pretty self-explanatory. We have all seen the luxurious doors in rap music and also the average one on the road.

11: A/C Condensers

A/C Condensers

These parts names of car are one piece of the puzzle for many drivers. A/C condensers are radiators placed between the car grille and the radiator for the motor. The condenser contains a gaseous refrigerator that sheds heat and returns to a liquid state.

12: Tail Lights

Tail Lights

As the name suggests, tail lights are lights attached in the rear (tail) part of the car. These lights have a bright red appearance in contrast to other lights in the car.

13: Tailgate Trunk

Tailgate Trunk

All names of car parts might seem simple to a pro driver until introduced to the term tailgate trunk. A tailgate trunk lid is the cover of the car’s trunk. Its purpose is to protect the storage inside.

14: Spare Tire

Spare Tire

An essential among the list of main car parts names, spare tires bring ease and comfort altogether. A spare tire acts as a precautionary element in case your tire runs flat.

15: Battery


A car battery is a rechargeable unit that supplies power to the vehicle. The battery is used to provide power to start the car and also when extra power is required. The battery also supplies power to car headlights and accessories like radio and chargers when the engine is off.

16: Axle


It also comes under the less-known car parts name but not to your engineer friend. An axle is a bar or shaft used to turn the car wheels. The transmission helps to turn the axle which then turns the wheel. It is made up of solid metal, therefore quite difficult to break.

17: Piston


You must have often seen piston in engine oils advertisements. It’s quite common among the general car parts name. An average car comes with four to six pistons in the engine. It moves when the gas passes through the combustion chamber. When the piston moves, the crankshaft also turns to run the tires and keep the car moving. The speed of the engine is dependent on how the piston moves.

18: Air Filter

Air Filter

The purpose of an air filter is to prevent contaminants like insects, particles, dust, sand or debris from entering the engine. It keeps the mixture of air and fuel quite clean to support the high performance of the vehicle. Made up of cotton, synthetic paper or foam, air filters are pretty essential for clean fuel.

19: Oil Filter

Oil Filter

Oil filter is also a contaminant remover from the fuel for high performance of the car. The filter helps to separate impurities, dirt and debris from the fresh oil to keep the engine running smoothly.

20: Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauge

This device is quite common in the list of car parts names in India. It is used to measure the tire pressure to prevent flat tires.Driving with tires at the right air pressure is less likely to cause tire wear, attain better gas mileage, shock absorption and gain better handling. When you open the driver’s side door, you will notice the sticker with the correct tire pressure noted on it. Even if your car tires are filled completely, double-check them since each tire sits differently.

21: Engine Fan

Engine Fan

Engine fans are popular for their reliability. The main purpose of using an engine fan is that they cool down the radiator and condenser. It helps the engine and the AC system to prevent overheating and maintain a proper operating temperature. It’s one of the car parts names inside present to do its job properly. You have to regularly clean and check the fan to remove contaminants that might block the fan from moving. Clean off any kind of dust and debris from the metal fins of the radiator and condenser to prevent overheating and blocking.

22: Seat Belt

Seat Belt

Names for car parts like seat belts are quite common, everyone with or without a car is aware of it. A car seat contains seat belts in the front and back. We often use the verb fasten to enforce putting the seat belt around your body for safety against impact.

23: Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel

The circular object that drivers move in all different directions while driving is referred to as the steering wheel. It is another car parts with names that are quite popular among drivers. Steering wheels are used to control the direction of the car. You drive in different directions or take turns using the part.

24: Windscreen


The windscreen is the big glass present in the front of the car. It allows you to see the road clearly while also protecting you from foreign contaminants. It’s the big window you put your eyes on whenever you are driving.

25: Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen Wipers

Present on the windscreen, the wiper blades are used to eliminate rain, snow and dirt for better visibility.

26: Speedometer


Also known as a speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the speed of the car.

27: License Plate

License Plate

The license plate is commonly present in blue and white signs.It is quite a common term in the list of car parts names, used for the identification of your vehicle.


Car parts names are the heart and the soul of your vehicle. It’s essential to know your automobile nomenclature to minimize potential risk and make better decisions.

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