Super High Power Universal LED Fog Light Projector Cob with Blue Angel Eye Ring 12V DC (3.5-inch – Set of 2) – 2886

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About this item

  • LED technology, high power lighting output, 15W for each light
  • Angel Eyes with High Quality Fog lamp & LED
  • Water Splash Proof
  • Heavy Aluminium Body
  • Better Visibility
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Super High Power Universal LED Fog Light Projector Cob With Blue Angel Eye Ring 12V DC

These LED halo projector fog lamps are miniature size, you can pretty much install these for any cars, SUV or trucks either replacing the existing fog lamps or add on as fog lights. High power LED lighting output, each lamp’s max wattage is about 15W. This product comes with a premium quality glass projector lens, which makes the light beam very focus and projects the light much fare than regular model. Because of this new design and high power LED technology, this kind of LED lamps will be much brighter than other SMD/CREE LED bulbs on the market! LED lights consume much less power than traditional halogen bulbs. At the same time, they serves much longer than halogen bulbs, average lifespan of LED light is 50000 working hour. This product with length of 2.75 inches and diameter of 3.5 inches. As long as your vehicle on the lower bumper have enough clearance space, you can install this for your vehicle. Please keep in mind this is not a plug and play product, some mods such as mounting brackets, run wirings are required for the installation. And some professional skills or tools may be necessary for installing this fog lamp.


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M.N. Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. , 5/644-C, Thadagam Road, Kanuvai P.O., Coimbatore – 641108

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Which bulb is good for car headlight?

Ans.LED headlight bulbs are popular due to their brightness, efficiency, and long life.They provide better visibility on the road with a clean, white light.

Q2.What is H4 or H7 bulb?

Ans.H4 is a dual filament bulb, combing both high beam and low beam in a single bulb.H7 is a single filament bulb that is used for low or high beam function, but not simultaneously.

Q3.What is the difference between H4 and H7 headlight?

Ans.H4 bulbs can produce a high and low beam from the same bulb.H7 requires separate bulbs for high and low beams.

Q4.What is H1 vs H4?

Ans.H1 bulbs are single filament headlights, used for high beam functions.H4 can be used for high or low-beam functions in a single bulb due to dual filaments.

Q5.Is H1 low or high beam?

Ans.The H1 bulb is known for its focused beam pattern and good light output, making it suitable for high-beam applications.

Q6.What does H1 H4 H7 mean?

Ans.These are different designations that refer to specific types of halogen bulbs used in automotive headlights.

Q7.Is H7 high or low beam?

Ans.H7 bulbs can be used for either low or high beams depending on the vehicle’s design, bulb wattage and specifications of the headlight.

Q8.Is H4 high or low beam?

Ans.The H4 bulb is capable of producing high or low beams from a single bulb.

Q9.What are the 3 types of headlights?

Ans.The three types of headlights include Halogen, LED and HID/Xenon.

Q10.Which is brighter Xenon or LED?

Ans.Xenon headlights produce a brighter output as compared to LED headlight bulbs.Xenon lights can also focus their beam at a longer distance.

Q11.Which is better HID or LED headlight bulbs?

Ans.HID bulbs can produce a slightly brighter light than LED bulbs, however, LED bulbs are more durable and sometimes more affordable than other types of headlight bulbs.

Q12.Which headlights to use at night?

Ans.Use headlights that are in proper working condition.LED or Xenon/HID headlights are recommended at night for brighter driving vision.

Q13.Which headlight is best LED or halogen?

Ans.Halogen lights are more affordable but they are not as bright or durable as LED headlight bulbs.

Q14.Which is best LED headlight for car?

Ans.Biolight, Osram, Potauto and Philips are well-known brands of LED lights available in the market.Carorbis offers these brands for purchase online at affordable prices and doorstep delivery.

Q15.Should you use low beam or high beam at night?

Ans.It is recommended to use a low beam during normal nighttime driving in well-lit areas.Use high beam on dark sections of the road without streetlights.Always switch to low beams when you see oncoming traffic to prevent blinding them.

Q16.Can we use high-beam on highway?

Ans.It is ok to use a high beam on a highway where there is no oncoming traffic.A high beam can allow you to see further down the road and provide better visibility in low light conditions.

Q17.Can you use high-beam during the day?

Ans.It is unnecessary to use headlights during the day unless you are driving through a dark tunnel or an area where there is no sunlight illuminating the road, for example through a deep forest.

Q18.Why do people use high-beam?

Ans.A high beam is used to focus light further down the road, in order for the driver to see better at night.

Q19.Why do Indians use high beam?

Ans.It is become common practice to use high beam in India even when faced with oncoming traffic and in city streets.Most countries consider using high beams unnecessarily, a traffic offence, and drivers are educated on how to use headlights appropriately before they receive their driving licenses.

