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Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge is a super compact, and versatile device that every automobile owner must have in their toolkit. A tyre pressure gauge is used to check the air pressure inside your automobile’s tyre as the accurate air pressure is essential for optimum functioning of the tyre. You can purchase authentic Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge in India online at at the lowest possible prices.


Michelin offers an extremely impressive range of tyre care products like tyre pressure gauge, tyre inflators, foot pumps. Here are a few of the many Michelin products that you can find on

  1. Michelin Mn-4203 Digital Tyre Gauge (Blue) -

    This one is a robust, durable and super easy-to-use digital gauge from Michelin with an auto on/off feature.
  2. Michelin Digital Tyre Tread Depth & Pressure Gauge With Lcd -

    If Michelin Blue Tyre Pressure Gauge wasn’t enough to amaze you, the company launched their next product- Michelin Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge. This is a tyre pressure gauge as accurate and durable as the earlier one, but with an add-on in-built tyre tread depth checker.
  3. Michelin 12259 Hi-power Tyre Inflator With Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge -

    This is a high-pressure and compact tyre inflator that can be used to inflate any tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 3-5 minutes. The product also comes with a snap-in digital tyre gauge that can also be used independently.
  4. Michelin Hi-power Tyre Inflator 12260 With Detachable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge -

    This is another powerful tyre inflator from Michelin that again comes with a snap-in detachable tyre pressure gauge.


While there’s a huge variety of tyre pressure gauge online, and while a lot of them can help you save a few hundreds, not all are as accurate, durable, and economical as a Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge. Here are the major reasons why you need a Michelin Digital Tyre Inflator:

  1. It’s closest to accurate -

    With a super wide range- 5-99psi/0.35-6.80 Bar/35-680 kPa/0.4-7.00kg/cm2, the Michelin Tyre Gauge also has a high level of accuracy- +/-(1%+LSD).
  2. It helps in regular checks -

    Maintaining the optimum tyre pressure all the time prevents uneven wear, and prolongs overall tyre life. Also, you don’t have to rush to the mechanic each time you have to deal with the consequences of having too low pressure in your automobile tyres.
  3. It’s handy and compact -

    One of the most evident advantages of a Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge is its super compact and handy design. It is small and lightweight so you can slip it into your car’s glove box or insert it with the car keyring.
  4. It’s easy-to-use -

    There’s no guide on ‘how to use tyre pressure gauge’ because it is just so simple and straightforward- just kneel down to your beloved car, insert the gauge’s pin into the tyre valve and you will see the pressure readings being displayed on the digital screen.
  5. It’s versatile -

    Michelin Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge also comes with a built-in tread depth gauge. So, you have a magical versatile device to always take good care of your car or bike tyres.
  6. It’s robust, durable, and long-lasting -

    Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge is engineered out of the most durable raw materials. Hence, it is robust, strong, and sturdy, even with a very rough usage. The replaceable battery also lasts for a very long time- upto 6 years!


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Q 1. Which tyre pressure gauge is best?

Ans. A tyre pressure gauge that is handy, easy to use, durable, and gives accurate readings is the best tyre pressure gauge.

Q 2. How to read tyre pressure gauge?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge is easy to use and read. Just connect the tyre pressure gauge with a tyre valve and it will start displaying the accurate pressure reading on the bright LED digital screen.

Q 3. How long does Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge last?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge comes with a replaceable battery that lasts a good 3 to 4 years.

Q 4. Can Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge be used to check truck tyre pressure?

Ans. Yes. Michelin digital Tyre Pressure Gauge can be used to check pressure of tyres of all bikes, cars, tractors, and trucks.

Q 5. How much mm thickness can Michelin Tyre Pressure cum Tread Depth gauge check?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Pressure cum Tread Depth Gauge can measure treads of maximum depth 14.8 mm.

Q 6. How long does the battery of Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge last?

Ans. Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge’s battery lasts for at least 3-4 years and it can last even longer than that if you use it carefully.

Q 7. How to replace the battery in Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge?

Ans. The battery of Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge can be replaced by unscrewing the battery cover on the backside of the gauge.

Q 8. How do I change reading from kg/cm2 into PSI?

Ans. To switch between readings, you must press and hold the power button for a second or two.