Polco Hyundai i10 Car Cover waterproof With Mirror Pockets, Antenna Cover and 100% Water Repellent (N-Series)

By Polco
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About this item

100% waterproof Car Cover for Hyundai i10 with mirror and antenna pockets.

  • 100% water-repellent Non-Woven Fabric
  • UV Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant and Durable
  • Side Mirror Pockets for good fit
  • Reinforced Double Stitched with Water Resistant thread
  • V-Shape Piping Design  enhance the look
  • Elastic on all four corners of the cover for better grip
  • Built-in belt & buckle to protect during windy condition
  •  Built-in rear Antenna
  • Packaging with PVC Bag
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Best Fit and Protection Car Cover for Hyundai i10 by Polco

A car cover must fit the body of your car well to give it all-time protection from every harmful external factor. The intelligent design of this car cover for Hyundai i10 is the ideal fit for your vehicle. You can actually cut down the maintenance cost of your car with this one time investment on Hyundai i10 car cover by Polco.

Hyundai i10 Car Cover Waterproof Material

Some car covers can let water penetrate through them over time. However, this Hyundai i10 car cover waterproof material comes with double stitched, non-woven material that completely blocks the penetration of water through itself. Thus, it provides excellent protection from rain damage.

Convenient Side Mirror and Antenna Pockets

Putting a car cover can be really inconvenient if it is not designed well to fit your car. Moreover, an inconvenient design does not even perform well to protect your car from the dust and dirt. But the Polco Hyundai Grand i10 car cover comes with side mirror and antenna pockets that fit your vehicle perfectly and retain its elegant design.

Water Repellent Double Stitches 

The double stitch technology used in the design with waterproof threads makes the car cover durable against wear and tear in harsh conditions and doesn’t let water seep in through any possible way. This prolongs the life of the car cover and makes the product budget-friendly as well.

Attractive look with V-shaped Piping 

Our car often defines us in society and a branded car within a shabby cover can be really embarrassing at times. The Hyundai Grand i10 car body cover gives an attractive look to your car with the V-shaped piping so your car looks classy even when it is parked with a cover on.

Gives a Perfect Grip With Elastic Edges

The sturdy elastic on the four corners of the cover eliminates the problem of a conventional loose car cover. This Hyundai i10 car cover gives a firm grip on the corners with the inbuilt elastic which makes it easy to put on without investing more than minutes.

Inbuilt Belt & Buckle to Stand Windy Conditions

The old conventional car covers often get blown away in strong winds and we have seen the elder people using threads to keep the cover on the car. This Hyundai i10 car body cover is designed to eliminate all such problems with built in belt & buckle that can stand against tough windy conditions.

Stands Harsh Outdoor Conditions

Our car is constantly in harsh weather conditions throughout the year. The constant exposure to the heat, cold and rain can damage the exterior of your car if not taken care of. This super resistant car cover for Hyundai Grand i10 can provide protection to your beloved car from all harsh weather conditions.

Prolong the Paint life with Advance Paint friendly Feature

Certain chemicals in bad quality synthetic fabric can actually damage the paintwork on your car and it starts fading away or ultimately loses its shine. This car cover for Hyundai i10 is non-reactive with the paintwork of your car and sustains the shine and lustre of your car over time.

Guards Against Dent and Dust

Dust slowly perishes the quality of the paintwork of your car and damages the gloss of the body. The high resistance and durable quality of this Hyundai i10 car cover potentially protects your car from dents and dust as well and maintains the factory-like shine of the vehicle.

Protection from Sun Damage

We all are aware about the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun that can cause huge damage to all surfaces it generally comes in contact with. It can also harm the body of your vehicle but the Hyundai i10 car cover promises to protect your car from the sun damage as well.

High-Tech Non-Woven Fabric Material 

Woven fabrics are more vulnerable to wear and tear within a short span of time. Also, they are easily penetrable by water and less promising against scratches and dents. But this Hyundai Grand i10 car body cover from Polco is made up of premium quality non woven material that makes it highly durable and impenetrable.


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