Wavex Premium Car Dashboard, Leather and Interior Detailing Brush

By Wavex
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About this item

    • Wavex Premium Interior Detailing Brush, an exquisite vehicle interior detailing brush that is super effective on plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber, upholstery and many other surfaces. This brush is made of 100% soft/original horsehair and white beech wood body.

6.5” X 2”x1.8″ – 125 gm sturdy concave design brush built in a manner that makes it easy to hold, move and manoeuvre the brush. Maintains the natural position of your hands to prevent fatigue while simultaneously provide a flawless cleaning action.

  • Seamlessly and effortlessly gets around interior vehicle components to remove dirt from deep graining of pigmented leathers and dust off of deep edges/ folds.
  • Ideal for cleaning upholstery, fabric, alcantara, plastics, leathers, vinyl components. Doesn’t damage or scratch delicate surfaces. Can also be used as a coat brush, pet grooming brush, furniture cleaning brush, shoe cleaning/ polishing brush and much more!
  • Consists of soft bristles that are effectively attached to its wooden handle. Brush is designed to withstand any amount of wear & tear and to last for years.
  • Whether you are using any sort of professional auto care products such as the Wavex’s range of plastic, leather, vinyl, upholstery or all purpose cleaners and degreasers, neither will its bristles nor its body would get damaged.


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Wavex Premium Car Dashboard, Leather and Interior Detailing Brush

The WaveX Premium Interior Detailing Brush is the ideal detailing tool for delicate automobile surfaces. Fine grain interior components especially leather, upholstery and fabric roof tops lose their lustre once soiled with dirt, grease, or grime. Pairing WaveX Auto Care’s range of interior cleaning/ detailing products along with the WaveX Premium Interior Detailing Brush will help you effectively remove contaminants whilst cleaning any interior vehicle component



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