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Have you ever had a day when you were driving through the loneliest highway and suddenly your car’s tyre decided to go flat? Many of us have had. Michelin Tyre Inflator is designed to save you in such and many more situations.

Michelin is renowned for producing the most powerful tyre inflators in India where no models from other brands can come anywhere close to the power and efficiency provided by a Michelin Tyre Inflator. The brand also enjoys international recognition in mature markets like the UK, USA, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Established in 1898, the Michelin brand strives to produce mobility solutions that are safe, easy, fast, and most respectful to the environment.

Listed below are just a few of the endless reasons for why you need a Michelin Tyre Air Pump in your tool kit:

  1. Michelin products are manufactured from the best of raw materials. Hence, they are highly durable and last many, many years.
  2. Michelin Digital Tyre Inflator is extremely powerful. You can use them to inflate a fully flat tyre in just 2-5 minutes.
  3. All models of Michelin Tyre Inflator are compact and portable so you can easily fit them in your car tool kit.
  4. You will also find all their models equipped with a button to switch between PSI, BAR, and kPa pressure units.


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Michelin Tyre Inflators vary in features and power efficiency. There are inflators to suit every vehicle and fit every budget bracket. Here are the most popular Michelin Tyre Inflators in India:

  1. MICHELIN Digital High Power Tyre Inflator 12265

    Michelin Fast Flow Tyre Inflator 12265 is suitable for all cars and two-wheelers. The quick inflation technology lets you inflate a fully flat tyre upto 30 PSI in just 4 minutes.
  2. MICHELIN High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator 12266

    The powerful Michelin Tyre Inflator 12266 is able to take a flat tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in only about 3 minutes. You can set the pressure required beforehand with the preset feature.
  3. MICHELIN 4X4/SUV Digital Tyre Inflator Direct Drive Technology 1231

    This is another super-handy Michelin 12 Volt Tyre Inflator that comes with an upper handle for easy handling. The quiet motor lets you refill your tyre peacefully.
  4. MICHELIN Hi Power tyre Inflator with detachable gauge (Round)

    Being round in shape, Michelin Digital Tyre Inflator with auto cut off is quite different from other Michelin Tyre Inflators. The round Michelin Tyre Inflator comes with a detachable gauge and is able to refill a flat tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in about 4 minutes.
  5. Michelin 12267 Cordless Rechargeable Tyre Inflator

    Michelin Tyre Inflator 12267 comes with a built-in 12 V rechargeable battery. While it’s powerful enough to inflate a deflated tyre upto 30 PSI in 3 minutes, you can use it to inflate 10 bicycle tyres in one charge.
  6. MICHELIN 12316 Michelin Twin Piston Tyre Inflator 220V Heavy Duty

    This one has to be the most powerful tyre inflator by Michelin as it takes only 1.5 minutes to take a flat tyre from 0 to 35 PSI.
  7. Michelin -12264- Digital - Micro Car/Bike Tyre Inflator

    Michelin Tyre Inflator 12264 is another high power tyre inflator by Michelin that you can use to inflate a flat 13-inch tyre to 30 PSI in about 8 minutes.
  8. Michelin 12314 Twin Piston Tyre Inflator 12V Heavy Duty

    Much like MICHELIN 12316 Tyre Inflator, Michelin Tyre Inflator 12314 is ideal for SUVs and 4*4s. This Michelin Air Pump for cars inflates a 13 inch tyre to 35 PSI in under 2 minutes.
  9. MICHELIN 9519 Preset Digital Car Tyre Inflator

    Michelin 9519 Preset Tyre Inflator is equipped with a preset feature so that you can set the required pressure beforehand and avoid over-inflation.
  10. Michelin Foot Pump Tyre Inflator

    Michelin Foot Pump Tyre Inflator can be used anywhere as this one is operated manually and it doesn’t need a battery to be able to inflate a tyre. It comes with a double piston and barrel assembly that enables you to refill a tyre in only a few pumps.


It can be truly tiring and frustrating to scrabble around in different local automobile stores to compare and bargain for that one Michelin Tyre Inflator that you need. If you are looking for ‘Michelin Tyre Inflator near me’, brings the widest variety of Michelin Tyre Inflator in India at your fingertips. Here you can compare between the features and price range of different inflators and order the best one for you in just a few taps.


Place an order for your Michelin Tyre Inflator online from the comfort of your lounge and get it delivered right on your doorstep in 3-5 days. Purchasing an authentic Michelin Tyre Inflator in India at the lowest possible price could not be easier. The user-friendly interface at makes it all the more easier to find just the right product for your vehicle. Just enter your car model, year of manufacturing and engine type and the page will open into an array of auto parts and accessories that fit your vehicle.


Q 1. How to use tyre inflator?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Inflator is used in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect the inflator to a 12 V power supply.
  2. Connect the nozzle to the deflated tyre’s valve-system.
  3. Switch the Michelin tyre Inflator on and let it inflate the tyre until you see the desired pressure reading on the LCD display.

Q 2. Which car tyre inflator is the best?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Inflators are the most powerful and durable tyre inflators that can inflate a fully flat tyre in a span of 2-5 minutes. The bright LCD digital display shows accurate readings of the tyre pressure, making the process much easier.

Q 3. Can Michelin Tyre Inflators be used in motorcycles with tubeless tyres?

Ans. Yes! You can use the Michelin Tyre Inflator to inflate a tubeless tyre.

Q 4. How much time does it take to inflate a fully flat MUV tyre?

Ans. It takes about 4-5 minutes to inflate a flat MUV tyre upto 32 PSI.

Q 5: What is the battery backup of Michelin Tyre Inflator?

Ans. Most Michelin High Power Tyre Inflators are powered by a 12 V socket inside your car. The cordless Michelin Portable Tyre Inflator comes with a rechargeable battery backup of 12 V. Also, Michelin Tyre Foot Pump is operated manually and doesn’t require any battery backup.