When to Get an Ac Recharge

Today let’s find out when to get an AC recharge and more. As summer is nearbuy so it is a must!

In the beginning we will learn something about the working of a car AC. Then it is very important to discuss some process and also finally how to recharge an ac.

How does a car AC work?

This is no rocket science. Basic 5th standard physics is enough.
When a liquid changes its state to gas, it can absorb heat. Or in other words, evaporation causes cooling. Simple!

That’s enough of physics in an automotive blog.

When and why to recharge the AC?

Generally, you don’t need to recharge your car AC often. The refrigerant gas is not consumed like fuels.

You need to recharge your AC only when it is not cooling your car. Otherwise, there is no scheduled maintenance.

If you need to recharge often then most probably your AC has some leaks. You need to refill the refrigerant of the AC only sometimes. It is that substance which evaporates and causes the cooling.

HFC-134a is the refrigerant which is generally used as it evaporates easily.

Signs indicating the need for an AC recharge

The AC doesn’t cool the car- As discussed above, this is the main symptom and you should worry only when the AC is not cooling the car. If your AC is not cooling enough even at the lowest temperature setting then definitely you need an AC recharge. A choked cabin air filter may also be the culprit. So, you can check it before going to recharge the AC.

The AC clutch doesn’t work-

As explained earlier, the AC clutch started the pump. To check if it is working, open the hood of the car and turn on the ignition. Then go in front of the hood and ask someone to turn on the AC. If you notice a click sound and the engine sound also changes then the AC clutch is working. If not, then you need to recharge the AC, as the clutch doesn’t engage if the compressor pressure in the pipes is less.


Inspect the AC components thoroughly. Check the compressor housing and pipes. If you find oil or grease anywhere then it means your AC is leaking. Now you’ll need to recharge the AC.
Please note that leaking of the AC is not a good thing and may prove harmful Do not leave it unattended. Before recharging, you should fix the leak.

Finding AC Leak-

For this you need to purchase a leak detection kit with UV light.

Leak detection kit can basically have UV dyed gas in it. Take your car to a dark place first. Turn the ignition and AC on. Now locate the low-pressure refrigerant line and attach the kit can and pull the trigger to fill some air. Then, throw the UV light on all AC components.

You shouldn’t see anything glowing. But if you see anything glowing then it indicates leak. Repair that part.

How to recharge an AC

Buy an AC dispenser with a trigger and refrigerant specific to your car’s AC system. An AC dispenser is basically a valve which can control the amount of refrigerant going out.

Fit the refrigerant can to the dispenser and then connect the dispenser to the service hose. Turn on the AC and let the compressor turn on.

Then pull the trigger and let it fill for 10 to 20 seconds. Keepmonitoring the pressure of the system through a pressure measuring kit.. It shouldn’t surpass 45 psi. After following this, go inside your car and check if it is cooling now. It should work after recharging.

Hope, it has solved your problem of non-cooling of the AC unit and put a big smile on your face. Keep reading Carorbis blogs for this kind of useful tips and tricks. Thank you

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