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If you are planning on upgrading your riding gear, then this Carbonado bags review is for you. We have presented a detailed review of all Carbonado bike luggage and carry bags to make your travels easy and comfortable. Read through this Carbonado bag review and decide which travel gear is best for you.

Carbonado Hydration Backpack

Carbonado Hydration Backpacks are the ultimate companions for those seeking to quench their thirst for adventure and outdoor escapades. The Carbonado Y 07 Hydration Backpack, available in Black and Grey are made with precision and innovation for maximum hydration performance and comfort. These hydration bags feature compartments for hydration bladders with secure straps to stay in place. The lightweight designs won’t hold you back on the trail. You get 4-way adjustability with a unique harness system, offering a personalized fit for every body type and activity. Carbonado hydration packs have re-engineered back foam utilizing TARRR TM technology, maximising comfort and airflow so you stay cool even on the most challenging treks. Added safety features include reflective details for high visibility in low-light conditions. You can also buy the Carbonado Thermal Insulation Pouch Pro to keep your water cool on a hot day. Stay hydrated throughout your journey with Carbonado hydration bags.

Standout features of the Carbonado hydration pack

  • Unique 4-way adjustable secure straps 
  • The back foam gives good comfort and airflow
  • Reflectors for high visibility 
  • Compatible with Carbonado Thermal Insulation Pouch Pro 

Carbonado Backpack

Carbonado versatile waterproof backpacks are available in various sizes from 5 Litres – 80 Litres. Standout features of the Carbonado Modpac durable backpacks include 100% waterproof roll-top closure main compartments, universal-fit design and easy mounting inline or across the seat/rear rack. Quickly attach these backpacks to your bike’s subframe and use the additional side & rear pockets for quick access and storage for essentials. Flexibility is key for on-the-go adventures. And  Carbonado backpacks let you gear up and ride out with confidence keeping your stuff secure and protected every step of the way.

Opt for the Carbonado UrbanSac backpack made from premium vegan leather when you need to combine fashion with practicality. Ideal for gym sessions, cycling adventures, or even quick grocery runs, these sleek backpacks have an extra bottom zippered compartment for storing shoes, soiled clothes, or your lunch box, keeping them separate from your clean clothes and other items.  

Cool features for Carbonado backpacks

  • Designed for on-the-go lifestyle
  • Easy mounting on the bike due to universal fit
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof
  • Additional quick-access compartments
  • Versatile use for riding, trekking or gym use

Carbonado Gaming Backpacks

Hardcore gamers will want to dominate the virtual battlefield with these Carbonado Gaming Backpacks available in Black / Red colour combinations. These convenient laptop backpacks are engineered with a super hardshell front panel exterior for max protection. Gamers can carry everything for epic gaming sessions including a wireless keyboard, gaming mouse, cooling pad, power brick and HDD drives. These gaming backpacks feature a cushioned laptop compartment with a built-in USB charging port and patented Gill Flow technology for airflow circulation. In addition, the adjustable shoulder straps provide better comfort, and multiple compartments have ample storage space for gaming accessories. Be ready for action! Don’t settle for ordinary gaming laptop bags– upgrade to the Carbonado Gaming Backpack and dominate the meta world.

Nice features of Carbonado Gaming Backpacks

  • Durable hardshell exterior protects your laptop
  • Spacious design provides ample storage for all gaming accessories
  • Cushioned Laptop Compartment
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Patented Gill Flow technology for air circulation
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for better comfort during transport.
  • Sleek Aesthetics – available in striking Black/Red colour combinations 

Carbonado Laptop Backpacks

If you need to navigate your daily commute with ease, then you should buy the Carbonado Commuter 30 Laptop Backpack. It’s got a dedicated padded laptop compartment, multiple organizational pockets for efficient storage, and adjustable shoulder handles, perfect for comfort on the go.

On the other hand, the Carbonado GT3 Laptop Backpack – available in a stunning colour collection that includes Midnight Black, Alpine white, Crimson Dawn, Pache, Juniper, Azure, Canary, Tangerine, Camo & Denim, dominates the urban landscape with the ultimate style quotient. The crash-proof exterior hard shell polycarbonate technology with ventilation slots and aerodynamic build is a haven for laptops of all sizes.  

For comfort lovers, get the Carbonado X14 Fabric Laptop Backpack and experience the next level of performance with a 4-way adjustable fly harness, cushioned back foam, and waterproof zippers. It’s the ultimate rider backpack designed to take your adventures to new heights (comes with a rain cover for wet-weather protection). Or perhaps you need an upgrade to the larger-than-life, Carbonado X24 Laptop Backpack– available in Red / Grey colours, big enough to carry larger laptops together with your essentials featuring a patented weight balance design and secure maglock fastening system. This laptop backpack gives you the best balance between performance and versatility.

Now, if you want to experience total freedom of movement, then you need to get the Carbonado Beetle 15-inch Laptop Backpack. It seamlessly blends stunning design with some smart features, great for work, play, or weekend getaways. You get ample space for all essentials plus dedicated compartments for your smart gadgets to stay organized on the move. Plus, this backpack comes with an adjustable sternum strap & Gill flow Technology back panel.

