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Light Up the Night With Osram Led Headlight Bulbs for Cars and Bikes

Osram is a German manufacturer of automotive lighting solutions. They offer premium LED headlights for a wide range of cars and bikes that are super-bright (70% brighter than regular halogen bulbs) and long-lasting. Osram bulbs for cars and bikes provide a consistent and bright light beam for driving in dark conditions. You can find Osram LED headlights on Carorbis online shopping website at ultra-low prices with rapid delivery and easy returns. Browse through our wide selection of Osram car LED bulbs and find the right one for your vehicle. Popular models of LEDs available on Carorbis include Osram H4 LED headlight, Osram H4 LED, Osram H4 LED bulb for bike (suitable for all models of Suzuki, Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Royal Enfield and TVS).

Notable Features of Osram Led Headlight Bulb

Osram car LED bulbs are energy efficient and have a long lifespan. You get increased visibility in poorly lit conditions which increases safety while driving. Osram LED headlights for cars and bikes are compatible with a wide range of models and are a suitable aftermarket replacement for OEM halogen bulbs.

Let’s look further at the reasons you should buy Osram LED bulbs:

  1. Bright Beam

    Osram LED bulbs for cars are extremely bright and perfect for low-light conditions or driving at night. The LEDs have a white, focussed beam which is 70% brighter than regular halogen bulbs. The driver gets a clear view of the road ahead for a safe journey.

  2. High-Quality

    Osram LED headlights are made from top-notch materials of superior quality. Osram utilises advanced technologies to conform to international standards for automotive equipment. LED headlights from Osram are known to be long-lasting durable and efficient.

  3. Efficient

    Osram LED bulbs for cars consume less power than regular halogen bulbs due to their efficient design and materials. The vehicle battery is less likely to drain out and you will enough power for other accessories. Using less power also means there is less chance of the LED bulbs malfunctioning due to excessive heat.

  4. Economical

    Osram headlight bulbs are affordable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to spend on replacements. Prices for Osram LED bulbs for bikes on start from Rs.150, which is quite affordable.

Visit for the Best Osram Led Headlights for Cars and Bikes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why are Osram LED headlights so popular?

Ans. Osram LED bulbs consume less energy compared to regular headlights. These LED lights are also long-lasting and can be used for the lifetime of the car without any issues (for example, dimming or flickering). Osram LED bulbs are versatile and efficient, based on advanced technology and manufacturing techniques.

Q 2. What is the difference between HS1 and H7 LED headlights?

Ans. Osram HS1 LED bulbs emit a high beam, used on open highways and dark roads. They are bright long-range lights with an output of around 1400 Lumens. Osram H7 LED headlight bulbs emit a low beam for daily use on main city roads. Their illumination is more suitable for close range with the brightness of around 1300 Lumens. The sockets used for Osram H4 LED headlight, Osram H1 LED bulb and Osram H7 LED headlight bulb are different, so you cannot interchange them.

Q 3. Which is the brightest model of Osram LED headlights?

Ans. Osram H4 Night Breaker Laser headlight bulbs are powerful due to the use of innovative laser technology which shines 150% brighter than regular headlights. The filaments of these headlights are highly engineered to produce a focused beam of light to increase visibility while driving. Motorists can identify hazards and obstacles on the road and react much more quicker with the use of these LED headlights.