Battle of the Big Suvs – Toyota Fortuner Vs Ford Endeavour Vs Mg Gloster

SUVs come in all shapes and sizes today, but a body on frame structure with an extra third row for passengers is always a plus point and something car buyers look for. The newest entrant to the pack, the MG Gloster fits the bill perfectly and is poised to take on the competition with aplomb. The main rivals for the MG include the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.

MG entered the full-size SUV segment in the country with the Gloster in October 2020. Its main competitors in the market include the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour. Toyota is differentiated from the other two SUVs because it has a petrol engine on offer while the MG Gloster and Ford Endeavour have only diesel powertrains in their line-up. 

Mg Gloster Vs Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner

The MG Gloster diesel engine is a 2.0 litre that is available in two states: a single turbocharged version and a twin turbocharged unit. The question is how does the MG Gloster stack up in terms of performance against the best sellers in the large SUV segment?

Both the MG Gloster and the Ford Endeavour get a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine, while the Toyota Fortuner has a 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine. The Ford Endeavour gets a refined 10-speed transmission which was not seen on the Indian market previously. But it is the MG Gloster’s twin-turbo motor that produces the most power and torque in comparison to the other two SUVs. It has a 218 BHP / 480 Nm engine mated to an 8-speed automatic as compared to the Toyota Fortuner (177 BHP / 450 Nm) mated to a 6-speed automatic and the Ford Endeavour (170 BHP / 420 Nm) paired to a 10-speed automatic.

All SUVs have a 4-wheel drive powertrain that makes them capable off roaders because of their large tires, ample ground clearance and sturdy suspension.

The MG Gloster is the quickest of the trio with a 0-100 km/h time of 11.54 seconds. The Ford Endeavour does the run in 11.68 seconds while the Toyota Fortuner is the slowest with 12.48 seconds. This is expected because the MG-Gloster has the most powerful engine of the three and also a very quick transmission system.

When it comes to the braking test, the MG Gloster comes out on top with the Ford Endeavour coming in at second followed by the Toyota Fortuner.

When it comes to down right power and size, the MG Gloster is the real winner, but in real world performance, the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour are not far behind. In terms of acceleration and braking, the MG Gloster has only a slight edge over the other two.

As far as pricing goes, the three are on an equal footing with the MG Gloster at Rs.34.28 lakhs, the Ford Endeavour at Rs.34.45 lakhs and the Toyota Fortuner at Rs.34.43 lakh.

The Toyota Fortuner has too much body roll though and due to its large dimensions is cumbersome to fit in tight spaces. Also, the quality of interior materials could be better.

The MG Gloster has a spacious cabin and refined power plant giving it superior performance. Its exterior is also imposing and has rugged appeal. The only downside is that it is up against seasoned contenders in the segment, SUVs that are well established and have a large fan following. Additionally, there is too much body roll in the corners.

The Ford Endeavour is a great all rounder as a large SUV. It gets an imposing road presence and interiors are of high quality, luxurious and feel premium. The Endeavour used to be offered with a more powerful 3.2 litre engine which has been discontinued, much to the disappointment of fans. Currently, the 2.0 litre diesel engine is good, but gets noisy at high rpms. Its third row is also a little bit too cramped for passengers and is better suited to seat children.

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Fortuner Vs Endeavour Vs Gloster Interior

Inside their cabins, the MG Gloster has the more premium interior. It gets tan leather seats with quilted stitching and the driver seat is welcoming and easy to slide into. In fact, you could say that the MG Gloster interiors have more than a passing resemblance to BMWs in the layout of equipment and overall feel. Although you can’t say that the quality is like a German car, it has a low dashboard and excellent visibility all round.

The touchscreen infotainment system is in clear sight and easy to reach while the driver gets all the important information from the instrument cluster which is a high resolution 8-inch display. Seats are comfortable and cossets the occupants well.

