Fuelx BMW Lite

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About this item

  • Vehicle CompatibilityBMW – BMW G/GS310 (2018)
  • Plug N Play – Install in under 15 minutes with no fancy tools required
  • Cooler Engine – Engine and Exhaust temperatures are cooler by upto 10%
  • Rideability – Improved riding experience, reduced jerks and lesser down shifts
  • 10 Autotune Maps – FuelX Pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps which can be selected based on the mods, weather, altitude and riding style
  • Automotive Grade – Every FuelX Lite is built to last with automotive grade components and the harness too, which withstands impacts
  • Auto Adapt – FuelX smartly adapts to variations in riding style and engine characteristics, as well as to add-ons such as exhaust and air-filter
  • Water & Heat Resistant – FuelX Pro, harness and map switch are fully water and heat resistant
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Fuelx BMW Lite

FuelX is a state of the art electronic plug-in fuel-injection optimizer for modern engines. It autotunes the engine to its best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning and adapting to the engine’s condition, wear and tear, riding style, add-ons (such as air filter and/or exhaust), as well as the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude etc. It always ensures that the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones.

Why Fuelx –

  • Eliminate/reduce jerkiness and stalling
  • Reduces downshifts
  • Increases torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Engine runs cooler
  • Enhanced engine life

Features –

  • 10 Switchable Autotune Maps
  • Maps as per rider or bike requirement
  • Perfect addition to air filter and exhaust upgrades
  • Cool and happy running engine
  • Quick plug-and-play installation
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Shock proof
  • Works in any altitude levels
  • Improved throttle response
  • Quick and easy installation


Vehicle Compatibility:
BMW G/GS310 (2018)



Race Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd., C5, C.S. Towers, 1st C Main Rd, Jakkasandra, 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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Vehicle Compatibility

BMW G/GS310 (2018)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What are the benefits of installing FuelX?

Ans.FuelX refines and maintains smooth engine performance for safe and efficient riding.It is not intended to improve speed or acceleration, rather it adjusts the fuel-air ratio for optimised engine operation.

Q2.How do I install FuelX on my bike?

Ans.Disconnect the bike battery.Locate the oxygen/lambda sensor on your bike exhaust and connect FuelX between this sensor and the stock ECU.Connect the ground wire to the negative terminal of the bike’s battery.

Q3.What is the difference between FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite?

Ans.FuelX Pro comes with 10 driving maps along with a handlebar switch for different riding modes.FuelX Lite has a single riding mode for basic air-fuel mixture adjustments.Both devices optimise engine operation with FuelX Pro having more features and versatility than FuelX Lite.

Q4.What is the difference between PowerTRONIC and FuelX?

Ans.PowerTRONIC is a plug-and-play piggyback ECU that optimises both fuel delivery and ignition timing for better performance and fuel efficiency.FuelX is used for adjusting the air-fuel ratio and fuel delivery without affecting the ignition timing, which provides smooth riding and better throttle response.

Q5.What is the use of FuelX Pro?

Ans.FuelX Pro enhances the performance of motorcycles with 10 riding modes.Riders can optimise power delivery and fuel efficiency depending on riding style, altitude and modifications on the engine.

Q6.Does FuelX Pro increase mileage?

Ans.Riders will notice an increase in mileage after installing FuelX Pro on their motorcycles.FuelX Pro optimises fuel delivery and ignition timing for better fuel economy.

Q7.Is FuelX worth it?

Ans.FuelX provides a better riding experience, smoother power delivery, jerk-free gear shifting and higher performance.It is also water and heat-resistant which makes it a durable and reliable performance accessory for your motorcycle.

Q8.What is the mileage of FuelX?

Ans.Riders will get an increase of around 10% in fuel mileage with the installation of FuelX Pro.