How to wash balaclava

So, you’ve got all your safety gear, ready to hit the road on your motorcycle. Of course, you are wearing a helmet, but will you stay cool and comfortable on the way? When riding a motorcycle, we are faced with all kinds of dust, dirt, pollution, wind, sunshine and humidity, with nothing to protect our heads except a helmet. That’s where the magic of riding balaclavas comes in. These essential headgear accessories cover your face, neck and neck, leaving your eyes and mouth open, offering protection from the elements and ensuring good hygiene. Worn under the helmet, they are the first accessories to get covered in sweat and grime while you ride. This blog will give you all the details on how to wash balaclava so that you can have a fresh riding experience and maintain the performance and integrity of your trusted headgear.

Why Do I Need A Balaclava?

It’s the only riding gear you can wear underneath your helmet to stay cool, protected and comfortable on journeys. You need a balaclava as a second skin to fight dust, dirt, wind, pollution and inclement weather with ease. Take a look at these amazing features of balaclavas and reasons why you should wear one every time you ride:


Stuffiness under the helmet can be a real killer in summer heat or heavy traffic! You should wear a balaclava that boasts ventilated panels that keep the air flowing freely. With superior air circulation, you’ll stay cool and comfortable even during an intense ride through a humid jungle, a hot desert or a rainforest. It’s like having your own personal climate zone inside your helmet! And you’ll hardly notice it.

Sweat-Busting Superpowers:

No one likes a sweaty situation, more so in an enclosed helmet on the road. Get a balaclava with quick-dry fabrics that can wick away sweat faster than your need for speed. No more damp feeling and sweaty marks. Stay cool and dry with sweat-resistant balaclava.

Easy Adjustments:

No one has time for complicated adjustments when there’s adventure staring at you right in the face. But fear not, because balaclavas feature super easy-adjustable eye ports that will not shift when you make a quick movement. Although balaclavas come with a universal fit, featuring stretchable and elastic fibres that conform to all head shapes, these same balaclavas provide a customised snug fit on the fly without the need to make frequent adjustments.

Standout Style:

Why settle for ordinary headgear when you can stand out from the crowd with a stunning balaclava with cool designs? Breakout designs featuring snazzy colours and bold graphics guarantee you’ll turn heads on and off the road. At the same time, you can opt for sleek minimalism, with solid colours for that unassuming look. There’s a balaclava to match every unique style.

UV Protection Par Excellence:

The sun’s rays are no match for these UV protective balaclavas! Made from special fabrics that shield your skin from harmful UV radiation and harsh sunlight. No more sunburn, hot skin or UV damage on the road with these cool balaclavas.

No-Scrunch Technology:

Tired of balaclavas that crease up in unexpected spaces and cause discomfort? Take away that frustration! These balaclavas feature a no-scrunch snug tuck fit. Now, no matter how rough the rides get, your balaclava will always stay on without any discomfort or need for adjustments.

All-Weather Warriors:

The weather is no match for these spectacular balaclavas. Rain or shine, heat or cold conditions, these balaclavas keep you well protected always. Breathable & moisture-wicking materials keep you cosy in winter or foggy conditions and thin fabrics are useful to stay cool in summer. It’s like having an automatic climate control system for your head!

Multi-Functional Marvels:

Balaclavas are not just for riding you know. These versatile riding gear wonders work perfectly for any type of outdoor adventure including camping, trekking, bicycling, boating, hiking, skiing down slopes, or just braving the urban jungle (also known as city traffic).

Skin-Friendly Sensation:

Comfort is key for a cool ride. Especially when it comes to gear that’s worn close to the skin such as over the head. That’s why these balaclavas are crafted from skin-friendly micro-fibre materials for a soft and gentle feel. No more irritation even the most sensitive skin types.

Convenient Care:

High-maintenance gear has no place in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why these balaclavas come with easy care routines. Almost all of them are machine washable for quick & hassle-free cleaning. Just toss them in the wash, hang them up to dry, and you are ready for your next adventure! No fuss.

Expert Tips On How To Wash A Balaclava

With a little TLC and the right cleaning method to wash your balaclava, it’s gonna stay fresh and functional for all your motorcycle rides and outdoor activities (camping, hiking). You should maintain your trusty balaclava in its best condition to be ready to go anytime, anywhere, keeping you warm and protecting you from the elements in a stylish way.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to wash a balaclava the easy way:

Get Prepared:

Before you get down and dirty washing balaclava, take a good look at the care label for specific wash instructions. These labels contain specific information on material composition (cotton, synthetic, spandex, etc) followed by detailed instructions on how to wash the material (machine wash, hand wash, dry clean). Other important points to note are the recommended water temperature (some will advise only a cold wash), and the detergent type, for example, bleach may not be the best cleaning agent for certain materials. Take a moment to review other important considerations and specific information to treat your balaclava with the best care it deserves. If you are in doubt, simply hand wash your balaclava in cool water with mild soap, that should do the trick.

