Your helmet is part of every motorcycle ride, but what do with your trusty headgear when you are not riding? Most likely, you leave your helmet on the floor or struggle to find a suitable spot to store it. It’s time you looked at helmet hangers that turn your boring headgear into your room’s decor piece. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about how to choose the right helmet hanger & find the perfect spot on your wall (it’s gotta be secure and stylish) so you become the expert on how to hang a motorcycle helmet on wall. Organise your riding gear with these handy tips on mounting techniques and get creative ideas for maximizing space efficiency. Hang tight while we give you all the details on how to hang your helmet the right way.

What is a helmet hanger?

There’s no point spending big bucks on a new state-of-the art motorcycle helmet, only for it to end up gathering dust on your bedroom floor where you store it overnight. Not only will this tarnish your clear visor, but it’s also going to dirty the exterior and inner lining (since dust usually settles on the floor). Some smart riders will hang their helmet on a clothes rack or place it on top of a cupboard. Not a good idea, since the helmet may get ruined if it accidentally falls.           

What every rider needs is a cool helmet hanger. It’s like giving your helmet its own VIP spot to hang out on the wall in style while you do your thing. No more scrambling to find a safe spot for your helmet or having nightmares about the visor getting scratched or damaged (an unclear visor can be a real pain if you drive at night). With a helmet hanger, your problems are solved. Now your gear is easily accessible, protected and ready to rock when you are.

Helmet hangers come in all shapes, sizes, mounting options and designs. Choose a sleek and minimalist helmet hanger or a rugged one to appeal to your off-road riding dreams. They can be easily placed on your garage wall, bedroom door, or even your living room. The options are endless and there’s always something out there to suit your style.

Take your helmet storage game to the next level – it’s time to get acquainted with the art of how to hang motorcycle helmet on the wall, with the humble yet oh-so-cool helmet hanger. The convenience and protection it serves will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

How Do I Choose the Right Helmet Hanger?

The first thing you need to address is the space you have available. Measure the area where you intend to install the helmet hanger and choose a helmet hanger that fits. Next, check your helmet size. Most helmet hangers can accommodate almost all helmet sizes so they should have ample space between the helmet and the wall to prevent any damage to your gear. Lastly, the helmet hanger should complement your decor style with durable materials like metal or wood for the best experience.

Here are some desirable features of helmet hangers you should look out for before buying:

Secure Mounting: Helmet hangers come with a range of mounting hardware from screws, nails and brackets for secure installation. It also depends on where you wish to install the hanger. Walls are the best bet, but you could place them on the side of a cupboard, behind a door or anywhere else your gear stays safe and sound.

Space Optimization: Helmet hangers are designed to maximize space efficiency. They keep your gear neatly organized and out of the way, so you get valuable floor space in your garage or living area.

Helmet Protection: It is easy for your helmet to be knocked off a table or desk. This amazing accessory is thoughtfully designed with spacing and materials to protect your helmet from scratches, dents, and visor damage, by keeping it out of reach when you don’t need it.

Versatile Design: Helmet hangers are available in a variety of designs to suit different styles. It will help you add a touch of flair to your personal space.

Additional Storage: Helmet hangers can also feature additional hooks, shelves and racks for storing riding gear such as gloves or jackets. Some riders hang their keys since you can’t take a ride without them. Everything you need for your next adventure can be accessed from one convenient location.

Easy Installation: For those not acquainted with basic tools, most helmet hangers are easy to install. A simple tools box and the hardware provided is all you need. Set up your helmet storage solution quickly and hassle-free in minutes.

Durability: Helmet hangers are constructed from high-quality materials. They are made from metal, and wood with leather padding to withstand the weight of your gear and give you years of reliable service.

Convenience: Perhaps the most important feature of helmet hangers is that they keep your helmet within arm’s reach when you want it. So your gear is always organised and can be found in the blink of an eye. Perfect for those impromptu weekend plans.

The Trip Machine Company offers some cool helmet hangers to help declutter your space and organise your rides. These hangers are crafted with super precision using matte black iron for the hook, covered in vintage leather for the helmet holder with a handcrafted antique wood finish for the base. Measuring 18 by 5 inches, it is designed to provide big space between the helmet and the wall-mounted backing and installs easily with 2 screws provided in the box. The twin spanner hook below the helmet holder is designed for your jacket, gloves or key ring. A thoughtful touch and a classic addition to your room or garage.  

 Preparation stage – How to Hang Helmet on the Wall?

