Reasons Why Blind Spot Mirrors Are Essential For Safe Driving

Have you ever faced a terrible accident because you could not see the spot in a sharp turn of the road? It is quite a normal phenomenon in a car driver’s life. They often miss the spot just because both the rear view mirrors could not cover it.  

The consequence of this mistake may take a dangerous turn. A collision can result in injuries and even death.  

We usually spend thousands of rupees on decorative accessories. But we hesitate to buy safety gear even though they are more necessary. These mirrors are a pretty helpful safety accessory at an affordable price. 

What Is A Blind Spot Mirror? 

The blind spot mirrors let you see the spot that a rear view mirror and a side mirror do not cover.  

They are specially designed convex mirrors that give you a three-sixty degree view of an area. These small mirrors can significantly reduce the rate of accidents on the road. But only a few car companies are considering these mirrors essential in their cars. So, you will find them in some cars. 

This blind spot viewing mirror is an effective gadget that helps you locate the cars coming from behind. If you are unable to see the car behind and try to change the lane, a deadly collision might take place. With a blind spot viewing mirror, you can see that car behind and safely change the lane.  

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Benefits of Blind Spot Mirrors: 

These mirrors are essential and helpful gadgets- 

  • Better View Of The Traffic: 

With these mirrors, you get a far better view of the traffic on the road. The increased visibility of the cars, people, and other things behind will help you drive safely. When taking a turn, you will know who or what is approaching from behind. With a rear view mirror and a pair of side mirrors, you don’t get to see everything at the back. 

A better view of the cars in the traffic gives you a chance to avoid any collision. You can drive safely while turning or changing lanes or overtaking a car in front of you. A clear background view will help reduce the chances of accidents. 

  • Safety During Car Parking: 

When you park a car, you have often noticed a problem with background visibility. You need to look behind constantly. Even then, you often face problems while parking and hit other cars. These collisions result in scratches, dents or damage to your car.  

If you have a blind spot mirror in your car, you will feel more confident while parking a car. You do not have to constantly monitor the rear of your car. These mirrors can locate every object at the back. 

  • You Get To See The Blind Spot: 

The blind spot is the area that you miss in the car mirrors. With these blind spot viewing mirrors, you get a clear view of the blind spot. This gives you a better driving experience.  

Sometimes accidents do not happen due to the careless driving of two drivers. Occasionally, a driver misses a vehicle in the blind spot, and an accident occurs. A blind spot mirror helps you see the blind spot clearly. 

  • You Get To See Any Pedestrians Behind Your Car: 

When large vehicles are easy to see, you can often miss a pedestrian walking on the road. This mistake can prove deadly on the road. So, you must be careful.  

Installing the blind spot viewing mirror is a significant protection measure for you while driving. These mirrors are truly useful for drivers.  

How to Buy a Blind Spot Mirror for Your Car? 

You can get these mirrors in several online stores. They are not very costly, and you can use them for many years after installation.  

Things to Consider Before Buying These Safety Mirrors- 

  • Look For Good Material- 

The best ones are made of aluminium, while there are some excellent quality plastic mirrors as well. Whichever you choose, check their quality from user reviews. 

  • Size-  

You must consider the size of these mirrors before buying. For small cars, you will need small blind spot mirrors; for SUVs or trucks, you will need the larger ones. If you buy a large mirror that covers most of your side view mirror, there is no point in using it. Your side view mirrors are as crucial as these safety mirrors.  

  • Shape And Method Of Attachment-  

Select the mirrors according to their shape and size. Learn the method of attachment from any YouTube video tutorial. It is better to use tape to fix the place where you want to attach it. Then you can permanently fix this on the side mirrors. 

  • Check On The Internet- 

You will find several blind spot mirrors available online. Before buying, you can check these mirrors on the internet. When you feel satisfied with their user reviews, you know which brand to buy. You can compare their prices too.  

But as you are buying safety gear, you should buy the best one available in the market. You must not compromise your safety. 



Your safety is crucial. When you drive a car on narrow roads or highways, you must be pretty careful. A small mistake can cause life risk. In a car collision, several people die every year. Only a small change in your car can reduce the risk of accidents.  

Installing a blind spot mirror in your car can help you protect your own and other people’s life. On a small budget, this is an incredible deal that you should make.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1: Where To Place The Blind Spot Mirror

Answer- The best place for a blind spot viewing mirror is on the outermost corner of the side mirrors. Some prefer the top left corner, while the bottom left corner is ideal for some. 

The placement of the mirror must be right so that a driver can clearly see the blind spot. 

Q2: How to Fix the Blind Spot Mirror? 

Answer- Fixing these mirrors is pretty easy. Your side view mirrors should be clean and dry before placing the blind spot viewing mirrors. These accessories have adhesive on the back. So, it becomes easy to place them anywhere you like. 

 Check which position on the side view mirrors works best for you. Then fix them on the mirrors. Adjust the side mirrors to see if you can view the blind spot.  

Q3: Is a blind spot mirror Useful? 

Answer- These mirrors are pretty helpful. You can have a quick look at the back with these mirrors. Thus, driving becomes so much easier. You can avoid inevitable accidents when you get to see the blind spot. Smoothly parking your car becomes easier as well. 

Q4: Are Blind Spot Mirrors any Good? 

Answer- Yes, these mirrors are quite useful while driving a car. A driver cannot see the blind spot. If a vehicle or pedestrian comes in this blind spot, the chances of a dangerous accident increase. With these special mirrors attached to your side-view mirrors, you can see the blind spot clearly to avoid any mishap. 

Q5: What is a Blind Spot in a Mirror? 

Answer- Blind spot is basically an area that the rear view mirror or side mirrors do not cover. So, you cannot see what is happening in this particular spot.  

Q5: Where is the Best Place to Place Blind Spot Mirrors

Answer- You can place the mirrors anywhere on the side view mirrors. Ideally, you should place them on the outer edges of the side view mirrors. But, every person has their own preferences. You can place them wherever you find the best view of the blind spot. 

Q6: Is a Blind Spot Mirror Necessary? 

Answer- These blind spot viewing mirrors are not compulsory if you can adjust your side-view mirrors perfectly. But these mirrors are extremely useful to see the blind spot that your car’s mirrors do not show.  

While driving, driver’s and passengers’ safety is really important. These special mirrors help you drive safely and significantly reduce the chances of a collision. So, for safety purposes, blind spot mirrors are necessary. 

Q7: Are Blind-Spot Monitors Worth It? 

Answer- These mirrors are not too expensive. You can fix them without the help of any car mechanic. So, no extra charges for installation are needed. It provides safety, security, and ease of driving for such a small price. It is definitely worth every penny you spend on it if you evaluate its usefulness. 

Q8: Can I Add Blind-Spot Monitoring To My Car? 

Answer- Yes, you can add blind-spot monitoring to your car. You can place it- on any vehicle. 

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