Standout features of Carbonado laptop bags

  • Premium Materials – built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance 
  • Innovative Design: Each backpack features innovative design elements for enhanced functionality and style.
  • Spacious compartments & multiple pockets provide ample storage 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, cushioned & ergonomic back panels
  • Waterproof to protect your gadgets from the rain

Carbonado Messenger Bag

The Carbonado Envoy 14 Inch Messenger Bag is a sleek and stylish companion for your on-the-go lifestyle, that can be used for laptop carry and office essentials. It is made of durable 900D reverse fabric, featuring a soft fleece lining in the main compartment to cushion your laptop and keep documents safe and secure. The classic messenger-style bag has three external zipper pockets for quick and easy access to your essentials and a convenient G hook closing mechanism for added security. The detachable shoulder strap for cross-body wear turns it into a stylish sling bag with an ergonomically placed leather handle and nylon bottom for durable support of your belongings. Get the perfect blend of functionality and style with Carbonado messenger bags.

Carbonado Laptop Case

Step into the future with the Carbonado Tusk Laptop Case, often chosen by the modern professional as a sturdy carry case for 14 -15-inch laptops & MacBooks. It has a cutting-edge design with durable hardshell layers offering ultimate protection for your items. The large mesh zippered pouch can easily house all your documents, notepads and smart devices together with other accessories. The best feature is the RFID-blocking that keeps your sensitive information stored on electronic devices and cards safe from potential security breaches and mobile hackers.

For the practical urban commuter, the Carbonado Nova 14 Inch Laptop Case, is a good solution that combines style and function for daily commuting. What you get is premium materials & reliable protection for laptops up to 14 inches. Marvel at the sleek design & compact dimensions for travelling on crowded buses, trains, etc, perfect for professionals on the move. The dedicated laptop compartment keeps your device safe & secure.

Carbonado Tank Bags

The Carbonado Modpad Tank Bag is the ultimate accessory for bikers who need style and functionality on the move. It’s got a universal design that’s compatible with most bike models (metal or plastic tanks). Installing this sleek tank bag is a breeze using its frame loops at the front & hook / loop pads under the seat. The best part – fill up on gas without removing the entire tank bag – it features easy-access buckles. Lastly, the durable base fabric keeps the tank bag firmly in place for hassle-free rides every time.

But wait, there are more tank bags for you to explore from Carbonado! The Carbonado Drift Hybrid Tank Bag Mobile Holder pairs with the Drift Tank Bag and is a game-changer for bikers who rely on their smartphones for navigation. It has a durable water-resistant construction to protect your phone from rain & moisture with touch-screen easy access. Suitable for various smartphone models and sizes, this tank bag mobile holder improves your riding experience by keeping your phone within reach for navigation, calls, music and apps. No more fumbling with your phone with this Carbonado Tank Bag mobile holder.

Likes for Carbonado Tank Bags

  • Compatible with all bike models
  • Effortless installation
  • Convenient access pockets
  • Durable & stabile while riding
  • Mobile Holder Integration
  • Touch-Screen Compatibility for Smartphones

Carbonado Waist Bag

Step up your gear game with the Carbonado Turtle Multipurpose Waist Bag. Its protective hard shell gives added safety, while multiple compartments provide easy organization of your personal items such as keys, wallet and smartphone. Use the adjustable waist strap and enjoy versatile styling in sleek black, trendy grey, bold blue, fiery red, and rugged camo. It’s great convenience on the road, together with a fusion of style and functionality for an impromptu adventure.

When practicality meets sophistication, it’s the Carbonado Cache Classic Maglock Waist Bag that comes to mind. With an urban style & comfortable SR lock waist strap, you can be sure all your electronic devices are protected with the patented RFID-blocking concealed pocket, and water-resistant fabric for super protection. Ideal for daily essentials, turn it from a waist bag to cross-body wear with the adjustable strap.

Carbonado Thigh Bag

Or you can add the Carbonado Vector Black Thigh Bag to your premium gear collection. It has a large zipper pouch for bulkier items, along with concealed storage for valuables. The thigh bag features convenient loops for hanging essentials. Get it in classic black, stealthy camo, or vibrant blue, and make it your go-to companion for instant access to essentials.

Wanna keep it sleek? Get the Carbonado Todd Sling Bag. Comes with a hard-shell exterior, multiple easy-access pockets for swift organization & a cool detachable sling belt for ultra convenience. Never lose your keys with the integrated key holder while staying effortlessly stylish on the move.

If tough bags are your thing, then check out the Carbonado Rock Sling Bag for extreme rugged elegance. You get durable 1000D fabric, hard shell protection & RFID block pocket for added security. Wear it as a waist pouch or sling bag – its versatile design keeps your essentials close at hand for any situation.

Travel smart with the Carbonado Black Wash Pouch/Toiletry Bag. The wide-opening main compartment, multiple mesh pockets, and water-resistant fabric make for truly hassle-free organization & reliable protection of your items. Get quick access to essentials such as travel toothbrushes, razor kits, deodorant, shampoo and anything else that you may need to stay fresh on travels.

