If you are a car owner, you most likely want your car to look its best at all times. Protecting the paint from rain, dust, dirt and sunlight can keep your vehicle looking new for longer. A car body cover provides the necessary protection for your vehicle and ensures the bodywork does not get damaged over time. However, with so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to find the right car body cover. That is why we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Car Body Cover in India so that you can make the right purchase. We will talk about, material quality, and affordability & answer some questions about how to maintain a car body cover. So, if you are looking for the best way to protect your vehicle, read on to find the best car body cover brand in India.

Why Do We Need Car Body Covers

Cars and other vehicles are often parked outside, exposed to weather elements such as rain, sunshine, wind and snow. Dust from the environment can eventually accumulate on car paint, together with moisture and debris on an unprotected car body. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that will cause fading and cracking of the paint, while moisture can ruin the clear coat and cause spots and damage to the car’s surface.

Additionally, leaves or branches may fall and scratch the painted exterior or bird droppings can erode the metal finish of exterior trim. The best car cover brands in India provide efficient protection from all these elements, helping maintain the appearance and longevity of the car. Just imagine the increased resale value of a pristine vehicle when it comes time to sell it.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Car Body Cover

When it comes time to purchase a car body cover online, you should take into consideration a couple of important factors to ensure that your vehicle receives adequate protection against environmental damage and that it fits properly for the sake of aesthetics.

1. Material

The fabric determines the level of protection for your car. Consider purchasing a waterproof material if you plan to park your car out in the rain or snow often. UV-resistant material is ideal for blocking sunlight and preventing the car body from heating up under the sun.

2. Size

Determine the size of your vehicle and ensure that the car body cover is a perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too tight as it may rub against the body panels, at the same time, a loose-fitting body cover may flap around in the wind and cause inconvenience.
Weather resistance: The car body cover should protect against all kinds of weather elements effectively. Consider the weather patterns in your area and decide on the car body cover that can withstand all-season environmental effects.

3. Ease of use

The car body cover should be easy to remove and put on. Look for covers with straps and belts to hold it in place during windy conditions. The best car cover brands have reflective markings to keep the vehicle visible at night so that other motorists can spot the parked car. Most car covers are easy to wash and maintain.
By considering these factors for car cover brands before you purchase one online, you will ensure that your vehicle receives the best protection all year long.

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Top Car Cover Brands In India

Online car accessory stores like Carorbis provide some of the best car covers in the market. Let’s look at some of the best car cover brands in India and compare their features, pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


The Polco car body covers brand is a premium, high-quality product available on Carorbis, that is popular among car owners for its excellent weather protection and stylish looks.

Polco Car cover

Some of the important features of Polco car body covers are:

  • 100% water resistant to protect against rain, moisture, snowfall, fog and morning dew.
  • Sunlight protection- it blocks UV rays which may cause the car paintwork to fade and chip away under extreme heat.
  • Scratch resistant – the non-woven fabric is soft and gentle on the bodywork and will not leave any scratch or swirl marks.
  • Side mirror extensions fit snuggly over the car without any tight spots, stretching and less chance of tearing. The edges are double-stitched to provide extra reinforcement.
  • Elastic corners conform to the contours of your vehicle without pressing against the body panel or exterior trim.
  • There is a belt and buckle strap to secure the car body cover, and prevent it from flying around in windy conditions.
  • A PVC bag is provided to safely store the body cover when not used.

Polco car body covers provide all-weather protection for your car. They are available for a wide range of vehicles and are made from top-quality fabric that provides adequate protection against weather elements while being soft on the car’s paintwork. It is easy to install a Polco car body cover due to its elastic corners and custom-made fit.

Consider Polco covers as a wise investment if you want to shield your vehicle from the environment and maintain its stylish look. It is indeed the best car cover brand in India. Prices for Polco car cover start from Rs.1,600 only and can be purchased online on Carorbis.


myTVS is another car cover best brand product designed for all types of cars, SUVs and other vehicles. It features a lightweight fabric which is completely waterproof and has elastic material for a custom fit on your vehicle.

  • Here are some desirable features of myTVS car body covers:
  • The cover is made for a perfect fit due to contoured edges and elastic corners that prevent it from blowing away in the wind. It is also easy to put the cover on and take it off as required.
  • The cover features triple stitching for extra durability and added protection against wind, rain and sunlight.
  • It comes with two side-view mirror pockets and a provision for the antennae for a perfect fit.    
  • Superior fabric protects against dust, dirt, scratches and bird droppings. The materials are also lightweight, flexible and waterproof.

myTVS is a popular car cover brand in India and is available on Carorbis at a starting price of Rs.2,500 which makes it an affordable car accessory to purchase online.


