How FASTag works

We all love going on long drives with our near and dear ones, the open roads ahead of us, and cruising down in your vehicle which gives you a sense of freedom and joy. But as soon as we see a toll plaza coming ahead, all of this vanishes with the long queue of vehicles and the feeling of driving in the city in bumper-to-bumper traffic kicks in. 

To cope with these problems, the Indian government has come up with a simple and fast way by getting in FASTags for our vehicles. With this, a new programme called National Electronic Toll Collection has been developed by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) that helps to digitalise paying tolls and thus offers a simple, easy and convenient way to travel on roads. 

With this, the FASTag in India has been implemented on more than 615 toll plazas across the country on national highways and they are growing in numbers. This will help the government to implement a 100 percent cashless model to collect tools and reduce the problems faced with age-old methods. Hence we have seen that it has been made mandatory for all kinds of vehicles to have FASTag from the 16th of February 2021. Failing to adhere, the consumers will have to pay double the toll fees.

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How does FASTag work?

The FASTag has to be stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle which will help the RFID scanner at the toll booth scan it. As you approach the toll booth, the scanners read the FASTags and upon approval the toll gates open which reduces the stress of waiting at the booth and manually paying and getting a receipt. This helps to provide a seamless driving experience and also clears out the traffic in an efficient way.

For a better understanding, let’s see how the process work

  • FASTags are linked to your prepaid account where you can add money to it through various means of digital payments. 
  • With the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the fastag is scanned and the toll amount is deducted. 
  • Once this process is done, the toll gates are opened and the vehicle can pass through a seamless way.
  • You will get a notification on your registered mobile number and email address with the amount deducted and the location at which it had been used.

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Procedure to apply for a FASTag:

FASTags can be applied using both online and offline methods. Both of the methods are explained below for commercial and private consumers.


  • It can be applied to any online issuer agency like banks ( SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank ) and the official website of NPCI.
  • Visit the official websites of these authorised issuers and click on the link ‘Apply for FASTag’ 
  • Enter your mobile number and you will receive an OTP, upon this click on the submit button after entering the OTP. 
  • Personal details like your name, email ID, residential address and vehicle details have to be entered. 
  • Along with these support documents such as a scanned copy of the RC book, KYC documents of the registered RC owner have to be uploaded. 
  • After this, an online payment link will be generated for fee submission.
  • Save the copy of the FASTag receipt, which will be delivered to the mentioned address in a few days.


  • To get the FASTag offline one can visit the POS ( Point of Sale ) terminals that are located at various toll booths. 
  • Photocopy of the required documents along with original copies will be needed for the verification. 
  • Before the acceptance of these documents, the issuing agency will first verify the documents. 
  • Upon approval, a concerned representative from the issuing agency will fix the FASTag on the vehicle’s windshield.

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Required documents to register for a FASTag:

  • KYC documents
  • Registered Certificate ( RC Book )

Additional documents required for vehicles registered on corporates ( Public Limited/Private Limited/Sole proprietorship ):

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed
  • Registration Certificate of the firm
  • For a Proprietorship firm, the PAN Card of the proprietor is compulsory
  • PAN Card of the company 
  • List of directors/partners of the firm with full names

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Benefits of using FASTags in India:

  • Cashbacks and incentives are being offered on new FASTag allotments and recharges. 
  • No need to wait in long queues of traffic at toll plazas
  • The hassle of halting and paying by cash, card and UPI payments is reduced.
  • At the macro level it saves fuel, and time passed at the toll plaza and it also helps decongest traffic.
  • When driving cross country, like between Mumbai and Delhi where there are a total of 21 toll booths, with the usage of FASTags you have a hassle-free driving experience and you don’t need to worry about keeping cash and change handy. 
  • It also helps you keep a thorough track of the vehicle’s locations and the toll expenses. This comes extremely handy for vehicles which are being used for commercial purposes and for fleet operators as well. 
  • As the toll receipts can be tracked on the registered Email ID, it offers ease and convenience if they need to be used for reimbursement. 
  • In addition to this, there is a dedicated web portal for FASTag users wherein they can log in and get access to their tag account statements as well.
  • With this, added benefits of emergency roadside assistance and accidental death cover and also be redeemed.


Having a look at the benefits that FASTag technology has brought to the masses, it has now become a social norm and is offering hassle-free experiences. In addition to this, most of the consumers are now loading their FASTags before they head out on the highway and they are making it an essential practice for a seamless and stress-free drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I get FASTag instantly?

Ans. FASTags can be bought instantly through offline means near toll booths and even online through authorised issuers.

Q2. How much does a FASTag cost?

Ans. Rs 100 is charged as a one-time fee while registering a vehicle for the first time for fastag. In addition to this, the below table showcases the security deposit and threshold amount charged for each class of vehicles.

Description of the vehicleSecurity DepositThreshold Amount
Car / Jeep / Van / Light Commercial Vehicle
Rs 100Rs 0
Light Commercial vehicle 2-axleRs 300Rs 200
Bus 3 axleRs 400Rs 500
Truck 3 axleRs 500Rs 500
Bus 2 axle / Truck 2 axle / Mini busRs 400Rs 500
Truck 7-axle and aboveRs 500Rs 500
Tractor / Tractor with trailer, Truck 4, 5 & 6 -axleRs 500Rs 500
Earth Moving / Heavy Construction MachineryRs 500Rs 500

Q3. Why is FASTag mandatory?

Ans. FASTag has been made mandatory by the government as the cash lanes will be eradicated and vehicles with no FASTag will have to pay double the toll amount as a fine.

Q4. Where FASTag to be pasted on the car?

Ans. The FASTag has to be pasted on the windscreen of your vehicle.

Q5. How many FASTags for one vehicle?

Ans. Only one FASTag can be issued per vehicle, although you can apply for another FASTag and the funds can be transferred to the new FASTag upon its cancellation.

Q6. When did FASTag start in India?

Ans. In India, FASTag was first implemented from the year 2014

Q7. How much time does a FASTag take to activate?

Ans. FASTag can be activated immediately by using MyFastag app and self-activating or by visiting the nearest bank branch which is the authorised issuer.

Q8. How does FASTag work for a return journey?

Ans. In the case of a return journey, first, a single side toll is deducted and when you’re returning a discounted toll amount is deducted which helps to adjust the toll discount.

Q9. Can FASTag be changed?

Ans. As per your will, the service provider for the FASTag can be changed.

Q10. Where are FASTags available?

Ans. FASTag is available online NPCI’s official website, myfastag mobile application, through authorised issuers such as banks and NBFC’s. In addition to this, it is also available offline near toll plazas at the POS.

Q11. How many FASTags can I buy?

Ans. Only one FASTag can be issued for a vehicle, although in case of any damages the previous FASTag account can be cancelled and a new one can be issued.

Q12. How many FASTags are issued on one mobile number?

Ans. Only one FASTag can be issued on one mobile number.

Q13. What happens to FASTag when a car is sold?

Ans. If you plan on selling your car you can cancel the ongoing FASTag. The FASTag has to be changed when you receive the new and updated RC book.

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