Osram H1 Night Breaker Laser Duo Box Next GEN (55 W, 12 V, 2 bulbs)

By Osram
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About this item

  • Light Source Type – Xenon
  • Brand – Osram
  • Colour – White
  • Position – Front
  • Included – 1 Head Lamp
  • Foldable – ‎No
  • Size – ‎Small
  • Assembly Required – ‎No
  • Bulb Type – ‎Xenon
  • Voltage – ‎12 Volts
  • Wattage – 55 Watts
  • Up to 40m longer light beam for better visibility and significantly longer reaction times
  • Up to 20 percent whiter light thanks to partial cobalt coating of the glass body
  • Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver cap
  • Innovative laser ablation technology for better performance
  • Unique design with laser-etched product name
  • Up to 150 percent more brightness, Up to 150 m beam
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55 W, 12 V Osram H1 Night Breaker Laser Duo Box Next Gen

Vehicle Compatibility (Head Lamp): Tata Indica Grande, Vista, Indigo Marina LS, Aria, Marcopolo 24v / Honda New CRV (M/T) / Fiat Linea, Palio ELPS, Punto ELX, Palio Petra, Palio Stile, Senia DLX / Hyundai Accent Elentra / Ford Fiesta / Mahindra Scorpio 2015 / Chevrolet Optra / Mitsubishi Pajero / Skoda Laura, Laura Elegance, Superb / Nissan Terrano / Renault Duster


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 11.3 × 10.8 × 4.9 cm

‎Osram Germany

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4 Wheeler

Frequently Asked Questions

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