The Ford Endeavour scores the most points for build quality. It has a reassuring feel to it and gets a commanding view from the driver’s seat. Although the steering does not get adjusted, it is easy to reach and the driver’s seat is a comfortable place to be in. The general layout including the touch screen infotainment screen are within hands reach and it is very user friendly.

The space on the Endeavour is a little cramped compared to the Gloster, and the absence of an all-black interior is a let-down.

Finally, the Toyota Fortuner gets a chocolate brown interior with black themed leather seats. For the price you pay, the Fortuner now gets a more premium interior. The feeling is that the Fortuner’s interior was built to last but it could do with a more upmarket feel. Overall, the cabin has a basic experience.

The MG Gloster’s rear seats are comfortable and firmly cushioned, offering good support. There is also a lot of adjustability with reclining functions built into the seats. It has plenty of interior space and there is lots of legroom. It is a happy compromise with the third row as well.

Although the Ford Endeavour’s rear seats are comfortable, it lacks space and you may find yourself a little cramped with a lack of enough leg room. There is a fair amount of adjustability built into the seats being able to move fore and aft as well as recline, but the range of motion is restricted.

The Toyota Fortuner has ample legroom at the rear but in terms of height, it is a bit low on space, as tall passengers may find it a bit uncomfortable with the roof so low. The seating position on the other hand is good and comfortable and adjustability means that rear seat passengers will have a nice experience especially on long rides.

Large, body on frame SUVs have some compromises on the ride and handling front. In this respect, the MG Gloster is the best because it deals with uneven roads and bumps with ease. The harsh rides of SUVs and harsh suspension are minimal.

The Gloster is also well balanced on the highway and has good road manners. Its smooth steering allows the driver to switch lanes with a reassuring feel. The Ford Endeavour comes in at a close second on the ride and handling criteria.

MG Gloster 


  • Space- the MG Gloster is big on space and provides ample room for occupants

  • Features – Comes loaded with features that is sure to impress buyers
  • Comfort – the premium cabin and supple suspension makes the ride comfortable for passengers
  • Refinement – the engine and transmission options are refined and smooth. It makes for great driving on long drives because the engine has enough punch to handle it
  • Ride and handling – The MG Gloster scores points for its excellent ride and handling. Body roll is not too noticeable and suspension deals well with bumps and broken tarmac sections


  • At low revs the engine is a bit sluggish, and it only shines when the rpms are increased. This will ask the driver to keep the engine on boil all the time which can be considered an effort
  • Quality of the interiors looks good, but it could be better. It is not on par with German cars although it mimics them very well.

Ford Endeavour 


  • High speed stability and driving dynamics – Although the Ford Endeavour is a big and bulky vehicle, its handling is surprisingly good. At high speeds, you will not feel the size of the SUV and handling characteristics are the best in the segment.
  • Muscular exterior and styling – It is one of the best looking SUVs due to its old school styling that appeals to a wider audience. Road presence is good and other motorists move out of the way when they see this SUV
  • Comfortable cabin with lots of features – seats are a good place to be in with plenty of comfort. The suspension is soft enough to absorb bumps in the road and keep the passengers in their seats. Safety features include 7 airbags, electronic traction control, hill climb assist,etc.
  • Excellent gearbox – the transmission is a 10 speed automatic that has impressed with its quick shifts and smooth gear ratios.


  • The new 2.0 litre engine is not as powerful as the older generation 3.2 litre. If this 2.0 litre powerplant had a bi-turbo installed, it would have brought more power.
  • Cabin is not the most spacious in the segment compared to its rivals the MG Gloster and Toyota Fortuner
  • Absence of a manual gearbox is a feature that is surely missed on an off road capable SUV. Also, the four wheel drive system is a full time version and that takes a toll on fuel economy
  • Essential features like adjustable steering, ventilated seats, folding second row seats and headlight washers are not available on the Endeavour
  • Fuel economy is quite low compared to rivals due to the heavy kerb weight and full time four wheel drive system.

