Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmission

For years we have been stuck up with a debate of manual and automatic transmission. Some say automatic transmission is better because it is convenient whereas some prefer manual because it is affordable and offers driving pleasure. This debate will never come to an end because everyone has different needs and each of these transmissions cater to these needs in their own way. Neither of the two completely satisfy the majority of consumers because of their varied interests and vast demands.

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Critical Analysis of Manual and Automatic Transmission

Just a brief introduction to the two would be better for a detailed explanation in the later sections. All of us know that there are two types of transmission in cars, manual and automatic. In layman’s terms, a manual transmission car is the one that has a clutch pedal in order to switch between the gears. On the other hand, most of the automatic transmissions also have the clutch but that is automated by either hydraulics or actuators and the driver has no direct link with the clutch operation.

For any ordinary consumer, this particular factor is enough to make a comparison between the two types of transmissions. But for any introspective and profound minded people who are hungry for more and more information, this is clearly not enough. Therefore, a detailed and elaborate explanation is needed.

1. Clutch Connection

As we stated earlier, in order to change gears in a manual car, the driver has to operate the clutch pedal before every shift. On the other hand, in automatic cars, this clutch action is automated and the driver is only supposed to take care of acceleration and braking. This is a minor difference and you cannot make your judgement and choice solely based on the presence or absence of a minor thing as clutch pedal. Of course it becomes a little tricky when you have to make use of the clutch but for professional drivers it is not bothering as there are bigger issues to deal with regarding this.

2.    Fuel Efficiency

Generally speaking, a car with manual transmission uses lesser fuel than that with an automatic transmission. However, an automatic transmission like a CVT can turn out to be more fuel efficient than its manual counterparts. Who would mind a few more money bills in their pockets saved from the expenditure on fuel? Even if you have to deal with clutch but that saves your money then it becomes a little less concerning.

3.    Control Freak

For those who love to have complete control over their vehicle, manual transmission cars are perfect as it is in your hands what gear you want your car to drive in. However, if you are okay with letting go of the control in the hands of the car then you will be fine with automatic transmission. However, modern automatic cars also offer manual override for the gears but the self-shifting proficiency of a manual gearbox is still unmatched.

4.    Convenience

I think it is pretty clear that an automatic transmission car is more convenient to drive because it is less bothersome as most of the functions are controlled by the car itself. In a manual transmission car, you do not get this privilege.

5.    Coordination and Concentration

In a manual transmission car, changing of gears, understanding the clutch progression and handling multiple functions at the same time, requires a great deal of concentration and excellent foot-hand coordination. One slip or one miss can lead to disastrous accidents. However, everything is pretty calm in case of automatic transmission as most of the controls are in the hands of the car.

Statistically, it is the automatic transmission cars that make the greater sale in the markets because of the diverse facilities. But that fact in no way dictates our own choice.

Statistically, it is the automatic transmission cars that make the greater sale in the markets because of the diverse facilities. But that fact in no way dictates our own choice.


We hope this information proved to be insightful and informational to you. After reading this analysis, it gives us a clear opinion about both types of transmissions in a car. it was intended to provide you with a clear mindset of what to choose and what to buy.

Now that you are completely clear with your intentions, go ahead and check out some amazing cars with your favorite type of transmission. Do come back for some more insightful content. Cheers to another session full of knowledge and amazing facts. Hasta La Vista!

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