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About this item

  • Vehicle CompatibilityKTM 125 – KTM DUKE/RC 125 (2020-2023), KTM Duke/RC 125 (2017-2019), KTM Duke/RC 125 (2012-2016) | KTM 200 – KTM Duke/RC 200 (2020-2023), KTM Duke/RC 200 (2017-2019), KTM Duke/RC 200 (2012-2016) | KTM 250 – KTM Duke/RC 250 (2020-2023), KTM Duke/RC 250 (2017-2019), KTM Duke/RC 250 (2012-2016) | KTM 390 – KTM Duke/RC 390 (2012-2016), KTM Duke/RC 390 (2017-2019), KTM Duke/RC 390 (2020-2023), KTM Adventure 390 (2020-2023) | KTM 690 – KTM 690 Enduro (2019-2021), KTM Duke 690 (2012-2017), KTM Duke 690 SMCR (2019-2021) | KTM 790 – KTM Duke 790 (2019-2021), KTM Adventure 790 (2019-2021) | KTM 890 – KTM Duke 890 (2020-2021) | KTM 1290 – KTM 1290 GT (2018), KTM Superduke 1290 (2017-2019), KTM Adventure 1290 S/R (2017-2019)
  • Plug N Play – Plug & Play Performance ECU Install in under 40 minutes with no fancy tools required
  • Increased Power & Torque – By controlling both fuel & ignition to deliver optimal performance & throttle response
  • Built To Last – PowerTRONIC V4 has been made using top quality automotive grade components
  • Downloadable Maps – PowerTRONIC comes with dual pre-tuned maps which can also be downloaded
  • Tune Easy – Tune the way you want the PowerTRONIC to perform on PC, Smartphones & Tablets
  • Improved Throttle Response – Throttle Response of the motorcycle is improved and aggressive
  • Water & Heat Resistant – PowerTRONIC Harness is water and Heat resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty – PowerTRONIC comes with unlimited support and 1 year replacement warranty
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Powertronic ECU For KTM

The all new PowerTRONIC V4 is the most advanced full feature Piggyback ECU for motorcycles currently available worldwide. Designed to be universally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC ECU plugs in within minutes delivering improved performance through race-engineered, user adjustable fuel and ignition mapping.


R-Tune Programmable
REV Extension
Improved Power and Torque
Fuel and Ignition Control

Quicker Throttle Response

Make the most of your daily commute with instantly better throttle response. Our maps for the Duke offer better transient response even in the closed-loop/part-throttle regions, significantly reducing part-throttle sluggishness making low speed riding conditions – be it traffic or twisty mountain passes more enjoyable.

Predictable Refinement

Power delivery is strong, smooth and no longer dramatic. Added power should never come at the cost of refinement and PowerTRONIC shines in this area minimizing engine vibrations to a great extent. Our in-built ign

Higher Rev-limit

The standard rev-limit not only kills power, it kills the mood too. PowerTRONIC’s preset 12,000rpm rev-limit lets you unleash the power within. With a wider powerband, higher in-gear speeds and increased top end performance, the revised rev-limit helps in reaching higher top speeds, attacking corners harder, eliminating unnecessary up-ships and keeping the engine in the powerband while downshifting. For race setups, PowerTRONIC supports upto 15,000rpm

It really is all about Power

With PowerTRONIC on this bike, we were interested to explore the limits of the engine and beyond. While we improved throttle response, refinement and power delivery in the process; the goal has always been performance. With dyno-tested gains of 3-5Bhp on a stock motorcycle, there is simply no other accessory in the world that has proven its performance on the road, track and dyno. To put it in other words, if you happened to meet a performance engineer at the factory, this is how his bike would feel.

FuelX Installation Manuals

KTM Duke/RC 125, 200, 250, 390 – Download Installation Manuals

Vehicle Compatibility:
KTM Motorcycles


Manufacturer Details

Race Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd., C5, C.S. Towers, 1st C Main Rd, Jakkasandra, 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Bike Brand


Country Of Origin


Vehicle Compatibility

KTM Motorcycles


Pre-Tuned, Dual Map Support, Quickshifter Compatible, Effortless Plug-in system, 12,000rpm Rev-limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is it easy to install PowerTronic on my bike?

Ans.Installation is quite simple, taking approximately 1 hour for someone familiar with working on a motorcycle.The product comes with a detailed installation guide for removing panels, routing wires and connecting sockets.Installation of PowerTronic can also be carried out easily by a professional mechanic.

Q2.Do I need to tune PowerTronic after installation?

Ans.PowerTronic is ready to go with a predefined map specific to a bike model for optimum performance.For custom modification, connect PowerTronic to a Windows PC via the provided USB cable and use the downloadable R-Tune software for fine-tuning.A professional can use this software to program PowerTronic for a custom riding mode focused on either power or fuel economy.

Q3.Can I install PowerTronic myself?

