Bosch 0 986 320 191-8F8 High Performance FC4 Horn, 12V (Set of 2)

By Bosch
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About this item

Make an easy way through dense Indian traffic with the super loud Bosch FC4 horn 12V.

  • All-weather horns with external mounting
  • Operating with 105-118db
  • Frequency: 335/420 hertz
  • Corrosion resistant horns
  • Penetrating sound over long distances
  • Galvanized steel for protection against corrosion, dust and humidity
  • EMC protection (minimizes disturbance in other electronic device like radio, mobile phones, etc.)
  • Teflon filter technology
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High-performance Bosch FC4 Horn 12v

Automotive horns did not exist until almost a hundred years ago. In 1919 Bosch developed the buzzer system, which produced a continuous and uniform tone. This tone, however, made it difficult for other road users to estimate the direction or proximity of the vehicle. Bosch later introduced the harmonic diaphragm which enabled other road users to better determine the position of the warning signal. Later technological advancements led to more warning device technologies and types, such as compressed-air and electro-pneumatic fanfare horns.

Super Loud Bosch Fc4 Horn

The loud sound of Bosch FC4 horn helps you easily pass through dense Indian traffic or to warn others on the road of your presence. A loud horn plays a major role in avoiding many road mishaps.

Premium Quality Horn From Bosch

The Bosch brand is one of the leading international manufacturers of premium quality aftermarket accessories for automobiles. Bosch uses the best raw materials to engineer all its products, including the 12V Bosch FC4 horn, under the supervision of industry experts.

Powerful And Consistent Sound Throw

Flickering or breaking horn sounds can be very annoying. The Bosch FC4 horn offers a smooth and consistent sound throw that travels quite a long distance. 

Corrosion Resistant Bosch Fc4 Horn 12v

The Bosch FC4 horn 12V is made of galvanised steel that not only makes for a stunning piece of accessory for visible mounting, but it also preserves the horn body against rust and corrosion, making it last for a very long time.


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‎Bosch Limited, ‎Bosch, Bosch Ltd, Post Box No. 3000, Hosur Road, Adugodi 560 030 Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Bosch horn legal in India?

Ans.Yes, Bosch horns are legal in India and can be installed on a wide range of vehicles in the country.

Q2. Which horn is best for SUV?

Ans.Bosch Offroader-100 are suitable for use on SUVs.They have a loud and powerful sound and you can rely on them for large vehicle such as SUVs.

Q3. Can car horn damage hearing?

Ans.Prolonged use of loud horns over 85 dB can cause hearing loss or other hearing problems.

Q4. Do car horns run out of air?

Ans.No, because most horns are electric and depend on the battery for a supply of power.

Q5. Why do cars have two horns?

Ans.Two horns will produce a dual sound which is louder and more likely to be heard by other motorists and pedestrians.

Q6. What are the different types of car horn?

Ans.The different types of horns used on vehicles include air horns, AC electric horn and DC electric horn.

Q7. How long do car horns last?

Ans.The car horn is designed to last the lifetime of the car, but they may go bad due to corrosion or faulty wiring.

Q8. How loud can a car horn be?

Ans.The maximum dB level for a horn should not exceed 112 dB.

Q9. Do car horns reduce accidents?

Ans.A car horn can warn other motorists and pedestrians before an accident can take place.It should be used as a safety precaution and a way of alerting others of your presence on the road.

Q10. What is the loudest horn for bikes?

Ans.Bosch Minivibro Impact Horn has a decibel level of around 100 dB, which is quite loud for a bike.

Q11. Which horn is best for bullet?

Ans.Some of the best Bullet horns are from brands such as Roots, Bosch, Super, Geome and Uno Minda.You can find the best Bullet horns on Carorbis.Com.

Q12. Which horn is best for bike?

Ans.Roots horns are considered a good choice for bikes.Other suitable bike horns are come from brands such as myTVS, Senbao and Geomex.These horns are available online on Carorbis.

Q13. What is a bike horn called?

Ans.The term hooter is sometimes used to refer to a horn on a vehicle.

Q14. How much dB horn is legal in India?

Ans.The maximum decibel level for a horn to be legal in India is between 83 dB – 112 dB, for a horn having a power of less than or equal to 7 kW.

Q15. How many DB is a normal car horn?

Ans.An average car horn is around 110 dB.

Q16. How loud is a 12v horn?

Ans.The loudness of a horn depends on its specification in terms of dB level.Although a higher voltage may produce a louder horn sound, it is possible to extract a higher dB level even from a lower voltage.

Q17. What is the loudest road legal horn?

Ans.The loudest horn that is deemed legal should not exceed 112 dB.

Q18. What is the difference between horn and honk?

Ans.A horn is the component that produces the sound whereas honk is the action of sounding the horn.

Q19. Is dual horn illegal in India?

Ans.As long as the decibel level of the horn doesn’t exceed 112 dB, the horn is legal.

Q20. Is pressure horn legal in India?

Ans.Pressure horns or air horns are usually used on police sirens, ambulances and fire brigades.It is illegal to use a pressure horn on a road car.

Q21. Why do Indians always honk their horn?

Ans.The road conditions in India tend to be a little more chaotic than in other places.Hence, drivers in India use their horns to navigate crowded cities and streets.

Q22. Which is the loudest horns in India?

Ans.The Roots Windtone Classic Horn Pair is quite a loud horn at 110 dB.It is available on Carorbis for a price of Rs.479.

Q23. Do cars honk or beep?

Ans.Beep and honk are similar terms to describe the sound a car horn makes.

Q24. Is changing horn legal in India?

Ans.As long as the new horn does not exceed a decibel level 112 dB, it is considered legal.

Q25. Is reverse horn banned in India?

Ans.The popularity of reverse horns has deceased over the years and it is now considered illegal for use on vehicles.

Q26. Are bigger air horns louder?

Ans.Bigger air horns will have a louder sound due to the increased area of sound-generating components.The power rating and air pressure will also decide the resultant sound.

Q27. What are the two types of horns?

Ans.The most common type of horn used on vehicles is the electric horn.You can also install a wind-type horn which uses pressurised air to generate sound.

Q28. Is it illegal to honk your horn at night?

Ans.It is not illegal to use a car horn at night, however, drivers should use discretion and avoid sounding the horn needlessly or more than necessary at night to maintain peace and quiet.

Q29. Can you honk at slow drivers?

Ans.It is not recommended to use your car horn to honk at slow drivers.Try to be patient and find a suitable place to overtake without causing a safety hazard.

Q30. How far can a car horn be heard?

Ans.The minimum distance that a car horn sound should travel is 200 metres.If it travel further than 200 metres, it probably is too loud.

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