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Hornet is a subunit of Honda bikes private limited corporation. We have been hearing this name from the very beginning, from the very start. I won’t be wrong to say that owning a Honda Hornet or driving one after growing up was every millennial’s biggest dream. After all, this bike had so many fascinations from our days of childhood. For years, this brand has gained the trust of millions of Indians to such an extent that it is no longer just a brand name. Honda Hornet is an expression, a sentiment, a prestigious name that unites us all in a nostalgic rewind of good old days

History of Honda Hornet

Today, let us learn about the legacy of this phenomenal line of bikes in honor of all the iconic Honda Hornet bikes that still pave their own path of greatness. The birth of Honda Hornet dates back to the late 1990s when they first introduced a very basic model of a sports bike. This model came out to be plain yet a classic example of a durable, strong and powerful ride that later happened to be used for all kinds of purposes. From Novices to pro riders, it served the needs and purposes of all kinds of people. It was also used as a strong standing competitor in the elite racing championship Honda Hornet Cup. 

Ever since then, hornet bike models stand strong in the mainstream markets. These bikes are still proving to be a tough competitor for all new age bike technologies and this is really commendable after all these years of its service.

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How Did Hornet Bikes Become So Significant?

Honda is basically a Japanese manufacturing firm that was established as early as 1948. They are a worldwide automotive distributor that suddenly rose to extreme popularity in the last few decades particularly in India. This sudden outburst of Honda cult in India was no coincidence, it was the outcome of introduction of Hornet bike that led to its sudden increase in demand in India. 

By the early 2000s Honda had already become the second largest motorbike company in India and all thanks to Hornet bike. As soon as people started to see the rapid increase in the number of hornet bike on the road, there was a huge influx of capital from Japan and manufacturing units for hornet bike were set up in India itself. Ultimately, the sales of hornet bike in India became far more than its numbers in its home country, Japan. And this was just the beginning of a revolution in the Indian motorbike industry. 

The Hornet bike has only risen in its status, demand, reputation and efficiency considering its performance in the Indian markets. The major reasons for this sudden breakout of hornet bike in India were as follows

  • Fuel Efficiency 
  • Reliability 
  • Light weight
  • Powerful engine
  • Strong and sturdy body 
  • Affordable prices

These reasons were more than enough to convince the Indian masses for its purchase.

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Top Models of Hornet Bikes in India

Now that we have analyzed the complete history and growth of hornet bike in India so, let us focus on its present and future aspects henceforth. Honda hornet has introduced several models worldwide that stand beyond any comparisons and comprehensions. These hornet bike have redefined style, taste and performance over and over again from time to time. They have produced beautiful homogenizations of elegance and strength over the years with the introduction of a new hornet bike once in every while. 

Let us take a look at some of the top models of hornet bike that shook the industry to its deepest core with the high standards they have set for their competitors

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Honda CB600F Hornet – 

This model was launched in the year 1998 and it was into business until the year 2006. This hornet bike had a very basic and simple design and make that attracted the lot towards its hidden treasures. This hornet bike provided a practical design that was dependable, affordable, comfortable and versatile. 

Key features of this hornet bike were 

  • Powerful motor
  • Light clutch
  • Provision for comfortable riding posture
  • Provided ample space for excellent tyre choice

Honda Hornet 2.0 –

This hornet bike is the best option available if you are looking for the perfect amalgamization of excellent performance and amazing mileage that provides you many extra miles in the same capacity of fuel. It has an impressive engine of 185cc and can reach the maximum count of 8,500 rotations per minute.

Honda hornet 2.0 gives a mileage of 57.40 kilometers per liter. This is highly impressive as it is nearly 0.5 times higher than its major competitors.

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Hornet Bike Price

One major benefit of purchasing a hornet bike is that they are highly economical. Any working-class person can afford the hornet bike price on road and can get access to advanced features and technologies of a hornet bike. Hornet bike price is its ultimate secret to popularity. Purchasing a bike has never been easier until easy payments of hornet bike price showed up. 

When you get all elite features, accessories and performance within a menial price range then why would anyone go for a second option. Let us talk numbers now and see the actual hornet bike price on road.

Honda Hornet 2.0 –

As we have already discussed above that honda hornet 2.0 is one of the finest models of all hornet bike honda. Hornet bike honda 2.0 is a typical bike meant for the streets that was introduced back in the year 2020 at the introductory price of 1,32,000 INR. This bike was made available in two variants with choices of 5 different colors, the top variant was made available at the minimum price of 1,33,000 INR and others varied in price in the similar range.

