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Essential Car Seat Accessories for Comfort and Convenience

Car seat head support pillows are useful to alleviate back pain and maintain proper posture in the driver’s seat. Carorbis has an extensive collection of car pillows, head support cushions, seat pillows and shoulder pads that are ergonomically designed to be the perfect car seat comfort accessories.

Car seat back support accessories are handy while travelling long distances as they provide lumbar support to maintain the curvature of your spine. The seat pillows are compact, lightweight and suitable for all car seats. They can be placed in different positions depending on your personal preference. Head support cushions have thick padding and soft memory foam to provide extra support for the head and neck region.

The fabrics used in car seat pillows are light and breathable, giving your skin a gentle feel every time you drive your car. The special design conforms to the contours of your back to prevent stiff muscles, neck aches and back pain. You get full back support and comfort so that fatigue doesn’t set in on long drives.

Car Seat Accessories for Long Drive

Long drives can be tiring for passengers and drivers due to the limited space in car cabins. You need to stay comfortable and organised with seat accessories such as car air purifiers and anti-theft devices like dash cams.

Road trips mean travelling to unfamiliar areas where you may not find the right places to stop and grab a bite to eat. As a result, the interior may get cluttered with food wrappers, empty bottles, and personal items scattered around.

Here’s a look at some interesting car seat organisers that may come in handy on your journey.

Car Organiser

A back seat organiser is ideal for those who carry a lot of items in their car, from water bottles to snacks, headphones and notebooks. They can be hooked to the rear of the car seat with the help of straps and are convenient for organising your interior. You can easily reach over and grab what you want, without taking your eyes of the road. Plus a clutter free interior equals more space for you and your passengers to travel in comfort.

Car Dustbin

If you want a clean and hygienic interior, a car dustbin is the perfect car seat accessory to keep you organised. They are compact enough to fit in a car seat pocket or door insert and are durable enough to last a long time. When you reach your destination, clear the trash from the dustbin, and you're ready to go.

Anti-Theft Devices

Dash cams, central locking systems and anti-theft alarms help keep your vehicle secure in public parking lots and places you visit. Although car insurance is mandatory, these car organisers add an extra level of security to your beloved vehicle. You can be assured that your vehicle will not be hijacked or subject to forced entry with these anti-theft devices.

Car Air Purifiers

Car air purifiers protect against harmful gases, pollution, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours. These devices have advanced air filters to deliver fresh, clean air to car occupants and keep them relaxed on long journeys. Car air purifiers and air fresheners are used to make the interior a safe place with breathable air. You just need to plug in the accessory to the 12-volt power outlet on your centre console.

Car Seat Accessories for Back Pain

The confines of a car interior can leave you with stiff muscles and back pain on long drives. You need to invest in lumbar support pillows for your car seat. They are the best way to prevent back pain and driver fatigue.

These types of cushions come with high-density foam and extra cushioning to provide you with a comfortable posture. The soft-touch fabrics of the backrest type lumbar support keep you comfortable even on a long journey with bumpy roads.

The cushions are washable and easy to clean with a soft cloth. You don’t have to worry about dust, dirt and stains on these stylish car seat cushions. Get a luxurious look to your car interior while you enjoy the luxurious comfort of ergonomic seat cushions.

Why Choose Carorbis for Car Seat Accessories

At Carorbis, you can shop for car seat organisers online and browse through top brands, styles and designs. You never have to worry about an uncomfortable journey when you have the right car seat accessories.

Carorbis offers free shipping for orders above Rs.500 and express doorstep delivery takes 3-5 business days. There is a hassle-free refund policy within 10 days if you are unsatisfied with the delivered product.

Our focus is to bring high-quality, reliable and excellent products to our customers who always expect the best for their vehicles. Shop on Carorbis today for the best online car seat accessories.