POTAUTO H4 P43t BULB 24V 130/100W (+60%) – SET OF 2

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About this item

(Set of 2) 100% More Brightness – The 130/100w h4 Headlight Bulb 24V ultra-thin design provides 360-degree brightness, maximizing the light concentration and removes all dark spots. 

Improved Beam Pattern – The 24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulb creates a focused and strongly aligned beam pattern focused on the road to alert you of any object. 

Better Clarity and Visibility – The headlight beams provide superior visibility for improved protection on the road. 

Compact Design – The latest headlight beam design is extremely handy and compact.

High Lifespan –  The 24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulb undergoes rigour testing for durability and boasts a high lifespan for long-lasting brightness. 

Plug and play – These headlight bulbs require effortless 10 minutes of installation. There’s no additional wiring required. 

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130/100w h4 headlight bulb 24V Requires only 10 Minutes Installation 

The 130/100w h4 headlight bulb 24V requires no effort while installing them in your car. There’s no requirement for extra wiring, just a simple plug and play design. The mini and compact design makes these bulbs extremely handy and quick to fix in your vehicles. 

130/100w h4 Headlight Bulb 24V produces Ultra-Brightness

The 130/100w h4 headlight bulb 24V produces excellent brightness to light up the dark lanes and road when travelling. There’s no room for dark spots or foggy lights. 

24v 130/100w h4 Halogen Bulb has a Great Coverage Area

The 130/100w h4 headlight bulb 24V covers a 360-degree area with its crisp, bright white light. You can not only pay attention to what’s on the road but also stay alert for the hidden corners and sideways. Enhances your visibility, clarity and safety at one go.

24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulb Forms Excellent Beam Pattern 

The 24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulb forms a strong, super-focused beam pattern for resilient brightness to pave your way home. Through the exceptional beam pattern, your vision ahead on the road is completely clear to a long distance. 

130/100w h4 headlight bulb 24V Offers Better Vision at Night

Safety is always a priority with these advanced 24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulbs. If you constantly commute through dark and heavy nights, then consider getting these halogen bulbs. The strong light beam and durable brightness create a clear and brightly lit road for safe driving. 

130/100w h4 Headlight Bulb 24V has a Longer Lifespan 

These 24v 130/100w h4 halogen bulbs stay functional for years of use, minimizing quick replacements. The excellent bulb material undergoes rigorously testing to ensure the bulb stays durable with customers.


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‎Jiomex Auto India Private Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Are car indicator bulbs universal?

Ans.Indicator bulbs come in various styles and sizes.Purchase a replacement bulb that fits your particular vehicle.

Q2.What is the price of indicator bulb for car?

Ans.Indicator bulbs can be purchased from Carorbis for as low as Rs.335.

Q3.What is indicator bulb?

Ans.An indicator is used in vehicles to indicate the direction you intend to drive in.For example, a driver will activate the right indicator before taking a right turn or when switching to the right lane.

Q4.How do you change a light bulb in a car indicator?

Ans.Check the indicator bulb holder for signs of corrosion and loose contacts.Replace the bulb with a similar bulb of the same specification.Replace the lens and test the indicator before driving.

Q5.How much does it cost to replace turn signal bulb?

Ans.You just have to purchase a replacement bulb online on Carorbis for as low as Rs.335.You can do it yourself self-using a simple screwdriver and replacement clips.

Q6.Can LED bulbs be changed indicators?

Ans.Yes, you can use LED bulbs as replacements for your indicators provided your vehicle has provisions to accommodate them.

Q7.How do you know if an indicator bulb is blown?

Ans.The indicator will fail to light up when activated.If you inspect the bulb, you may see a burned-out filament or faulty LED light.

Q8.Is it easy to change a car light bulb?

Ans.You can use a simple screwdriver, pliers and safety gloves/ protective eyewear to replace an indicator light bulb.It is quite an easy process and won't take you longer than 30 minutes.

Q9.How do you test an indicator bulb?

Ans.Once installed, turn the car on and flick the turn signal to activate the indicator.Step outside the car and check if the indicator is flashing normally.

Q10.What is a bulb failure indicator?

Ans.Some cars may have a dashboard warning light to tell you when a headlight or indicator bulb is malfunctioning.

Q11.How many times do indicator bulbs flash?

Ans.Indicator bulbs typically blink 120 times per minute according to standard operating procedure.

Q12.How do you know if an indicator is working?

Ans.Press the hazard switch and inspect the front and tail lights to ensure the indicators are flashing.

Q13.What are 3 types of indicators?

Ans.Indicator lights can be either regular halogen bulbs or LED lights depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer.

Q14.What causes indicators to stop working?

Ans.Usually, the bulb burns out.Otherwise, there could be a problem with the electrical system of the vehicle.

Q15.Can u drive without indicators?

Ans.It is not a good idea to drive without indicators as it may cause an accident because other motorists won’t know which way you intend to turn.It may also attract a traffic fine or citation.

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