Upcoming Tesla Cars in India - Expected Price Range

Tesla cars in India are highly anticipated and the fans are already excited about the entry. Tesla cars are popular around the globe for blistering performance, advanced self-driving technology and minimalist yet striking looks. Tesla range has taken the market by storm and the brand is counted as the most valuable automotive car brand in the world. Tesla India is betting on the Indian market for a long time now but high import duties have been the only hurdle in the rather easy entry into the market. Upon asked by the Tesla fans to Elon Musk, he always cited the high import duties being the major sour part of the Indian automotive market.

Expected Tesla Cars in India

Tesla cars, and especially the Tesla Model 3, are known for their competitive price tag and impressive performance. Tesla Model 3 outsells its rivals in the US market by a considerable margin and also ranks on the top as the fastest-selling used car in the US. Tesla Motors is officially registered in the Indian market now and the Indian arm is based in Bangalore. Tesla Model 3 has been spied on test multiple times on Indian soil and now, even the Tesla Model Y has been spied on test on Indian roads. With that being said, Tesla is expected to mark its entry in India with the Model 3 and Model Y. We tell you everything about the upcoming Tesla cars in India along with their expected price range.

Tesla Model 3 - Design and features

Tesla Model 3 – Design and features

Tesla Model 3 is the entry-level model in the Tesla portfolio and it’s also the best selling Tesla. People had criticized its fish-like front design when it was first launched but it has been perceived really well in the global markets. The flat front profile flanked by LED headlights look neat and as it is an EV, there are no air inlets, hence the clean and flowing design. On the side, Tesla Model 3 boasts blind view cameras that also helps with its self-driving and driving assistance features. The charging port of the Model 3 is incorporated within the taillight and the flap opens the moment you take the charging cord close to it.

Tesla Model 3

On the inside, the minimalist interiors with hidden AC vents and a massive floating touchscreen display are the highlighting features. The design is very clutter-free and there is no driver’s display in the Model 3. Basic stuff like climate control, speed and range display, light control, wiper controls etc are operated from the central touchscreen system. One more unique element of the Model 3 is its glass roof that extends to the very back without any joint in between. Talking about the specs, Tesla Model 3 comes in single motor and dual motor models. However, keeping the costs in mind, India will get the single motor model with standard plus spec.

Tesla Model 3 - Specs and Expected Price

Tesla Model 3 – Specs and Expected Price

The Standard Plus model comes with a claimed range of 423 km on a single charge and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. Talking about the pricing, Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus model costs 39,990 USD. Converting it into Indian currency, it comes at 29.39 lakh. However, as Tesla will be importing the Model 3 and Model Y to the Indian market, these cars will attract high import duties and the price can fetch up to 60 lakh ex-showroom. However, the Indian government is altering the import duties for electric cars through which brands like Tesla will be benefitted. If that happens, the Model 3 can fall in the sub 50 lakh region ex-showroom. Even though it is not affordable, it’s a step in the right direction. 

Tesla Model Y – Design and features

Tesla Model Y - Design and features

Tesla Model Y is a mid-size 7-seater SUV that sits below the Model X. It is based on the Model 3 and gets a similar minimalist design. Being an SUV, the Model Y is jacked up and gets body cladding around the wheel arches. The design of the headlights and taillights is also similar to that of the Model 3. Even on the inside, the layout is exactly similar with a central large floating touchscreen and hidden AC vents. Its seven-seat configuration is very practical and two kids can be seated in the third row comfortably. Thanks to the full-length glass roof and large windows, there is no sense of claustrophobia. 

Tesla Model Y – Specs and Expected Price

Talking about the specs, Tesla Model Y comes in Standard Plus, Long-range and Performance models. Being cost-effective, Tesla Model Y Standard Plus will be the apt variant for the Indian market. It offers a range of 455 km on a single charge and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds. The Model Y Standard Plus is priced at 2,76,000 Yuan in China that translates to Rs 31.34 lakh in Indian currency. Tesla Model Y is not available in Standard Plus range in the US markets but it may make its way to the Indian market. Considering the import duties, the Model Y could be offered at a price of 65-70 lakh ex-showroom and will be a lot more affordable if the Indian government tweaks the import duties. 

Tesla cars are also known for their fast charging that is often called Tesla Superchargers. There are over 25,000+ Tesla Superchargers around the world set up on multiple freeways and parking lots. However, in India, there hasn’t been any news about the Superchargers grid. To start with, Tesla is expected to set up its charging infrastructure in Tier 1 cities and it can also collaborate with companies like Tata Power to manage the infrastructure efficiently. The government is considering Tesla entry into India seriously and even working on reducing the import duties on electric vehicles.

In addition to that, the Indian government has offered some great incentives and subsidy schemes to both electric vehicle manufacturers and users which promote cleaner mobility. The expected prices we have mentioned above could come down even further thanks to added incentives and subsidies. Some luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Jaguar have already offered their electric range that are EQC 400, e-Tron and e-Tron Sportback and I-Pace respectively. 

Tesla Motors had proposed a lower import duty tariff and the authorities have shown a positive sign. Tesla has urged to reduce the import duty to 40 per cent from 60 per cent in case of electric cars priced below $40,000 and 60 per cent from 100 per cent for electric cars priced above $40,000. The deductions will help Tesla to sell its electric cars at an accessible price and if things go north, Tesla could also set up a manufacturing facility in India. Doing so will reduce the prices of EVs to a large extent and make them affordable in the true sense. Tesla is expected to hit the Indian car market in the year 2022 and the first offering could be the Model 3. Tesla’s entry into the Indian market could be a revolution in the EV space of the country and will also encourage mass-market carmakers to bet on electric cars. 

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