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A Bullet Horn is one of the most underrated accessories when one can not actually make their way through the dense Indian traffic without them. A loud and reliable Bullet horn is not only necessary to help you quickly pass through traffic or avoid any road mishaps, but the design of the horn also amplifies the appearance of the Bullet. At, you will find an impressive range of high-quality, durable, and loud Bullet horns.


Considering the overwhelming variety of Bullet horns available on the internet, you have to pay attention while picking one for your bullet to make sure that you put your money in only the best quality horn for Bullet. Here are some things to consider when looking for Bullet horns:

  1. Horn Volume -

    The volume of the Royal Enfield horn is an important factor to consider. You will easily find sound samples for most models of horns for Bullet. You can listen to them and decide if the horn is as loud as you want it to be. Just make sure that the horn volume lies in the permissible vehicle horn volume range of your state.

  2. Sound Quality -

    Be aware that loud horn volume can be startling to some drivers or pedestrians. If it is possible, slow down your bullet or stop instead of honking the Bullet horn because that may be safer in certain situations.
  3. Horn Size -

    The size of the horn for Bullet is another important parameter.If you don't know what size of Bullet horn you need, select the one that is a tad smaller than the factory-installed one that came with your Bullet. It will be easier to install than a horn that is bigger and may require some modification.

  4. Durability -

    You surely don’t want to find yourself spending again to purchase a new set of Bullet horn after every 3-6 rooms. Hence, carefully go through the reviews of the Bullet horn before paying the bill.

  5. Price -

    The Bullet horn price is the first thing to consider if you have a budget constraint. Fortunately, there are several automobile brands in India that offer dependable quality horns at affordable prices.


Fortunately, India has a satisfying number of good automobile brands that provide reliable horns for Bullet. Carorbis collaborates with only the best of all Indian and international automobile brands to put together at one place. Here are some of the best-selling brands for bike accessories like Bullet horns at

  1. Roots -

    RootsIndustries India Limited is the world's first largest horn manufacturer. As it specialises in automobile horns, it produces high-quality, loud, and long-lasting horns for almost all types of vehicles in Asia. Royal Enfield Bullet horn Roots are especially reliable and long-lasting.

  2. Bosch -

    The Bosch brand is a household name in the nation when it comes to affordable yet long-lasting auto parts and accessories. Their product range includes vehicle horns, wiper blades, engine oil, battery charger, headlight bulbs, brake pads, engine filters etc.Bosch horn for Bullet is also a good and affordable option.

  3. Super -

    Super specialises in horns for different automobiles like cars, bikes, trucks, and tractors at an affordable price range. It also offers other auto accessories like 4 pin relay, multi pin car chargers,LED lights, roof light, head lamp lighting, etc.

  4. Geomex -

    Geomex is another super affordable brand for high-quality horns in India. The Geomex Senbao range offers loud and stylish horns for Asian automobile models. Geomex also offers other products like horn kits, car charger cable, high-speed car horn, etc.

  5. UNO Minda -

    If you are looking for simple, elegant, and loud automobile horns that are also quite affordable, then UNO Minda is your destination. UNO Minda horn is an affordable choice for a loud bike horn.


When looking for affordable yet efficient Royal Enfield Bullet horns online, you can’t trust just any random website considering the amount of fake and counterfeit products that the internet is stuffed with. However, there’s one place that you can always rely on for its authentic product range and that is Choose from a collection of best-selling brands and get the horns for Bullet delivered at your doorstep within 2-5 working days and that too at the most reasonable Bullet horn price.


No more rummaging through different automobile stores or hunting the internet for ‘Bullet horns near me’ when you can simply explore the amazing and authentic range provided by So, just sit back on your couch, go through Carorbis’ collection, order your favourite Royal Enfield Bullet horn with ease and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

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    Q 1. Which horn is best for Bullet?

    Ans. The best horn for Bullet is loud enough, long-lasting and durable, and along with this, it is also super stylish to complement the elegance of your bike.

    Q 2. Are loud Enfield Bullet horns illegal?

    Ans. Some states have different laws that limit the horn volume of acceptable decibels. Generally, bike horns are rated between 82 and 86 decibels.

    Q 3. What is the loudest horn?

    Ans. Bullet horns by Roots are one of the loudest horns one can find in the Indian market. They are also especially stylish and long-lasting.

    Q 4. When should I use my Bullet horn?

    Ans. You can use your horns for Bullet when it's essential to promote safe driving practices on the road. For example, hit the bike horn if a person tries to turn his vehicle in front of you, and you have to avoid a collision.

    Q 5. When shouldn't I use my Bullet horn?

    Ans. Do not honk your bike horn to make a bypasser, driver or bicyclist go faster. You should also not honk your bike horn to alert a driver or rider that they made a mistake, as this may make them upset and eager to retaliate. Don't hit the horn simply because you're upset.