Elegant car body covers are renowned for their high-quality and weather protection. Rain, wind, sun and dirt stand no chance against this car body covers. This is due to reinforced stitching and water resistance. Additionally, Elegant car body covers have elastic corners and flexible contours to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent it from being blown away in strong winds.

Besides shielding the vehicle from weather damage, the Elegant brand of car body covers serve as a barrier against dirt, debris, bird droppings and tree sap (the acidic natural compounds can sometimes corrode metal and paint). The fabric is also scratch proof and bright colours add to the stylish appearance of your parked vehicle.


TPH Covers is a well-known car cover brand in India that manufactures products for a wide variety of cars and SUVs. The brand range includes features such as dust proofing, water resistance, UV protection, scratch prevention and inhibiting rust and corrosion of metal body panels. It has lightweight, nylon material which protects against harsh weather conditions while the smooth touch fabric feel does not disturb the paintwork. There are attractive colours and designs to choose from, and these covers are built with imported fabrics for extra durability. A special UV coating shields your vehicle from sunlight and UV rays that can wreak havoc on paint and plastic trim.


Fabtec car body covers are designed to keep cars cool during summer and dry during the monsoons. The best of both worlds, the covers are made from waterproof, metallic–silver–lined fabric with soft cotton material on the inside. Additionally, Fabtec covers are heat resistant and durable against rough weather conditions. They come with triple stitched corners, while a strong belt and elastic bottom keep the cover on even during strong winds.

Car owners prefer Fabtec car body covers because they are less prone to scratching and ensure the vehicle stays free of dents and dust damage. As with all car accessories, ensure that you purchase a car cover that fits your vehicle perfectly.

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A car body cover is a necessary accessory for every car owner in India. It protects the vehicle from environmental damage, maintains its new appearance and increases the resale value. When choosing a car body cover, look for features that indicate high-quality material, perfect fit, weather resistance and ease of use. While Polco and myTVS are considered top car cover brands in India, with wide availability on online car accessory stores such as Carorbis, there are other options for car enthusiasts and daily drivers alike. Whichever brand you choose, investing in the best car cover brand in India is a wise decision and will help preserve your car’s value and appearance over time.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of the top 5 best car cover brands in India. Check out the Carorbis blog for more great articles on automotive topics such as Which Is The Best Car Cover Material For Your Car and also How to Clean Car Cover at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which car cover is best in India?

Ans. Many car owners would like to know which brand car body cover is best for their vehicle. It is important to find a car body cover that fits perfectly over your vehicle and is made of high-quality, water-resistant material that protects it from harmful UV rays. Polco body car covers are heavy-duty products that protect from rain, dust and dirt. They come with side mirror pockets, and antennae cover and have elastic edges to ensure a snug fit. A fastening buckle keeps the car cover in place even in windy conditions making Polco car covers a good option for protecting a car from various outdoor elements.

Q2. How do you wash a car body cover?

Ans. Remove the car body cover carefully from the car and shake off any loose debris/dirt. Brush of remaining dust with a soft brush or broom away from the car to prevent any scratches. Next, fill a large bucket with lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap or washing detergent. Dip the car cover into the bucket and gently agitate to loosen any dirt, grime or grease. Take the cover out and rinse with water from a hose until all the soap dissolves along with the dust. Ensure to dry the body cover completely by laying it on a flat surface or a clothesline. Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach or cleaning chemicals as this may damage the fabric. Do not machine wash the cover in case of shrinkage.

Q3. How should I use a car cover?

Ans. It is important to use the car body cover on a clean vehicle. If you place the cover on a dusty body, the car cover may move around in the wind and scratch the paintwork. Also, choose a cover that fits the vehicle perfectly. A loose-fitting cover may not look ideal and may cause damage to the car paint. After removing the car before driving, fold it evenly and store the cover in an appropriate place where it is not likely to get damaged, such as the trunk of the car. Avoid covering a wet car as moisture can get trapped under the cover and cause damage to the paint. Use appropriate straps, belts and ties to keep the cover secure and prevent it from flapping it in the wind.

Q4. Can I leave my car cover on all the time?

Ans. It may seem like a good idea to cover your vehicle with a body cover all the time, but this is not a recommended procedure, especially if your car is in storage for a long time. Over time, the car cover can trap moisture, dust, dirt and debris against the car paint and cause scratches. Wash the car cover regularly and do not allow dust to build up on the surface. Let the car air out from time to time to avoid paint damage.

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