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Bosch Coolant 1ltr Green F002h24619-079

By Bosch

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Product Info :

Keep your engine cool and protected with premium Bosch coolant

  • Protects against sludge formation
  • Lasting protection against rust and conversion
  • Suitable for elastomers and plastics used in cooling system


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₹221₹209 (₹12 OFF) Inclusive all taxes + ₹90 Delivery Charges

Delivery Options Change

Premium Quality Green Bosch Coolant for Cars

Our engines bear immense amounts of heat, especially during the scorching Indian summers. Hence, they need to be cooled down. Bosch coolant for cars works excellently to cool the engine body and also protect its rubber, plastic, and metal parts from corrosion.

From the House of Bosch

The Bosch brand enjoys a renowned status in the Indian and international automobile market for its excellent range of premium quality parts and accessories for automobiles. The Bosch coolant also utilizes superior quality materials for longer and better performance.

Attractive Pricing

The Bosch coolant 1 litre price is absolutely reasonable and even affordable compared to the quality of service it provides.

Excellent Heat Transfer

The Bosch coolant ensures rapid heat exchange for an excellent heat transfer to quickly cool the entire engine down.

Corrosion Inhibition

This Bosch engine coolant also comes with superior corrosion inhibitors to protect the interiors of the radiator.

Longer Engine Life

By minimising heat and corrosion in the engine body, the Bosch coolant ensures a prolonged service life for the engine.

Weight 1.2 kg

‎Bosch Limited, ‎Bosch, Bosch Ltd, Post Box No. 3000, Hosur Road, Adugodi 560 030 Bangalore

Country of Origin


What cars use green coolant?

Green coolants are designed for older cars, majorly produced before 2000.

How to top up coolant?

Follow these steps to top up coolant:
  • Park you car on a level surface
  • Wait for 3-5 hours so the engine is fully cold
  • Locate the coolant reservoir
  • Mix the correct antifreeze and distilled water as per your manufacturer’s instructions. Skip this step if you are using pre-mixed coolant
  • Open the reservoir cap
  • Insert a funnel and slowly fill up to the mark
  • Replace the cap. Screw it on until you hear a ‘click’ sound.

Does coolant have an expiration date?

A sealed bottle of an engine coolant can have an indefinite expiration date as it can last for many, many years if stored in the same container. However, when you pour the coolant in your car, it does deteriorate with time.

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