Geomax 24 inch Wiper Blades

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About this item

Get Geomax 24-inch Wiper blades for Maximum Cleaning &  clear vision and quieter drive.

  • High Performance – The Geomax 24-inch wiper blades are designed to repel wind-lift while driving at a high speed or during a strong wind. 
  • Durable Material – The 24-inch wiper blade is designed using all-natural squeegee rubber that resists cracking, splitting and tearing against heat, and cold. 
  • All-weather Performance – These blades are exceptionally designed with a robust structure for greater performance in heavy rain and snow.
  • Streak-Free Cleaning – The Geomax 24 inch wiper blades provide smooth, clean and streak-free wipes by using embedded friction reducers and multiple pressure joints.
  • Easy to Install – These blades are quick and easy to install. You can fix them in your car within 10 to 15 minutes. 
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Geomax 24-inch Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an underrated lifesaver. When driving in heavy rain, the line of vision can get blurry, or get completely dark which can get quite risky. It’s wise to stick with a high-quality wiper blade for durable, and reliable cleaning of the windshield. The Geomax 24-inch wiper blades provide smooth, quiet, clean, and streak-free cleaning. These wiper blades ensure maximum screen contact. It remains stable to the screen even in harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. The AA-grade natural rubber material with graphic coating helps to reduce noise and friction. 

Water Repellency Technology for the Ultimate Driving Visibility

The Geomax 24-inch wiper blades come with excellent water repellency technology for clearing out your vision for better visibility. The wiper blades provide uniform cleaning of the windshield. You can see the difference these blades make compared to the areas the blades haven’t reached. 

Long-Lasting Wiper Blades – Excellent Cleaning for Years

These 24-inch wiper blades are manufactured with high-quality grade AA natural rubber, ABS and steel material. Together, it offers high performance while cleaning your windshield while also remaining durable by showing heat and oxidation resistance. The grade A rubber is excellent for resisting wear and tear from sunlight exposure and UV rays, thereby, offering an extended service. 

Aerodynamic Design – Efficient Cleaning with Less Noise

The aerodynamic design of 24-inch wiper blades leads to quiet and streak-free wiping. The wiper blades reduce wind noise and drag to enhance traction. The aerodynamic design helps the wiper blades from lifting away from the windscreen in case the winds are strong or driving at a high speed. The design also benefits you by requiring very little replacement from damage or defect, since it proves to be more efficient and durable. 

Superior Wipeability – Leaving Behind No Residue

The rubber strips present in the 24-inch wiper blades apply pressure on the windscreen when moving and forth while cleaning. The pressured wiper blades help to keep the surface clean. The blades wipe out all kinds of foreign particles that are blocking the vision. The special graphite coating also helps to reduce noise while cleaning dirt and debris off the surface. The high tenacity memory spring steel sheet renders uniform pressure distribution and efficient cleaning all over the windscreen. 

Easy to Install – Child’s Play For You

When it takes less than 10 minutes to install, you know it’s your favourite product. If you hate the hassle, then consider getting these Geomax 24-inch wiper blades for superior cleaning of your vehicle windshield. Our Geomax 24-inch wiper blades are incredibly easy to use and suits 96% of vehicles driven in India. There’s no need for additional help from a mechanic, it’s a fun little chore for you.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is a Wiper blade?

Ans.A wiper blade is used to clean a vehicle’s windshield while driving.Wipers can remove moisture, dirt, debris, raindrops and snow, leaving the windshield clean and streak free for maximum visibility.

Q2.What wiper blades do I need?

Ans.The wiper blades you install should have a specific size to fit your vehicle’s windscreen.The best wiper blades come from brands such as Michelin and Bosch and are widely available on Carorbis.Com in a range of sizes to fit your vehicle.

Q3.Do all wiper blades fit any car?

Ans.Each vehicle requires a different size of wiper blade.Refer to your owner’s manual for the exact specifications of the wiper blade to install on your vehicle.

Q4.Do I need to buy 2 wiper blades?

Ans.It is recommended to replace both windshield wipers at the same time.Otherwise, you may experience inconsistent cleaning which may reduce visibility.

Q5.How long do windshield wipers last?

Ans.Windshield wipers should last at least 2-3 years if used properly and maintained correctly.The life of wiper blades will decrease with excessive use or driving through adverse weather conditions.

Q6.Do wiper blade brands matter?

Ans.Yes.Wiper blades from brands such as Michelin and Bosch are renowned to be of high-quality and long-lasting durability.In addition, these blades provide a clean, streak-free glass surface and ensure maximum visibility and safety in all weather conditions.

Q7.Which windshield wipers last the longest?

