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Bosch Air Filter Scorpio, Bolero

By Bosch

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Bosch Air filter for Bolero and Scorpio reduces engine vibrations, removes contaminants and improves engine performance.

  • Vehicle Compatibility – Scorpio, Bolero and Mahindra vehicles.
  • Excellent microfiber elements carefully filter out air contaminants with fineness.
  • Specially manufactured to filter fine impurities for high-end vehicles.
  • Eliminates noise, and vibrations emitted from the engine.
  • Improve vehicle performance and contribute to better engine lubrication. 
  • Responsible for preventing internal components from premature wear.


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₹352₹349 (₹3 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹50 Delivery Charges

Delivery Options Change

Bosch Scorpio and Bolero air filter

The Bosch Scorpio and Bolero air filter keep your vehicle engine running like new. The Scorpio air filter eliminates the collected dirt particles from the engine oil sump and reduces noise, and vibrations increasingly. This premium Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero air filter is a high-performance tool to purify the air entering your vehicle’s engine. 

Scorpio Air Filter Engineered Power 

Scorpio Air filter comes with state-of-the-art filtration media that offer 50% more airflow to enhance power and accelerations. Contaminant air and clogged filters can reduce your vehicle’s acceleration to up to 10%. Luckily, Scorpio air filters eliminate air impurities by excellent filtration. 

Bolero Air Filter Comes in an Exceptional Design

The brilliant design of the Bolero air filters makes them last longer and provide effective air filtration. The design helps to increase airflow by reducing the engine resistance of taking air in. 

Easy to Install

Don’t you want to fit in the air filter quickly and get back to the Netflix show you’re watching? Luckily, Bosch’s Scorpio and Bolero air filter is quite easy to install. It’s one of the easiest and affordable upgrades to your car for high-performance. 

Saves Money

This premium air filter comes at INR 349 only for long-lasting air filtration. Scorpio air filter effectively runs your vehicle engine smoothly by protecting it against any harmful contaminants. It’s designed and manufactured using premium filtration material, ensuring quality air purification.


By using a washable and reusable air filter, you help to reduce replacement waste. Bosch Scorpio and Bolero air filters last longer than 10 disposable filters. It’s saturated with resin to offer high resistance to water and heat. 

World-Class Protection 

Bosch Scorpio air filter provides top-notch engine protection by removing harmful contaminants from entering the engine. The filter allows clean lubrication to improve the vehicle’s acceleration. It prevents your vehicle from getting clogged by oil or dirt. By using the Bolero air filter, your engine receives clean oil leading to less friction while running the engine. 

Weight 0.4 kg

‎Bosch Limited, ‎Bosch, Bosch Ltd, Post Box No. 3000, Hosur Road, Adugodi 560 030 Bangalore

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What is the best Mahindra Scorpio air filter price?

The best price for the Mahindra Scorpio air filter is INR 349 only.

Is Mahindra Scorpio air filter cleaning any good?

Yes! Mahindra Scorpio air filter provides excellent air cleaning to rich engine lubrication. It helps to improve your car’s acceleration and protection. 

Is the Mahindra Scorpio cabin air filter waterproof?

No! Open cone filters aren’t water-resistant. 

Is it effective to use a Bosch air filter for Mahindra Scorpio?

Yes, absolutely. Bosch is one of the trusted brands for providing high-quality air filters suitable for high-end vehicles like Mahindra, Scorpio and Bolero. 

Is the Mahindra Bolero air filter price too expensive?

No! Bosch’s Mahindra Bolero air filter price is extremely affordable, starting from INR 349 only. 

Will the Mahindra Bolero air filter reduce engine wear?

Yes! Bosch’s Mahindra Bolero air filters are designed to remove contaminants from the air for increasing engine power and proper lubrication.

How long does Bosch air filter Scorpio last?

Bosch air filter Scorpio is extremely durable. It’s made up of high-quality filtration material, providing years of service life. Change is after using it between 15,000 to 30,000 miles. 

Does Bosch Air filter Bolero reduce engine vibrations and noises?

Yes! Bosch air filter Bolero reduces engine friction significantly, leading to zero noises and vibrations. 

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