Unleash your creative side with the Carbonado Tora Thigh Bag. It offers superior protection with a durable EVA hardshell and the versatile modular design & stylish minimalist aesthetic blend with the less is more principle. Easy to maintain means it’s your hassle-free companion for any adventure.

Best Features of Carbonado Waist and Thigh Bags

  • Protective Hard Shell keeps your things safe
  • Multiple easy-access pockets and wide-opening main compartments 
  • RFID-Blocking Technology
  • Water-Resistant Fabric
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Detachable Sling Belt
  • Extreme Ruggedness
  • Travel-friendly mesh pockets

Carbonado Camera Case

Protect your action camera and travel easily with the Carbonado Cube Camera Case, your ultimate companion for action-packed moments. Shield your action cam from all kinds of dust, dirt, scratches & bumps. Its durable hardshell armour promises wear resistance & anti-fall impact protection. Its also compact & lightweight, ready to tag along because it attaches seamlessly to your backpack, bag, or luggage. Unzip its three sides for quick access to your gear, or repurpose it to stash your essentials like EarPods / charging cables or extra batteries.

Standout features of Carbonado camera case

  • Durable hardshell armor protects your camera from impact, dust, dirt, scratches, and bumps.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Easy to carry 
  • Quick Access three-sided zipper 
  • Big space for extra accessories 
  • Travel-Ready

Carbonado Duffle Bag

Your gym sessions are incomplete if you don’t carry the Carbonado Duffle Bag – available in white and red colours, you get an easy-access front compartment for essentials, clothes and other personal items. The spacious main compartment with zippered mesh pouches features a dedicated shoe compartment, a very convenient addition. Stay organized on the move. Plus, its water-repellent fabric & versatile carrying options make it perfect for any journey.

Now, if you need a compact yet spacious carrying bag, then you should get the Carbonado Barrel Bag. The unique part about this versatile bag is that it compresses down to a disc for easy storage, and can expand as easily to hold all your essentials. It has a detachable shoulder strap and cool design. Your go-to for on-the-go adventures, grab it now!

Likeable features of the Carbonado Duffle Bags

  • Stylish colour options
  • Easy-Access front compartment & spacious main compartment
  • Water-Repellent Fabric
  • Comfortable to carry no matter where you’re headed.
  • Detachable shoulder strap adds to the versatility

Carbonado Cabin / Check-In Luggage

Finally, when you are done riding your bike, it’s time to check out the Carbonado range of travel luggage trolley bags. Use these premium quality bags on flights, bus trips, car road trips and train journeys
Introducing amazing Carbonado Exodus Cabin Luggage— the travel essential with its sleek &durable polycarbonate shell, TSA-approved anti-theft lock & smooth patented Shizuoka Tech wheels for a bump-free journey. More than just luggage; it’s your ticket to exploring the world. Its biggest flex –  stay powered up on the go with an integrated USB port and get unparalleled comfort with a wide aluminium telescopic handle. Gear up for adventure with Carbonado!

For stow-away cargo, choose the Carbonado Exodus Check-In Luggage. Sports a lightweight yet robust polycarbonate shell, featuring shock-absorbing Ninja wheels, it ensures a smooth journey every time. This trolley bag also gets the same integrated USB charging port & TSA-approved combination lock for ultra convenience. 

Top Features of Carbonado Cabin and Check-In Luggage

  • Sleek & Durable Polycarbonate Shell for excellent protection
  • Enhanced security with the TSA-Approved Lock 
  • Patented Shizuoka Shock-Absorbing Tech Wheels for a smooth journey 
  • Integrated USB Charging Port
  • Wide Aluminum Telescopic Handle – sturdy and convenient
Carbonado ProductSummary
Carbonado Hydration PackCompact, lightweight and durable hydration pack for outdoor adventures, trekking and bikers. Won’t slow you down.
Carbonado BackpackBackpacks that make you forget about multiple travel bags. Keeps your gear safe, keeps you comfortable.
Carbonado Laptop BagsHardshell exterior to safeguard your laptop and accessories. The sleek design makes a statement wherever you go.
Carbonado Tank BagsUltimate storage convenience while riding. Compatibility with mobile holders, perfect for navigation on the road.
Carbonado Waist and Thigh BagsPersonal sling bangs around your thigh and waist keep all your essentials close at hand. A must-have for every rider.
Carbonado Camera CaseTravel-friendly camera case for your action cam and accessories. The hard shell protects your device.
Carbonado Duffle BagLightweight, durable and versatile for weekend escapes, gym sessions and any travel plan.
Carbonado Cabin and Check-In LuggageThe polycarbonate shell, smooth wheels and strong telescopic handle make your journey a breeze.


We hope you have found the perfect travel bag for your outdoor excursions after reading through this Carbonado bag review. Make your choice from rugged hydration packs to laptop backpacks and convenient waist bags. Carbonado also offers a wide range of premium gaming laptop bags and durable cabin baggage you can take on flights and long train journeys. There should be a versatile option in the blog for every rider, traveller and adventure seeker out there. For more car and bike accessories reviews and the latest automotive updates, news and comparisons, visit the Carorbis Blog today!

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