So what’s the best way to install your helmet hanger? This is a good guide to help you get your helmet and riding gear organised.

Select the Perfect Spot on Your Wall

Choosing a good spot to hang your helmet. It should be easily accessible when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. This is crucial for both convenience and your interior decor. Choose a location where you can reach for the helmet without cluttering your space. Important factors to consider include wall height, proximity to other objects (like the door, window, desk or cupboard) and visibility. Narrow down on the perfect spot and roughly mark it with a pencil. Then place the helmet hanger there for reference before proceeding with the installation.

Get a Secure and Stylish Setup

Before mounting your helmet hanger accessory, clean up the wall surface. Remove any debris or dust and get rid of any stickers or objects that may interfere with the installation. You need a secure attachment to prevent any potential damage to your wall or the risk of the helmet falling once placed on the hanger. Use the appropriate mounting hardware provided with the helmet hanger. This will typically include screws & anchors, brackets and nuts/bolts. This will provide the most sturdy and reliable setup. Before installing, consider the aesthetic appeal of the hanger. It should complement your room or garage decor for a stylish finish.

Handy Tips on Mounting Techniques

For those wondering how to hang helmet on the wall without screws, because they are hesitant to drill into their walls, there are alternatives. You can get industry-strength adhesive hooks / removable mounting strips that offer a convenient and damage-free solution.  It’s good to securely attach the hanger to the wall without leaving any marks behind. Drilling a wall may not be the best mounting solution in certain cases.

You can even explore creative options such as over-the-door hooks, and freestanding helmet racks for a more versatile storage solution that won’t require a permanent installation.

By following these essential tips and techniques, you can hang your helmet on the wall with both security and style for your ideal riding gear storage setup. Even if the traditional mounting methods are not your cup of tea, consider some innovative alternatives to find a favourable installation method. The key is to find a solution that suits your needs while enhancing your space’s functionality and personal preferences.

Essential Steps On How to Hang Helmet On the Wall

Alright, let’s get this helmet-hanger party started! Here are the basic steps on how to install your new riding headgear storage solution just like a pro:

Prep Like a Boss: Once your wall is clean and ready for the helmet hanger, grab a cloth and wipe away any dust, debris, peeling paint or oily residue that compromises your installation.

Measure Twice, Drill Once: Use a tape measure and get those dimensions down to the millimetre. Mark out the spots using a pencil or crayon. It will make it easy to mount your hanger with precision. Remember, accuracy is key to a flawless setup for your helmet hanger.

Get Your Tools Ready: Keep the toolbox ready along with the provided hardware, screws and brackets for mounting. If you need to drill in screws or anchors, use the appropriate tools or ask someone handy with the right tools to help you install it.

Mounting Madness: Once the spots have been marked, carefully drill holes at the designated places. Keep things level and aligned. Step back from your installation and glance at it from a little distance. If you’re using brackets or anchors, now’s the time to insert them.

Hang Time: Once your holes are drilled, prepped, and brackets are in place, it’s time to mount the helmet hanger. Secure it in place using the provided screws. Once everything is snug and secure, give it a firm tug. It should hold strong – you want your helmet and other riding gear to hang with confidence.

It’s done. Step back and inspect your newly installed helmet hanger (call your buddies to show off a bit. Now your helmet has a good home and will forever be organised. You’ve just added a touch of flair to your space while keeping your gear ready for action.

With these steps under your belt, you’ll have your helmet hanger up and running in no time. Finally, place your helmet on the hanger and test it out. Add your jacket, gloves and other riding gear if there’s space on the hanger.


We hope this blog on how to hang helmets on wall has answered all your questions. Now that you have all these tips and tricks, you are ready to get your riding adventures sorted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to hang helmet on the wall without drilling?

Ans. You can use adhesive strips or industrial-strength glue to fasten your helmet hanger on the wall. However, the adhesive should be able to hold your helmet without falling under the weight. Removable brackets will not require drilling the wall or attaching with nails.

Q2. How much does a helmet hanger cost?

Ans. You can buy helmet hangers online from Carorbis for around Rs. 4,000. It’s a great way to organise your riding gear and other essentials.

Q3. Are helmet hangers universal?

Ans. Most helmet hangers are designed to accommodate helmets of all sizes and shapes. However, it is best to check the dimensions of your helmet to see if it is compatible with the helmet hanger you are about to purchase. Helmet hangers can store both full-faced helmets and open-helmets with ease.

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