Precautionary measures in CNG Car

With the rising petrol prices, CNG-powered cars have gained a lot of popularity. Hence in the past few months, many Indian manufacturers have also introduced factory-fitted CNG variants to the ongoing models as well as fresh new car launches. 

CNG stands for compressed natural gas and it is an odourless and clear natural gas. In comparison with petrol and diesel, CNG is no doubt a safer alternative as it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective on the other hand. To ensure the proper safety measures for the passengers travelling in these cars, along with the surroundings and health of the car we have listed down the important precautions that need to be carried out while using a CNG-powered car.

Avoid fitting Unauthorized CNG Kits:

It is always advisable to opt to buy a car which comes with a factory-fitted CNG kit. But with many petrol vehicles plying on the roads, we have also seen consumers getting a CNG kit fitted externally as per their choice. In these cases, it is very necessary to avoid unauthorized CNG Kits just to save some money. It will not only mess up the mechanics of the vehicle but can also have high chances of leakage which can also lead to the car set up in flames.

Hence it is always recommended for consumers who are looking to retrofit CNG kits to opt for Authorised Service partners who have genuine CNG kits. They will ensure the proper fitment of the kit onto your vehicle and will also come with a warranty on these CNG kits.

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Do not use mismatched or substandard accessories:

While you get a CNG kit installed in your car, always ensure that this fuel kit and the cylinder does match up or support with the make and model of your car. Here, the whole kit and cylinder fitment should be able to match with the original wiring and fixtures of your car. 

Also, the cylinder used in these kits should be of a good standard, approved brand and should pass all the regular standards. Hence it is necessary to never mismatch or opt for substandard accessories in your CNG kit as the chances of fire increase due to the difference in voltage and current ratings.

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Replacement of appropriate spark plugs: 

Once you have converted or added your petrol car with a CNG Kit, it is recommended to replace your current spark plug with new ones that are compatible with the CNG kit. This has to be done because the spark plugs tend to wear out faster when CNG is being used.

If at all, you can get your hands on a CNG-compatible spark plug you shouldn’t increase the gap between the metallic tip and the source of the spark. In addition to this, whenever your car is going for your regular periodic maintenance, it will be beneficial to get the spark plugs checked to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns.

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Always get your CNG cylinder test done:

Once you have installed a CNG kit in your car, please ensure to collect the CNG Cylinder Test Certificate from an authorised licensee. This certificate is also provided when you buy a new factory-fitted CNG car.

Here the test certificate acts as a proof that the CNG cylinder installed in the car passes all the regulatory standards. Thus also ensuring that there isn’t leakage in the cylinder. This certificate is valid for the next three years and has to be sent for re-test after every cycle.

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Start first in petrol, then switch to CNG

When you drive a factory-fitted CNG car, you will notice that whenever the car is switched on it will first run in petrol for sometime and then switch automatically to CNG. This actually helps car engines to stay lubricated and hence reduces wear and tear. 

As cars with retrofitted CNG kits do not get this feature, the car doesn’t switch from petrol to CNG mode automatically. Hence it is recommended for consumers to first start and drive their car in petrol mode and then switch over to CNG  after at least running over for a kilometre.

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Regular period maintenance or timely servicing of your car:

Do not skip your regular car service schedules which will help you to detect any kind of wear and tear and help you maintain your vehicle. Along with oil change service it is recommended to get your throttle body cleaned and spark plugs checked or replaced at regular intervals. 

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No Smoking inside:

One should always avoid smoking inside the car, especially in a CNG car. There can be high chances of it to lead to the car getting caught up in a fire leading to severe consequences.

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Following of necesary CNG car usage rules:

Masses owning CNG cars should always adhere to follow all necessary rules set by the regulatory bodies. One cannot transport flammable material, use a heater for a prolonged period of time and burst crackers near such cars. If at all these cars catch fire due to these reasons, none of the insurance companies will comply to the claim as it is result of the car owner’s carelessness.

  • Always turn off the car before refilling CNG and step out of the vehicle: 

Once you head to the CNG pump for a refill, the driver should always turn off the engine and all the passengers should set off the vehicle. This is done to avoid any chances of spark being created that could end up in a fire. Also there have been times when the cylinder has burst out while filling CNG ending in disturbing fatalities. Hence each and everyone should step out of the vehicle once the car has been pulled up for refilling.

  • Cylinder Pressure :

Always monitor the gas filling machine to avoid overfilling your CNG tank. It is recommended to refill upto 200 bars of pressure which will help to avoid any kind of subsequent leakage over the time. Also during summers not more than two-thirds of the total capacity should be topped up, as the high temperatures during summers could be dangerous.

  • Try and park in a covered area

It is recommeded to park your CNG car in a covered parking space or atleast in a shaded area, especially during the day. This avoids direct exposure of the sun rays to the car thus reducing the chances of the car getting heated up which can be prone to lead to a fire.

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With many people using cars as their daily means of travel either for work and other commutes, we have seen that CNG now becomes an alternative fuel option. Although Electric Vehicles are also emerging as another alternative, CNG cars still bridge a huge gap for the masses in terms of being pocket friendly. As a result, we have seen that the demand for CNG kits and new CNG cars has risen. These precautionary tips will be very helpful for the masses to be safe and ensure a healthy life of their vehicle as well.

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