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Wavex Car Care Kit Contains Carnauba Wax, Dashboard and Leather Conditioner, Scratch Cleaner, Premium Microfiber Towel, 2- Ultra Fine Foam Applicators

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About this item

  • This Car Care Kit consists of the Wavex Carnauba Wax 100 gm, Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Plus Protectant 100 gm, Scratch Cleaner 50 gm, one Microfiber Cloth, and two foam applicators.
  • Wavex Carnauba Wax, made from real carnauba leaves, provides superior protection and mirror shine to vehicle’s surfaces. Protects against UV radiations, eliminates minor scratches and swirl marks, acts as a paint restorer and provides a superior hydrophobic protection. Can be used on painted surfaces, headlights, tail lights, front and rear windshields, glass components etc.
  • Wavex Dashboard And Leather Conditioner Plus Protectant provides vehicle’s interior components with a deep conditioning and protection action. Works wonderfully well on all interior components such as plastics, leather, vinyl, and rubber. Provides interior components with protection against the UV Rays of the Sun. Prevents components from discoloration and cracking. Leaves interiors with a posh fragrance.
  • Wavex Scratch Cleaner, works wonderfully well on vehicle’s glossy painted surfaces. Helps eliminate minor scratches, paint defects, swirl marks, and oxidation.
  • Consists of light abrasives that cut fast to provide a brilliant shine on painted surfaces.
  • 40 x 40 cm Microfiber Cleaning Cloth assists you in manually buffing vehicle’s exterior and interior components and cleaning/ wiping extra residue whereas the yellow foam applicators assist you in efficiently applying the auto care products especially to delicate vehicle components.
  • All these products are suitable for use on bikes, scooters and two-wheelers.
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Wavex Car Care Kit – Everything You Need For Comprehensive Detailing

Introducing the all new WaveX Car Care Kit that has been specially designed and formulated for car care enthusiasts who prefer the traditional ‘DIY’ method. The kit consists of the WaveX Carnauba Wax, Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Plus Protectant, and Scratch Cleaner, all for the very first time in 100 gm pack sizes. This kit is also beneficial for first-time vehicle owners or individuals with little to no experience in the use of auto care and maintenance products. With this impeccable kit, you now have the option of purchasing premium-grade auto care products in compact sizes before purchasing WaveX Auto Care’s products in large/ bulk quantities.

How to UseWaveX Carnauba Wax – Pour a couple of drops of the Wavex Carnauba Wax on to the yellow foam applicator Evenly spread the product to the surface using the foam applicator Let the wax dry on the surface for a few minutes Manually buff the surface using the WaveX Microfiber Cloth and applying appropriate pressure.

WaveX Dashboard And Leather Conditioner Pour a couple of drops of the Wavex Carnauba Wax onto the yellow foam applicator Evenly spread the product to the interior surface using the foam applicator Wipe off the excess solution using the WaveX Microfiber Cloth.

WaveX Scratch Cleaner Apply the Scratch cleaner to the desired cleaning/ polishing surfaces using the WaveX Microfiber Cloth Rub/ buff the surface with the clean end of the microfiber cloth applying appropriate pressure.



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