Q20.Is high beam illegal in India?

Ans.High beam usage is not a traffic offence; however, some drivers show courtesy to oncoming traffic by switching to low beam to prevent inconvenience.

Q21.What is the RTO rules for headlights in India?

Ans.The RTO rules state that headlights should not be more than 60 watts, and that improper use of headlights or modification is illegal.

Q23.Can you replace 55W bulbs with 100W?

Ans.It is not recommended as this may cause serious damage to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Q24.Is 55W headlight bright?

Ans.A 55W headlight bulb is considered normal brightness and is the average power rating for most vehicle headlights.

Q25.Is 100W headlight bulb legal in India?

Ans.They are considered legal as long as they don’t obstruct the vision of oncoming motorists.

Q26.Can I use 80w instead of 55W?

Ans.It is not recommended to use different watt specification for bulbs as this may cause a short circuit in your vehicle's electrical system.

Q27.Can you replace 55W bulbs with 60w?

Ans.Avoid using a high voltage bulb instead of standard specification to avoid damage or malfunction.

Q28.Can you replace 35w bulb with 55W?

Ans.This would provide reduced brightness levels while driving which may not be ideal in low-light areas and while driving at night.

Q29.What is brighter 35W or 55W HID?

Ans.A 55W HID is brighter than a 35W headlight because it uses more power to produce light with higher intensity.

Q30.Is 55W HID too bright?

Ans.A 55W HID might be too bright for nighttime driving.Stick to a lower wattage which is less likely to obstruct oncoming motorists.

Q31.What happens if you put a 60 Watt in a 40 Watt?

Ans.It may cause an electrical short circuit and the vehicle's electrical system may get damaged.

Q32.Is 40W or 60W brighter?

Ans.A 60W bulb is brighter than a 40W headlight bulb because it has a higher power rating and can shine brighter.

Q33.Which is better 40-watt or 60 watt?

Ans.Choose a 40-watt bulb over a 60-watt headlight as it provides sufficient brightness without obstructing oncoming motorists.

Q34.Can I replace a 60 watt bulb with 100 watt?

Ans.It is not recommended to replace a 60-watt headlight bulb with a 100-watt headlight as it may consume excess power and cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system.

Q35.What is the brightest light bulb?

Ans.Xenon HID headlight bulbs produce the brightest light for vehicles.LED headlights are also quite bright on vehicles.

Q36.How bright is 5W LED?

Ans.A 5W LED is capable of producing 100-500 lumens, which can be considered insufficient for nighttime driving or low-light conditions.

Q37.Does wattage affect brightness?

Ans.The higher the wattage of a headlight bulb, the brighter it will shine.

Q38.What watt is brightest?

Ans.60W to 100W is the brightest headlight bulbs you can purchase for your vehicle.They provide sufficient illumination for nighttime driving.

Q39.Is higher or lower watts better?

Ans.Higher watts is better for a brighter light, but a lower wattage will have more durability and longer life due to less heat generation and reduced wear due to electrical conduction.

Q40.Which bulb watt is brighter?

Ans.A 60-Watt headlight bulb is brighter than a 40W bulb due to the increased energy output and hence brighter illumination.

Q41.What's the brightest light bulb for car?

Ans.100-Watt bulbs are considered the brightest headlight bulbs for cars.

Q42.How do I choose LED headlight bulbs?

Ans.Refer to your vehicle manual to find out the right type of replacement headlight.If you can find an LED bulb that fits the headlight socket and has the correct wattage and voltage, it will be a good fit.

Q43.What are the 3 types of LED light bulbs?

Ans.The types of LED headlight bulbs vary by the material used in the heat sink, aluminium or copper and whether they have a fan for cooling.

Q44.What are the disadvantages of LED light bulbs?

Ans.LED lights produce a lot of heat and require some form of cooling which adds to the cost and bulkiness of the product.The price of LED headlights is quite high compared to regular halogen bulbs.However, they have a longer life and more durability.

Q45.How do I know if my bulb is halogen or LED?

Ans.A halogen bulb will have a filament (small, thin wire coil) whereas an LED will have an electrical circuit with a light-emitting diode ( a small transistor-looking device).

Q46.How much do LED lights cost?

Ans.LED headlights are in the range of Rs.4000 -Rs.6000 for a Philips LED car headlight on Carorbis.

Q47.Is LED cheaper than halogen?

Ans.LED headlights are more expensive as compared to halogen lights.They are brighter and have a longer service life.

Q48.Is LED cheaper than bulb?

Ans.No, LED lights are more expensive than regular headlights due to complicated technology and superior construction.

Q49.Are LED headlights expensive?

Ans.LED lights are more expensive than regular headlights.However, they can save you costs in the long run with higher durability, better driving vision and efficiency.