Toyota Fortuner


  • Mature driving and handling dynamics – the Fortuner is a superb SUV to drive around because it has impeccable manners and great drivability
  • Toyota is known to make vehicles with high reliability. The engine is bulletproof and will provide miles of trouble free driving.
  • The engine is also powerful enough to handle city driving, highways and the off beaten path
  • Acclaimed service network and after sales


  • The Toyota Fortuner’s feature list is not impressive and its rivals manage to offer much more equipment and convenience features. At this price point you would expect more from the Fortuner.
  • Although the exterior of the Fortuner is large, with a long wheelbase, interior space is not that much and tall passengers may find it a little cramped due to lack of head and leg room.
  • The absence of a sunroof is a disadvantage and it would have really helped to give the cabin an airy feeling on a sunny day.
  • Too much body roll in corners

Long Term Review

The large SUV from MG is easy to live with and in the long term has some pleasant surprises. Specifications are indeed impressive and it has the substance to back it up with a refined engine and comfortable interiors. The only part that could have been better is the unresponsive feeling from the engine at low rpms. Along with extreme dimensions making the vehicle a little cumbersome through city traffic. For this price point, you would expect the quality of interiors to be a tad better as well.

In the long run, it is the ride quality that really stands out. Refinement is also an advantage of the MG Gloster and there is a long list of features that will put much more expensive SUVs to shame. Its major plus points are in its size, space, comfort, features and equipment.

The Ford Endeavour is a big SUV but it is also easy to drive and has the ability to take on any terrain. It is surely a large SUV that one may not think is well suited to the city due to lack of parking and tight spaces through traffic and in narrow lanes.

The cabin is well appointed and is built to last. Its driving position is commanding and you can see the tops of sedans and hatchbacks from the driver’s seat. The Ford Endeavour has amazing build quality and even after driving through rough roads and bumps, there are almost no squeaks or rattles. Interiors have a premium feel that holds up well in the long run. Passengers will feel comfortable in their seats on long journeys.

The Toyota Fortuner is the highest selling SUV in the segment due to its reliability, comfort and power which never fails to impress or let you down. The SUV is known for its long term dependability and car buyers prefer the Toyota over its rivals the MG Gloster and Ford Endeavour for the same reasons.

The engine is extremely powerful, refined and fuel efficient for a diesel unit. The ride and handling remain comfortable even on bad roads. The suspension absorbs most of the bumps and the car remains stable even at high speeds.

Interior components are of high quality and you get the feeling that your money has been well spent on this baby Land Cruiser. Cabin components are reliable, built to last and offer a premium feel. One disadvantage is the rear seats which lack space, and with the absence of a sunroof feel a bit cramped. The Fortuner could have done better by offering more features.

Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs Ford Endeavour : Comparison


Toyota Fortuner

MG Gloster

Ford Endeavour

Average Ex-Showroom price

Rs.31.79 lakh




2.7 litre, 4 cylinder

2.0 litre, 4 cylinder

2.2 litre, 4 cylinder

Fuel Type




Max Power (bhp@rpm)

164 bhp @ 5200 rpm

161 bhp @ 4000 rpm

158 bhp @ 3200 rpm

Max Torque (NM@rpm)

245 Nm @ 4000 rpm

375 Nm @ 1500 rpm

385 Nm @ 1600 rpm

Mileage (kmpl)

10 kmpl

14.2 kmpl


Rear Wheel Drive

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear Wheel Drive

Emission standard





Double wishbone (front)

Coil Spring


Independent Dual Helix

Independent coil spring with anti-roll bar


Ventilated disc

Ventilated Disc



Hydraulic Power Assisted

Electric Power Assisted

Electric Power Assisted





Overspeed warning




NCAP Rating






Central locking




Air conditioning

Automatic – Single Zone

Manual – Single Zone

Automatic – Dual Zone

Seat Adjustments

8 way electrical

2 way electrical

8 way electrical


3 years, 100,000 km

3 years, 100,000 km

3 years, 100,000 km

Features and Equipment

The MG Gloster gets an onboard air purifier, three zone automatic climate control, and a massage function for the driver seat. It gets a panoramic sunroof, hands free tailgate and a semi-automatic parking system just like the Ford Endeavour (it detects the parking slot and self-steers the SUV into it).  The Gloster self-steering parking system is a little bit better than the Ford Endeavour’s actually.

