Wix Oil Filter For ALTO,WAGNOR K SERIES WL7564

Wix Oil Filter For ALTO, WAGNOR K SERIES WL7564

By Wix

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Wix has been selling ALTO and WAGNOR K SERIES Oil Filters for passenger automobiles and a wide range of heavy equipment. The integrity of our products excels as a result of our many years of experience, professional employees, modern production lines, and laboratories, all of which are under constant quality control. We’ve become one of the most well-known brands in the world by maintaining the highest standards at every level of the filter design and development process.

  • Made in High-Quality synthetic fibers.
  • Better efficiency and durability. 
  • Good strength and stiffness.


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MRP: ₹257 Inclusive all taxes

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Wix ALTO, WAGNOR K SERIES Oil Filter is a unique component of four wheels among automobile lovers. The Wix Oil Filter ALTO, WAGNOR K SERIES improves the aesthetics, power, road efficiency, and acoustics of your car.

Extreme Type Wix ALTO Oil Filter

Carorbis provides you with a reliable oil filter plate. The Wix ALTO Oil Filter protects your engine while lowering restrictions and improving performance.

Superior Quality WAGNOR K SERIES Oil Filter  

A unique oil filter platform has been built for you. The WAGNOR K SERIES Oil Filter has a sleek, attractive design, which provides extremely comfortable support for motor and vehicle use.

How is the Wix oil filter useful for ALTO, WAGNOR K Series?

The leading seller of accessories, Carorbis, emphasized some major health benefits of high-quality air filters.

Increase your gas mileage

Fresh oil permits engines to function more smoothly, allowing them to use fuel more efficiently. This leads to greater gas mileage, and even little improvements in the mileage of each car in a fleet can add up to significant savings.

The efficiency of the motor

Not only maintains your engine clean, but regular oil filter modifications also increase its efficiency. The oil is poured into a motor by dirt, debris, and other pieces. Sludge, therefore, develops over time within the apparatus. If the engine oil filter is not properly changed, the engine efficiency and output of the collected pieces inside it might be significantly adjusted.

Longer Life Motor

Typically, a dirty oil filter has muck that generates more friction and faster wear and tear. A cleaner engine works easier, functions more effectively, and has a longer life in general.

Components Cools Engine

Under the hood, engine components produce a lot of heat when moving at rapid speeds. The oil filter maintains the correct lubrication, which ensures that all moving parts create minimum friction, so that engine components are not overheated.

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What is the actual use of an oil filter?

As the oil maintains your engine clean, the oil filter helps eliminate impurities that can accumulate over time in the oil. It's crucial to have clean motor oil because if you don't filter it, it can become saturated with microscopic, hard particles that can wear down your engine's surfaces.

In how many days should the oil filter be changed?

Many manufacturers recommend that you change your oil filter every other time you change your oil. So, if you're driving 3,000 miles per day, you'd replace your filter every 6,000 miles; if you're driving 6,000 miles per day (as most modern vehicles do), you'd replace it every 12,000.

What if you never modify the filter of oil?

The filter might be significantly blocked, which reduces the amount of oil going into your filter and engine if the oil filter is not changed from time to time. Your motor can be severely damaged without this oil. Your engine would suffer terminal harm without this bypass valve.

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