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CARCAT DUO-2nd Gen Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Device For Cars

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About this item

  • CARCAT Duo is a 2nd Generation rat repellent device that protects cars from rats through ultrasonic waves and flashing LED lights. 
  • This eco-friendly device does not harm the environment and is absolutely non-hazardous. 
  • It is easy to install through a simple process and does not take much time,
  • CARCAT Duo is water-resistant as it is a water-proof device. 


  • Power Supply required: 12 VDC 
  • Operating Frequency: 20kHz to 60kHz
  • Sound Output: 80dB to 110dB
  • Power Consumption: less than 0.7 W 
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CARCAT DUO-2nd Gen Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Device

CARCAT Duo is considered a 2nd Generation Ultrasonic Rat Repellent that generates LED strobes. The ultrasonic sound created by the unit cannot be heard by the human ears and ranges between 20Hz to 20 kHz of varying frequency.  The vision of the rat is not good at night, thus they depend on the ultrasonic wave sounds for communication. CARCAT Duo creates a unique pattern of ultrasonic sound waves that disturbs the rats. The intensity of the ultrasonic waves is deafening for the rats.  You can hear a BEEP sound after every 30 seconds that shows that the CARCAT Duo is functioning in prosperity.  

Also, the LED strobes hinder the night vision of the rats and irritate them by causing visual distress. LED strobes work similarly to the flash of a camera that keeps on blinking at a high rate and do not allow the rat to settle down. 

How to install CARCAT Duo?

The CARCAT Duo must be installed on a mounting surface with the help of screws available with the unit.   The unit can be installed in the cavity or the engine bay using screws. The front grill of the unit must be installed in such a way that it faces the hard plastic or metallic surface. This will help in multiple reflections of the ultrasonic waves otherwise if it is mounted on objects made from rubber or foam then the ultrasonic waves will be absorbed by them. At the same time, consider installing the unit away from the surfaces that are hot like the engine parts. 

Instruction for wiring

  • When installing follow the given guidelines for wiring:
  • Remove the fuse as given from the fuse box.
  • Then connect (+) connection with the (+) of battery and similarly connect (-) connection of the unit to the (-) of battery. 
  • Thereafter use cable ties for holding the wiring.
  • Re-insert the fuse of the unit in the fuse box.  

How to connect the unit with the battery?

The loop of CARCAT Duo should be connected directly to the battery terminals. If the battery of the cars is not available in the engine bay, then the live terminals coming towards the engine bay area can be connected to the unit.   The CARCAT Duo should be powered  ‘ON’ all the time and it uses very little power to function.

Is CARCAT Duo safe for humans and pets?

CARCAT Duo is absolutely safe for humans as the ultrasonic sound waves are not audible to human ears.  The CARCAT Duo is designed and functions considering all the safety norms and it is harmless for your pets like dogs, cats, etc.

It is an eco-friendly device that does not kill or harm the rat instead, it distresses them so they do not reside in your car and leave the area.  Moreover, it is easy to use as you need not put any poisonous bait or rat pads in the car to catch the rats.


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3M India Ltd, 3M India Customer Contact Center, Concorde Block, UB City,24. Vittal Mallya Raod, Bengaluru – 560001, Karnataka Tel: 1800-425-3030

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