The Gloster gets class leading features like a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is large and offers a lot of features. The Fortuner gets the smallest screen (7 inch) and looks more like an aftermarket add on than something the manufacturer has thought about while designing the car. The MG and Ford have an extensive car connection technology which allows for remote controlling of certain functions like ignition and cooling features.

In terms of safety, all three models get airbags, and ABS with EBD braking system. The Gloster gets a 360-degree camera for added safety. It also gets an advanced driver assistance system that includes a driver fatigue reminder, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. These are great safety features but it is difficult to use these systems on Indian roads which lack lanes and are chaotic with traffic.


 The Toyota Fortuner has a slight edge over the MG Gloster and the Ford Endeavour. For many buyers who have come to trust Toyota’s build quality and reliability will choose the Fortuner hands down. The strengths of the Fortuner are in its dependable engine performance and superior off-roading ability. However, for a Rs.34 lakh SUV, buyers will be left wanting for more, at least a more premium cabin and better features. But if you look at the Fortuner in its overall package, ease of ownership, high resale value, reliability and go anywhere ability, car buyers tend to overlook the disadvantages and choose the Fortuner over its rivals.

The Ford Endeavour, priced at Rs.35 lakh comes in at a close second. It is a sporty looking SUV which wins it some likes. The Ford does have excellent build quality, and the ride seems plush enough to absorb bumps in the road. It will fail to impress anyone though, because of its dull interior and lack of space. The engine could do with better performance and the old generation 3.2 litre diesel power plant is surely missed with this new generation Endeavour.

The MG Gloster has an easy job of getting first time buyers because of its commanding size, comfortable cabin and it has the most equipment and features on offer. It is marketed as best in class and definitely lives up to its promise. Yet again, the engine could have been better, and a more meticulous interior would be beneficial, but given the big picture, the MG Gloster does it all. The top end version of the Gloster cost Rs.37 lakh which makes it the most expensive of the trio. However, it seems to be a good contender to upset the opposition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the Fortuner the Best?

Ans. The Toyota Fortuner is easily the best SUV in its segment. It has a powerful 2.8 litre D4D diesel engine that produces 450 Nm of torque. The large SUV comes with a body on frame chassis which provides unmatched comfort and ride quality as compared to its competitors. The after sales service provided by Toyota dealerships is above par and the vehicle is very reliable unlike the Endeavour. Even though the Fortuner misses out on some features like sunroof, memory adjustable seats and other latest technology features, it still manages to win over the crowds as the most loved SUV in the Indian market.

Q2. Why is the Toyota Fortuner So Expensive?

Ans. The price of the Fortuner starts from Rs. 31.39 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 48.43 Lakhs. Even though the Fortuner is priced so high, it still has a lot of sales because of its bulletproof reliability, acclaimed after sales and strong build quality. It also has a very powerful engine that is able to tackle any situation.

Q3. Is the Toyota Fortuner Better Than Ford Endeavour?

Ans. Both SUVs cover a wide variety of options. The Toyota Fortuner has the option of offering a petrol engine whereas the Ford Endeavour features two diesel engines. The two SUVs are capable in the city as well as on the highway. The Fortuner’s diesel engine is a little bit more economical than the Endeavour’s. The comparison is very close between the two cars. The Ford Endeavour is priced lower than the Fortuner and may win more buyers because of this.

Q4. Why is Gloucester Pronounced Gloster?

Ans. The British pronounce Gloucester as Gloster (Glos – ster). There is an English Cathedral city called Gloucestershire which is pronounced as (Gloster – sher) and hence the MG Gloster is named after the city but with a spelling that anyone can pronounce. 

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