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Restore Your Car With Top Engine Cleaners From Carorbis

A clean and sparkly engine looks spectacular and adds to the aesthetic value of your car or bike. We often neglect the engine because it is covered under a hood or below the bodywork of a bike. Over time, dirt, grease and contaminants build up on the engine surface making it dull and increasing the chances of rust or corrosion. An engine cleaning liquid is ideal to restore the natural beauty of your power unit. Engine cleaning spray can be used on petrol and diesel engines, SUVs, bikes and scooters.

Carorbis is the one-stop destination for all your car and bike detailing needs. Choose from a huge selection of engine cleaning liquids that are engineered to give you a shiny, new-looking engine.

Steps to Use an Engine Cleaner for Bikes or Cars

Cleaning an engine may be a challenging task if you are not acquainted with the process. The first step is to purchase a car engine restoration cleaner or engine cleaner liquid for bikes.


Disconnect the battery connections and cover all sensors, spark plugs, air intake and electrical components with plastic sheets and insulation tape.

Clean the engine with a soft, car microfibre cloth to remove surface dirt and grime.

Start the Engine

Warm up the engine for about 5 -10 minutes as it is easy to clean grease off components when the engine is heated.

Administer the Engine Cleaning Liquid

Use a high-quality car engine cleaning spray or bike engine cleaner spray on the entire power unit. Allow it to penetrate for 10 minutes and use a soft brush to remove stubborn dirt. Lightly scrub it with an abrasive sponge until all the grease and grime comes off. Corrosion is eliminated with a car engine rust cleaner.

Dry Off With an Absorbent Cloth

A microfibre cloth is effective in absorbing all the engine cleaner liquid to leave behind a shiny, new engine. Another way to dry the engine off is to start it and allow the heat to evaporate the car engine cleaning spray.

Reconnect the Battery

Restore the electrical connections of the battery and remove the plastic covers you had stuck on at the beginning. You now have a shiny, gleaming engine that looks brand new.

Why Choose Carorbis for Engine Cleaners?

Looking for the perfect engine cleaner for your bike or car? Your search ends with Carorbis online shopping for car and bike accessories. Shop for engine care products such as engine cleaners, and engine degreasers from popular brands like Wavex.

You don’t need a full engine restoration to have a shiny new engine. Just try out an all-purpose car engine cleaner and marvel at the result. You won’t be disappointed because Carorbis sells 100% genuine products from verified vendors and agents. Avail free shipping for orders above Rs.500 with a 10-day money-back policy if you are unhappy with the received product.

Don’t bother with local stores when you can find the best car and bike engine cleaners on Carorbis with just the click of a button. Browse through our wide selection of car engine products and decide what’s best for your vehicle. Start shopping online today for special offers, discounts and the best deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Which engine cleaner is best?

Ans. Engine cleaners or degreasers are sprayed directly on car or bike engine components to dissolve dirt, grease and grime. Some popular brands of engine cleaners are Gunk, Wavex, Waxpol and STP engine washing liquid. These engine cleaning products are perfect for heavily soiled areas of the engine.

Q 2. What is the best thing to clean an engine with

Ans. Avoid using a household degreaser-like dishwashing soap as they may not clean an engine effectively. A purpose-specific car or bike engine cleaning spray can clean components without water which is important because you don’t want sensitive electrical parts to get wet.

Q 3. How can I clean my engine without damaging anything?

Ans. First, cover up any sensitive electrical components such as sensors and spark plugs. Spray the entire engine with a high-quality engine cleaner and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then use a soft brush to clean the dirt and grease effectively. Wipe the engine dry with a soft microfibre cloth to remove any remaining product.

Q 4. Is it worth cleaning an engine?

Ans. Your car or bike may not run any better after a thorough engine clean but it will look a lot better, increase its resale value and reduce the likelihood of faults due to dirt messing with the normal operation of the engine. For example, grease on the v-belts and serpentine belts may cause them to slip and wear out prematurely.