Wavex Ceramic Coating – Graphene and SIO2 Infused – 350 GSM, 40 x 40 CM ( 30 ml)

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About this item

  • Consists of 30 ml Graphene Ceramic Coating, Applicator Pad, Applicator Microfibers, Microfiber Cloth
  • Scientifically advanced monocrystalline Si02+ Graphene infused coating developed to guard your vehicle against weather, pollutants, chemicals and UV rays.
  • >10H hardness ultra-durable coating that provides a protection barrier when applied to paint, glass headlights, chrome, wheels, trims, vinyl wraps and much more.
  • Long lasting coating provides >5years of protection and gives high gloss, super hydrophobic, scratch, thermal, oxidation and graffiti resistance effect on your vehicle’s surface.
  • Fireproof, heat resistant super coating with a honeycomb graphene structure who’s thickness increases with the application of additional layers.
  • Kit consists of 30 ml WaveX Graphene Ceramic Coating Bottle, ultra-soft small size premium microfiber cloths, one 350 gsm microfiber cloth, one coating applicator pad and an instruction manual.
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Graphene and SIO2 Infused Wavex Ceramic Coating – Protect Your Car From Scratches and Uv Rays

How to use: To effectively use this products, one must diligently follow the following steps:

Pre-Cleaning and Polishing: Thoroughly wash your vehicle with the Wavex Strip Wash Shampoo to strip your vehicle’s exterior surfaces of any unwanted remaining waxes, sealants or glaze. Use the Wavex Clay Bar and Clay Lubricant Spray to rid your vehicle’s exterior surfaces of any unwanted contaminants to ensure that when your vehicle is coated, it doesn’t trap any unwanted contaminants. Polish the car paint with Wavex’s range of polishing compounds to remove scratches and swirls. Use the Wavex Pre Treatment Spray to remove oil and residue off of vehicle’s surfaces.

Application: Use the microfiber cloth and applicator pad to apply the coating. Pour a couple of drops of the Wavex Ceramic Coating on the application sponge and apply it evenly across the vehicle’s surface in a vertical (north-south) and later horizontal (east-west) direction. After 1-2 minutes, inspect the coating with your finger then wipe the microfiber towel repeatedly until the vehicle’s surface looks shinny. If required, you could recoat (apply a second layer of coating to) the vehicle’s surface after a gap of 1 hour by repeating the same ‘application steps’.

Important Points: Use your vehicle only after 3 hours from coating application on a non-rainy day. Keep your vehicle dry at all costs during the first 7 days. In case any water droplets fall on your vehicle, wipe it immediately with a clean and dry Wavex Microfiber Cloth to ensure that the coating effectively seeps into your vehicle’s components. Wash your vehicle only after a span of 7 days. In the meantime, you would use a microfiber cloth to wipe your vehicle’s surface.


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Jangra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. 16 Guadaipur, Udyog Nagar, Focal Point Jalandhar – 144004

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