Ans.Installation of Powertronic requires simple tools such as a socket wrench, wire cutter, and screwdriver.You should also be familiar with the location of the bike’s fuel injector, ignition coil, throttle position sensor and battery.Refer to the provided PowerTronic installation guide for specific instructions on disassembly and connections on your particular bike model.

Q4.Will my bike revert to the stock setting after I remove PowerTronic?

Ans.PowerTronic is safe for your bike and does not permanently modify engine components.The bike returns to complete stock condition without any lasting effects once the device is disconnected.

Q5.What power gains can I expect from PowerTronic?

Ans.PowerTronic increases horsepower and torque by around 10% with better low and mid-range performance.Users will notice sharper throttle response, faster acceleration and quick gear shifts with an extension of the rev limit.Top speed will increase by about 10-15 km/h.Custom-tuning maps can also enhance mileage with a focus on either city or highway riding conditions.

Q.Does PowerTronic increase my bike’s rev limit?

Ans.The rev extension feature is available only with compatible bike models.For these models, PowerTronic communicates with the stock ECU, allowing the engine to operate at higher rpm within safe operating parameters.The result is an extended rev limit giving a wider power band, an increase in BHP and torque output with linear power delivery.

Q.How does PowerTronic work?

Ans.PowerTronic analyses signals from the throttle position, fuel injector, ignition coil, and engine rpm modifying them using preprogrammed settings to change fuel delivery and ignition timing.PowerTronic can be programmed to increase power, torque and throttle response or adjusted for high fuel economy depending on the rider’s preference.

Q6.Can I use PowerTronic for city riding?

Ans.PowerTronic can be tuned to offer optimised city riding with smooth throttle, gentle acceleration and moderate-speed cruising.This customisation provides better fuel economy and puts less stress on the engine which is well suited for navigating traffic.

Q7.Is PowerTronic water resistant?

Ans.The PowerTronic unit, wiring harness and connectors are waterproof and weather-resistant.Ensure that the installed components are securely harnessed within the frame and under the seat so as not to expose them to the environment for reliable and hassle-free riding even in rainy weather or while off-roading.

Q8.Does PowerTronic affect my warranty?

Ans.PowerTronic is a piggyback ECU and does not replace any stock bike components.It is completely safe for your engine and does not void the manufacturer's warranty.It can also be easily uninstalled before a service without any trace of being fitted.

Q9.Can I install PowerTronic on my new bike?

Ans.New bikes come with a run-in period of about 1000 km.During this period, it is not advised to use aggressive throttle inputs or ride at high speeds.It is recommended to install PowerTronic after the run-in period, preferably after 1,500 km for optimum engine operation.

Q12.Is it a good idea to use FuelX along with PowerTronic?

Ans.FuelX is an electronic air-fuel ratio optimising device that can be used along with PowerTronic for maximum performance gains without compromising on fuel economy.Together, PowerTronic and FuelX offer an enhanced riding experience.However, riders can still choose to use PowerTronic as a standalone unit.

Q13.What tuning maps are available from the R-Tune software?

Ans.The R-Tune software has a dashboard to calibrate throttle and other engine parameters and options for custom riding maps that can increase power characteristics, improve fuel economy or offer a balanced performance.Users can modify fuel maps and ignition maps to achieve the desired performance level based on riding conditions.

Q14.What are the benefits of using custom maps?

Ans.Riders can get personalised performance from custom riding modes.Examples are race mode which offers aggressive throttle response from low to high range rpm.Fuel delivery and ignition can also be adjusted to offer high mileage for more fuel-efficient city riding.

Q15.Does PowerTronic help reduce jerky power delivery?

Ans.PowerTronic helps deliver smoother engine operation, and seamless gear shifts by dynamically adjusting fuel injection and ignition timing based on engine operation parameters.It prevents the engine from stalling with more linear and predictable power delivery for enhanced riding comfort and control.

Q16.Is PowerTronic good for long-term use?

Ans.PowerTronic is designed to put less stress on components with minimised vibrations and refined operation.The engine also runs cooler which reduces wear and tear in the long run.

Q18.Does PowerTronic improve mileage?

Ans.PowerTronic increases mileage due to efficient combustion and optimised engine operation.The device can also be adjusted for better fuel economy through the tuning software.Riders can expect an increase of approximately 10% depending on riding style and conditions.

Q19.Is PowerTronic compatible with an aftermarket exhaust system?

Ans.PowerTronic accommodates aftermarket exhaust systems, free-flow air filters and other engine modifications to offer the best possible performance.The gains in BHP, torque and rideability are more apparent when PowerTronic is used with aftermarket performance parts.

Q20.How much does PowerTronic cost?

Ans.Prices for PowerTronic vary depending on the specific model designed for your bike.Prices range from around Rs.18,500 – Rs.41,500.

Q21.Is PowerTronic compatible with all bikes?

Ans.PowerTronic is available for almost every bike with fuel injection.Bikes compatible with PowerTronic include a wide range of models from KTM, Husqvarna, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Hero, Bajaj, Suzuki, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Benelli, Beta and Frantic.

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