As of 2021, the basic variant of hornet bike honda 2.0 is available at the basic price range of 1,28,000 INR as it experienced a minor price hike of 1,300 INR. It is safe to say that this hornet bike honda is one of the most flexible and appropriate model in terms of performance as well as price range.

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Honda CB Hornet 160R –

This hornet bike honda was introduced in India back in 2018. It was yet another impressive hornet bike honda that was one of a kind. It made its manufacturers proud with the humongous sale and profits in the market. This hornet bike honda price was set at an estimated amount of 84,675 INR as the starting range. For an advanced CBS version of the same hornet bike honda price was set at an estimated amount of 92,675 INR. 

It is a stylish hornet bike honda with a bulky looking body and is symbolic of tough riders in tough terrains. Hornet bike honda price of Honda CB Hornet 160R, is totally worth every digit on its bill because this model provides a unique combination of a flawless design and great performance. 

Hornet Bike Mileage

We know hornet bike honda are known for their par excellence performance and mind-blowing mileage. These bikes are meant for bikers of the street in its true terms because of all the cost-efficient models they produce. Honda hornet bike on road price is honestly the most attractive feature about this brand. This is because every honda hornet bike detail and honda hornet bike specification is completely worth all those digits on its final price amount. 

That one thing that concludes all the standing arguments against hornet bike honda is its mileage. All the other impressive honda hornet bike specifications are rendered absolutely insignificant when we talk about the incomparable mileage of hornet bike honda. Let us talk about real digits that will reveal actual facts about high performance of honda bike hornet average.

The on road honda bike hornet average of hornet bike honda 2.0 is 57.35 kilometers per liter. Isn’t this surprising? This is highly incomparable to all of its competitors in the market. These numbers literally drive a hornet bike honda to the top of the brand popularity charts. No other model can nearly deliver the same mileage within the same price range of its purchase.

The on road honda bike hornet average of hornet bike honda CB 160R is 48 kilometers per liter. Considering the fact that this model was introduced back in 2018, it was one of the automobile industry marvels at that time. This massive mileage was almost rare back at that time in the Indian markets. Introduction of this hornet bike honda led to a great revolution in the automobile industry. Manufacturers started to focus on higher mileage within a feasible budget range.

Modifications in a Hornet Bike

Personalization and customization of a hornet bike honda is an art that has no bounds. If you can imagine it, you can create your own world with your very own hornet bike honda. Whether it is the body, color, texture, headlights, tail lights, rear view mirrors or anything else; hornet bike honda can undergo any kind of modification from A-Z.

Let us take a look at a few modifications for hornet bike honda 

Body –

Hornet bike honda can be made to undergo several modifications and one of them is the body. You can customize the body of hornet bike honda according to your own will. You can change your honda hornet bike colours that will make it look more appealing and eye catching on the roads. You can modify the body to give it a sporty or bulky look with minor additions.

Tyres –

Hornet bike honda provides ample space for tyre modifications. You can add white wall tyres to your hornet bike honda that will make it stand out on the streets. You can also add tyres with larger diameters than recommended as it adds to its stylish persona.

Headlights –

you can add sleek looking headlights to your hornet bike honda as it will give your sweet ride a cleaner fiish.

Rear view mirrors –

Shape and style of rear view mirrors can be easily modified to present your hornet bike honda with class and style.

Stickers –

You can add stickers to body of your hornet bike honda. These stickrs will give you a unique sense of personalization as it will add a sentimental attachment with your hornet bike honda.

Key Features of Hornet Bike

Hornet bikes have been into the business for quite a long time and with every model, with every new launch they have constantly challenged all stereotypes in the automotive industry. Manufacturers of hornet bike honda have taken long leaps with their futuristic perspective in order to deliver an ideal bike with every new launch they make. Let us analyze all those features today that make a hornet bike honda stand out of the rest.

We will be discussing all critical details of excellent hornet bike honda 2.0 in this section. 

  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 has a powerful engine that caters to the capacity of 184cc
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0  has an impressive mileage of 57.35 kilometers per liter
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0  has a BS6 emission type
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 provides a maximum power of 17.26 bhp at 8500 rpm
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 weighs about 142 kilograms thus providing a sturdy body
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 has a single channel ABS system
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 has a 5 speed gearbox
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 has an alloy type wheel
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 supports tubeless tyres
  • Hornet bike honda 2.0 provides maximum torque of 16.1 Nm at 6000rpm

It won’t be unfair to say that hornet bike honda provides the most unique and flattering combinations of features that can be found anywhere in that market.

Review of Hornet Bike 2021

In conclusion, we can say that hornet bike honda still stands superior after all these years of its service. If you are looking for a bike that is versatile, reliable, comfortable as well as affordable then hornet bike honda should be on the top of your priority list. 

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