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In recent years, we have seen that most of the things that we use in our day-to-day life are becoming smarter which makes things more convenient for us to use. One major example is cars and what makes them smarter is the car-connected technology that some of them come loaded with. 

Initially, car-connected technology was only available in premium vehicles. But with the increase in demand and value that it gets to the table, we have seen homegrown manufacturers offering them in their fleet of vehicles. Before we get through them let’s have a rundown on what exactly is car-connected technology.

What is a connected car? 

A connected car is a vehicle in that it is connected to the internet. This connection is done usually wirelessly and it allows the car to share internet access and data to other devices both inside and outside of the vehicle.

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What is car-connected technology?

Car-connected technology uses the ‘Internet of Things” or IoT which helps to connect your car to the internet. This tech is used to make things easier for the consumer while using his or her car and also offer control options remotely via a smartphone app. 

In addition to this, connected cars also offer a wide range of communication options which enables the users to gain real-time access and data on their car as well as to communicate directly with the dealership. This can be very beneficial during an accident or a breakdown, where emergency services can be directly contacted. 

One of our homegrown car manufacturers is Tata Motors, which uses iRA car-connected technology. Tata Motors first gave us a glimpse of this technology with the Altroz i-Turbo and the Nexon EV. Along with this, the Indian automotive manufacturer now offers iRa car-connected technology in the Punch, Nexon, Safari and Harrier.

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What is Tata Motors iRA-connected car technology?

So iRA is a new connected technology platform that is developed in sync with the needs and conditions of the Indian Automobile market. This car-connected technology which is being used by Tata Motors is classified into different functions. It gets five layers of connectivity that a user can control such as Remote Command, Vehicle Security, Live Diagnosis, Gamification and Location-Based Services.

Here we have got you a detailed explanation of all the features that one can experience from Tata Motors iRA connected car technology platform.

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Remote Commands:

Through the Remote Command feature, one can not only Lock and Unlock the car using the key but it can also be done using the app. In addition to this, one can operate the horn and also control the lights for HighBeam and LowBeam and operate the hazard lights as well. 

The app assists you to plan your petrol stops with ease with the Distance To Empty (DTE) feature. This not only comes in handy while planning your long trips but it can also be used in your day-to-day travels by keeping you informed when you need to fuel up, especially during hectic work schedules.

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Vehicle Security:

One of the key features in vehicle Security is Panic Notification, this helps to send emergency SMS only when a mishap occurs with the vehicle. An SMS is sent to numbers who have saved as your emergency contact details in the iRA app In addition to this, iRA also communicates to the nearest RSA and alerts the Tata call centre to provide the necessary assistance. 

In case of a robbery attempt or if a burglar is trying to break into your car, there is an intrusion alert which gets triggered. Here an alert is sent to your phone, also you track your vehicle and remotely immobilise the car via tbe iRA app. Once you have immobilised the car, the vehicle won’t start if anyone tries to crank the car.

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Rest assured, this process goes through a number of verification stages through a call verification conducted by Tata Motors. So you do not have to fear any pranks being conducted to immobilise your car.

With this, iRA comes equipped with Find-My-Car features to track the location of your vehicle. The app showcases the exact location on your phone. So you don’t have to repeatedly use the remote to honk and find the vehicle if you have forgotten where you have parked. This comes in handy in big parking lots as the range of the remote lock is also restricted.

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SOS/ Panic Mode:

You can activate the SOS or panic mode via the iRA app or by clicking the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously on the remote. Where in emergency contacts are informed via SMS with your current location. 


With the help of iRA, one can share their driving dynamics with other people. Tata calls this the gamification feature in which they have created a group of iRA users called Social Tribes. 

This feature keeps a tab on your behaviour of acceleration and braking and calculates a score. In addition to this, it also reads other driving data from the car to give you an overall score and some improvement tips.

Overall, the iRA app also gives you a total summary of your trip. So you do not have to spend time physically noting down things, especially during long trips. One can share these data of the Social Tribe group which acts as a challenge to improve ones driving as well.

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Live Diagnosis: 

Tata Motors has integrated a very handy feature of live diagnosis in iRA that helps one know about the car’s health better. It runs a complete diagnosis on the Braking system, Airbags, Electronic Power Steering system, and status of the powertrain and keeps track of the service dues.

Hence, the live diagnosis gives you an overall report of the problem instead of just showing the engine warning light on the dashboard. One can also perform daily checks to keep track of the complete diagnosis of the car.

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Location-Based Services: 

Through location-based services, one can have complete control over their car at their fingertips. Here, iRA offers geofencing where a selected radius starting from 1km to 100 km can be set. 

Notifications are sent to the user when the car is moved outside the set radius. It also gets a Valet Mode, in which the user can set a geofence just before handing over the car to the valet. 

In this location-based service, one can also share the location directly via the App. This will be a real-time location and it will be shared with the selected contact list.

The app also helps you locate the nearest Tata Motors service station and it also helps to connect to the nearest Roadside Assistance in case of any emergency. It also gets a time fencing alert in which notifications are sent when the car is switched on or off and the car’s speed in that stipulated time duration.

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How to register on the iRA app:

  • Download the iRA Application on your smartphone.
  • Click on the register button on the home screen.
  • Enter cars chassis details
  • You will receive an OTP on the car’s registered owner number.
  • After entering the OTP you can then set a 4-digit pin to secure the app.
  • The last step is to enter all your personal details and register on the app.


Tata Motors iRA car-connected technology has been developed in a very simplified way by keeping in mind Indian conditions and what the Indian consumer needs. The features it offers comes in very handy and offer ease in an overall driving and ownership experience with the car.

This article will surely help you about Tata Motors iRA-connected car technology and we hope you found it informative and interesting. Other such articles you may want to have a look at include All You Need To Know About Rain Sensing Wipers or An Encyclopedia On Formula 1 Engine Technology and visit Carorbis Blog for more.

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