Stebel 11690047 NAUTILUS Compact Red Rough and Tough Sound Horn

By Stebel
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About this item

Model: Nautilus Series – Red Compact #11690047
Color: Red
Material: Metal | Plastic minimum of 16 AWG wiring is recommended Same As The Picture
Package contains: 1 Horn + 1 Relay
Fixing Kit Come with general wire diagram and mounting


  • Hardness and switch not included
  • For maximum performance and reaction time, a minimum of 16 AWG
  • Wiring is recommended


  • Nominal Voltage 12 or 24 Volts
  • Absorbed current(at 24V) – 18A(9A)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 530/680 Hz
  • Sound pressure level measured at 2 meter from the source (at 4 inches) – (139dB(A))
  • Type of Sound – Harmonized twin tone
  • Dimension – (125*112*78mm Compact)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility – yes
  • Homologated By CEE-ECE – yes
  • Patented Internationally – yes
  • N hours of Salt fog Exposure – 96
  • Temperature Resistance in function – 25 to 80
  • Endurance test 50.000 on/off cycles
  • Sound Reaction Time – 90 msec
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Authentic Stebel 11690047 NAUTILUS Compact Red Rough and Tough Sound Car Air Horn 12v 139dB

The Stebel 11690047 NAUTILUS Compact Red Rough and Tough Sound Horn is the most compact, easy to install, and reliable car horn in the world. It has a very lightweight and simple design but manages to deliver an impressive 139dB. With its stunning red colour and high-quality finish, it will fit any vehicle while still looking great. If you are looking for a small but powerful car horn, this is the product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which horn is best for SUV?

Ans.Bosch Offroader-100 are suitable for use on SUVs.They have a loud and powerful sound and you can rely on them for large vehicle such as SUVs.

Q2. Can car horn damage hearing?

Ans.Prolonged use of loud horns over 85 dB can cause hearing loss or other hearing problems.

Q3. Do car horns run out of air?

Ans.No, because most horns are electric and depend on the battery for a supply of power.

Q4. Why do cars have two horns?

Ans.Two horns will produce a dual sound which is louder and more likely to be heard by other motorists and pedestrians.

Q5. What are the different types of car horn?

Ans.The different types of horns used on vehicles include air horns, AC electric horn and DC electric horn.

Q6. How long do car horns last?

Ans.The car horn is designed to last the lifetime of the car, but they may go bad due to corrosion or faulty wiring.

Q7. How loud can a car horn be?

Ans.The maximum dB level for a horn should not exceed 112 dB.

Q8. Do car horns reduce accidents?

Ans.A car horn can warn other motorists and pedestrians before an accident can take place.It should be used as a safety precaution and a way of alerting others of your presence on the road.

Q9. What is the loudest horn for bikes?

Ans.Bosch Minivibro Impact Horn has a decibel level of around 100 dB, which is quite loud for a bike.

Q10. Which horn is best for bullet?

Ans.Some of the best Bullet horns are from brands such as Roots, Bosch, Super, Geome and Uno Minda.You can find the best Bullet horns on Carorbis.Com.

Q11. Which horn is best for bike?

Ans.Roots horns are considered a good choice for bikes.Other suitable bike horns are come from brands such as myTVS, Senbao and Geomex.These horns are available online on Carorbis.

Q12. What is a bike horn called?

Ans.The term hooter is sometimes used to refer to a horn on a vehicle.