Gather your cleaning supplies:

You should have some mild detergent and lukewarm/cool water in a bucket. The fabric of your balaclava should be considered when selecting cleaning detergent. Regular laundry detergent is always a safe bet. Or you can choose a detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics or synthetic materials that cannot deal with normal washing powder or liquid. It’s easy for fibres to get damaged when exposed to incompatible chemicals, especially synthetic fabrics. You can use a gentle soft bristled brush or microfibre cloth for light scrubbing. This will prevent any abrasion during the washing process.

Watch for Stubborn Stains:

Dirt or spots from outdoor adventures can sometimes leave their mark on your balaclava, but we have a way to get around this. Before you begin washing the balaclava, take a close look for stains that require special attention. Apply a small amount of detergent (don’t add any water) directly to the affected area. Now, gently work it into the fabric with your fingers or a soft brush in circular motion, allowing the washing liquid to do its cleaning magic. Let the detergent penetrate the stubborn stain for a few minutes. After a while, the detergent will break down the dirt/grime before the main wash.

Give it some handwash TLC:

Not all Balaclavas should be machine washed or dry cleaned. Sometimes a gentle hand wash is all that’s required for a good clean. Fill a shallow basin or plugged sink with lukewarm or cool water. Then add a small amount of mild detergent such as washing powder or liquid. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause the balaclava to shrink or lose its natural shape. Dip your balaclava in the sudsy solution a few times and give it a gentle swirl. Reach all the corners and crevices with a gentle rub of the fabric and allow the detergent to soak in well for a few moments. This will loosen up any dirt, dust, stains or sweat accumulated during wear. Rinse in plain water a few times and dry the balaclava in a clothesline in the shade.

Rinse & Repeat:

Once the main wash is done, your balaclava is half way through the cleaning process. There may still be detergent left in the fabrics so it’s time to rinse away any remaining soap residue and loosened dirt. Rinse it under cool running water while gently squeezing out excess suds. Rinse thoroughly to prevent detergent accumulation in the fabrics, which can irritate the skin, cause unsightly spots and damage the fabric over time. Take your time with cool water rinsing step to form a balaclava that’s completely clean and residue-free.

Air Dry Like a Pro:

It is not advisable to use the dryer for your balaclava as it is stitched with gentle, soft fabrics that could get frayed when exposed to high heat. If it’s a rainy day and your clothes are just not drying, then perhaps you can use the dryer on absolute minimum heat for not more than 5 minutes. But otherwise, use the gentle touch of air drying. Lay your freshly washed balaclava flat on a clean dry towel. Alternatively, you can use a drying rack placed in the shade. Reshape the balaclava to maintain its original shape & form. Drying the balaclava in direct sunlight is not recommended as it may fade when exposed to UV rays. Avoid hanging it in an area that has prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays (a shaded balcony is preferred rather than the terrace). The drying area should be well-ventilated indirect sunlight to promote overall even drying without compromising the integrity of your balaclava headgear.

But balaclava love and care don’t end there. You need to freshen up between washes for the best results. To keep your balaclava smelling as fresh as flowers between washes, consider using a mild fabric softener in that last rinse. Check the washing instructions to ensure the fabric can be balaclava and can be rinsed with a fabric softener. Or you can create your own DIY solution. Simply mix cool water with a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Fill this in an empty spray bottle & lightly spritz the balaclava inside and out. Now let it air dry in a well-ventilated spot for some time. This will allow the aroma to infuse into the fabric and keep it refreshed till your next use. It’s a really quick and easy trick to keep your balaclava smelling delightful, so that you’re always ready to tackle whatever adventures lie ahead with a cool head!

And of course once you are done washing your balaclava and other riding gear, perhaps it’s time you gave your bike a well deserved wash at home too.


Riding is fun when you are feeling cool and protected. Gear up for your next adventure with a fresh and trending balaclava! Fight the weather element, stay relaxed under your helmet, and make these versatile balaclava accessories your best friend. With these useful expert tips on washing & caring for your helmet balaclava, you will always be ready for the unknown road ahead. Ride on with confidence inspiring balaclavas!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. How do I wash my balaclava?

Ans. Most of the balaclavas are easily washable. If you find specific materials are mentioned, such as cotton, lycra & neoprene, they may have different washing instructions. When there are no detailed washing instructions, balaclavas made from exotic materials can be hand-washed, and machine washed in cold water with regular detergent. Air dry them in the shade on a clothesline rather than using a dryer to prevent damage to the delicate fabric and to maintain their shape & functionality.

Q2. How much do Balaclavas cost?

Ans. You can buy a branded Balaclava online from Carorbis for as little as Rs.300. These essential headgear accessories worn under the helmet are of high-quality and offer features such as breathable stretchable fabrics, moisture resistance and custom universal fit for all head sizes.

Q3. What are quick dry balaclavas?

Ans. They are made from special fabrics that absorb sweat and moisture quickly and dry fast for maximum comfort and convenience.

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