CARCAT RED- 4th Generation Rat Repellent for automobiles

By Carcat
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About this item

  • Car Rat Repellent is an ultrasonic device – 4th Generation that protects your car from irritating rats. 
  • It is an intermittent pulsing ultrasonic device for repelling rats from infesting your cars. 
  • CARCAT Car rat repellent requires a very low consumption of power as compared to other available devices. 
  • CARCAT  gives a zigzag ultrasound that is sufficient to irritate the rats. 
  • The blue/green LED strobes are able to maximize rats dichromatic vision spectrum as they unable to see red light wavelengths that are longer 
  • It works when the engine is running, standby, or in shutdown mode. 
  • CARCAT  alerts the customers by raising an alarm of audible beeps for about 30 seconds. 
  • This device is water-proof, eco-friendly, and non-hazardous. 
  • Being easy to install, it takes just 2 wires to install. 
  • The polycarbonate enclosure keeps the device safe and protected.
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4th Generation Automobiles Car Rat Repellent 

Almost 94% of car users face the problem of the rat maniac. These uninvited guests cause nuisance and may sometimes tear and bite away from the costly accessories, wires, etc. of the car. CARCAT solves the problem of rat nuisance by keeping away the rat. All you need to do is install this device in the car that takes merely a few volts of energy which is 20% lower than the previous versions of CARCAT generations.  

What’s more, it is way better than the poisonous sprays, rat-baits, and rat pads available in the market. CARCAT is easy to handle and install in every car.

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