Ans.Windshield wipers from Bosch and Michelin are well known to have a long life and dependable service in all weather conditions.

Q8.Are silicone or rubber wiper blades better?

Ans.Silicone is a synthetic material that is less susceptible to wear and tear or weathering effects due to exposure to the elements.Rubber provides a cleaner surface, but is subject to degradation, especially during the summer when the material dries out.

Q9.Do expensive wiper blades last longer?

Ans.Expensive wiper blades are made of superior materials and use advanced technology in their manufacture.They are more likely to have a longer life due to increased quality control and sturdy construction.

Q10.Why are some wiper blades so expensive?

Ans.There is a lot of research and development in the manufacture of wiper blades, to ensure that these components provide maximum cleaning and less noise during operation.Expensive wiper blades are better suited for your car if you are looking for enhanced safety and driving comfort.

Q11.When should I buy wiper blades?

Ans.You should replace the wiper blades as soon as you notice faulty operation or incomplete cleaning with your current wiper blades.Using old wipers for too long may even scratch the windshield permanently.

Q12.What are 3 different styles of wiper blade arms?

Ans.The three different types of wiper blades include standard, flat and hybrid.Standard wiper blades have springs and a couple of pressure points to distribute force on the windshield.Flat wiper blades have a connector in the middle with a more aerodynamic shape.Hybrid wiper blades are a combination of conventional and flat-type wiper blades.

Q13.Is there a difference in wiper blades?

Ans.Each wiper blade has a length specification and unique connector that will fit on a certain car model.Refer to your owner’s manual before you make a purchase.

Q14.Can I switch my wiper blades?

Ans.Yes, there are plenty of aftermarket options for wiper blades from brands such as Michelin and Bosch.Visit Carorbis and browse through a comprehensive catalogue of wiper blade options for your vehicle.

Q15.Which is most commonly used wiper in automobile?

Ans.Bosch and Michelin are two popular brands that drivers prefer due to their superior wiping abilities, low noise and dependable service.

Q16.What are the two type of wipers?

Ans.You can buy a standard windshield wiper like the ones that come factory fitted on your car, or you can get a high-performance wiper blade from Bosch or Michelin as an aftermarket replacement.

Q17.Are curved wiper blades better?

Ans.The wiper blade should make perfect contact with your windshield for the best cleaning results.Check if your vehicle can be installed with a curved wiper blade before you make a purchase.

Q18.Can wiper blade damage windshield?

Ans.A new wiper blade has a special coating on the rubber wiper blades to reduce friction and glide over the glass windshield.Older or worn-out wiper blades tend to scratch the windshield, especially if used without spraying windshield wiper fluid.

Q19.Why do wiper blades fail?

Ans.The rubber material used in wiper blades eventually wears out due to exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight.At this point, it is best to replace your wiper blades with an aftermarket product.

Q20.Why Are silicone wipers better?

Ans.Silicone wiper blades are resistant to wear and tear.They provide a gliding surface for the blades across the windshield which provides superior cleaning action and longer life.

Q21.Which is better silicone or rubber?

Ans.Both materials have their advantages.Silicone wiper blades have a longer life, but rubber wiper blades have superior cleaning action.

Q22.Are frameless wiper blades better?

Ans.This is more of an aesthetic property.Frameless wiper blades give your vehicle a better look when viewed from the front.

Q23.What is the disadvantage of frameless wiper?

Ans.They tend to be more expensive than traditional wipers and they may not be as durable as framed wipers.

Q24.How important is wiper blade size?

Ans.Each vehicle has a specific wiper blade size that is suitable for the dimensions of its windshield.Refer to the owner’s manual for the right windshield wiper size.

Q25.What is banana wiper?

Ans.It is a frameless type of wiper that has a spring-loaded arm and a bent shape that looks like a banana.It provides even pressure all over the windshield.

Q26.Why car wipers are kept open in parking?

Ans.This is done to prevent the wipers from sticking to the windshield when the vehicle is parked for an extended period.Moisture may cause the blade to adhere to the glass surface during extreme weather conditions.

Q27.Why is the arm of a wiper blade should not be bended?

Ans.Bending the wiper arm may cause the wiper blade to move incorrectly, and it may damage or scratch your windshield.A bent wiper arm may not be able to wipe your windshield effectively.

Q28.Is rain sensing wipers good?

Ans.Rain-sensing wipers automatically switch on when they detect moisture from raindrops.It is a convenient and safety-enhancing technology that eliminates the need for the driver to switch on the wipers manually.

Q29.What is automatic wiper?

Ans.Automatic wipers have sensors that detect rainfall and automatically switch on to clean the windshield.They may also vary wiper speed depending on the intensity of rainfall.

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