Amit Saraswat
Nov 25, 2021
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How to Fold Car Cover – Fold Car Cover Alone Easily

fold car cover

The car cover is an important accessory to make sure the paintwork of your car remains as good as new. It saves your car from rain, dust, pollen, bird droppings and stray animals. There are a variety of car covers available in the market and you can get yours at the best prices from Carorbis. Car covers come in various sizes and are tailor-made for different car models. Given the sheer size increase in newer cars, it becomes difficult to fold and fit the cover on our cars. Today, we are going to teach you an easy trick on how to fold car covers easily.

How to Fold Car Cover

Follow these simple steps to learn how to fold car cover alone:

Step 1 - Starting from the rear, pull up the cover over the bumpers and also unplug the central lock, if your cover has it

Step 2 - Grab one corner of the rear and roll the cover in a swirling motion till the front windscreen. Now repeat the same for the front part of the cover as well.

Step 3 - Now roll the cover from left to right, across the width of the car and ensure the outer side mirror cover faces outwards.

Step 4 - Keep the car cover in the same orientation as you removed for an easy application process next time.

Now as we have folded the car cover alone, without having any swirl marks on the paint or making the cover dirty, it’s time to apply the car cover on the vehicle by repeating the process.

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How to Apply Car Cover Alone

To have an easy application of the cover, the orientation must be the same as we folded it earlier.

Step 1 -  Start with the side mirror and fit the cover’s mirror pocket facing upwards.

Step 2 - Now spread the cover across the other side and fit the cover’s opposite mirror pocket on the side mirror

Step 3 - Now spread the cover all around the car by starting with the rear first and then the front.

Step 4 - Tuck the side of the cover under the bumpers and plug the central belt lock, if your cover has that feature.

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By using this process, you can easily put on the cover and unfold it without having it scraped onto the ground all over. As you have learnt the trick as to how to fold car cover, try this on your car and be more efficient. But if your car cover has become dirty over time, here is a guide about how to clean your car cover at home.

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