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Get the Best Travel Solution With Motorcycle Riding Apparel Bags

Invest in high-quality and affordable apparel bags from Carorbis for a convenient journey. At Carorbis you will find a wide range of riding apparel bags from big brands in the automotive market that are offered at reasonable prices with free and fast shipping. Along with easy EMI options, COD and hassle-free returns, it's no surprise that customers love shopping online at Carorbis, India’s No.1 destination for genuine automotive accessories.

Motorcycle riding apparel bags come with a host of features that make your rides more enjoyable, convenient and safe.

Let's check out each feature in detail and find out how apparel bags can help you travel easy.

  1. Main Compartment with Wide Opening:

    Premium apparel bags from Carorbis feature wide main compartments with tough zippers for easy access & packing of essential riding gear (jackets, riding armour, hydration packs & pants). The wide opening pockets for items make using the bag an effortless job, saving you time & frustration every time you need to take out your riding gear. Riders can quickly access their gear without struggling with narrow openings / tight spaces. The packing process before and after rides is also a breeze.
  2. Front Pocket for Quick Access Items:

    Bags for riding apparel with easy access front pockets are specifically designed to store items that riders may need such as gloves, a balaclava, or important documents, for e.g.: registration & insurance papers, maps or smart devices. By having a convenient space for these quick-access items, riders can easily get their gear without frantically searching through the main compartment of the apparel bag. What you get is great convenience & maximum efficiency.
  3. Removable Shoulder Strap & Carry Handle:

    Bags for riding apparel from Carorbis have features that provide multiple carrying options for different users. The removable shoulder straps ( adjustable) give the rider hands-free transportation of riding gear. And the easy carry handle offers a traditional style with best support for heavier items. With these versatile features, every rider can choose the most comfortable & convenient way to carry the bag based on their preferences & specific needs. Sling it over your shoulder or carry it by hand, have it your way.
  4. Tough Ripstop Fabric Exterior & Triple Stitching:

    Apparel bags for motorcycles from Carorbis use ripstop fabric & triple stitching on major stress points to enhance the bag's durability & longevity. It can easily withstand the rigours of frequent use, outdoor conditions & harsh weather elements. The main advantage with a durable apparel bag is that riders can trust that their gear is protected by a robust & resilient exterior that won't easily tear or succumb to wear. At the same time, the interior of the apparel bag is able to cushion delicate items and offer good protection for them. You get peace of mind during travels & adventures knowing your gear is safe & secure.
  5. Heavy-Duty Zippers & Sliders:

    Apparel bags for riding gear from Carorbis come with high-quality zippers, sliders & straps that offer smooth & reliable opening and closing of pockets. The apparel bag securely closes & opens without snagging or jamming (a real lifesaver when you need an item in a rush). Trust that your gear is safely contained within the bag with bike apparel bags from Carorbis, knowing that the zippers won't fail/break unexpectedly causing damage or loss of items.
  6. Capacity & Lightweight Design:

    Best bags for riding apparel from Carorbis have more than enough capacity to carry all your essential gear. With sizes ranging from 5 litres to 105 litres, you will have ample space for storing a variety of riding gear & accessories while still maintaining a lightweight design for easy portability. Comfortably carry all essential gear without feeling weighed down by a heavy / bulky apparel bag. Get greater freedom of movement on the road and add convenience during your travels with compact apparel bags.
  7. Ventilated Main Pocket/Compartments:

    Ventilated main pockets and compartments feature mesh inserts for more air circulation. This will prevent moisture buildup and unpleasant odours within the bag. Keep your gear fresh & dry, even after long rides or in humid conditions. Reduce the risk of mould or mildew and fungus to prolong the lifespan of your gear with ventilated apparel bags from Carorbis.
  8. Multiple Handles for Versatile Carrying Options:

    Telescopic handles, side handles, trolley wheels and other carrying options provide versatility in how your bike apparel bag is transported, making it easy to travel. When you buy apparel bags from Carorbis, you can easily manoeuvre in various environments such as crowded spaces, loading it onto vehicle trunks, or carrying it over rough roads. Additional features like external pockets for documents, smartphones, charging devices as well as reflective inserts for visibility & personalization options offer even more functionality, safety, and customization. Organise your belongings more efficiently with apparel bags from Carorbis. Increase visibility & safety during night riding, and personalise your apparel bag to reflect your unique style.
  9. Waterproof Material:

    Waterproof bags for riding apparel offer protection for gear against the elements. These water-resistant apparel bags are crafted from materials such as PVC-coated fabrics / laminated materials with sealed seams to prevent water from seeping in. This durable construction keeps the contents dry even in rainy weather or wet conditions. It’s a big advantage if you carry your smartphone, jackets or documents which need to stay dry.
  10. Impact Resistance:

    Carorbis also offers apparel riding gear bags with durable and impact-resistant materials. You will find reinforced panels and impact absorbing padding to protect gear from damage due to bumps, drops and other unforeseen accidents.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Apparel Bag for Riding Gear

To get the most out of your purchase, proper care & maintenance of your riding apparel bag for bikes is essential for continued effectiveness in protecting your gear from the elements. Just follow these few simple steps to keep your apparel bag in optimal condition for many years of reliable use.

  1. Regular Cleaning:

    After a long ride, be sure to wipe the exterior & interior of the apparel bag with a slightly wet microfiber cloth to remove surface dirt, dust & debris. This should be enough for gentle stains and will prevent dirt from accumulating. For more stubborn stains that are hard to remove, use a mild detergent or specialised cleaner recommended for the bag's material. Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach or strong detergent as this may cause fading and/or damage to the bag’s fabric.
  2. Air Drying:

    The apparel bag should be left in the shade air dry completely, then store it in a cupboard. Excessive heat (washing machine dryer) could damage the waterproof coating & seams.
  3. Storage:

    It's best to store your riding apparel bag in a cupboard away from heat and moisture. Keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture as this may damage the bag over time. Try not to compress the bag unnecessarily which can cause creases in the exterior.
  4. Avoid Sharp Objects:

    Handle your bag with care. Placing sharp or abrasive objects inside could puncture or tear the pockets. Be mindful of rough surfaces when setting the bag down to prevent unnecessary wear & tear.
  5. Inspect Seals and Zippers:

    Inspect the seals, seams & zippers of your bag on a regular basis for signs of wear, damage / deterioration. Replace damaged components promptly to maintain the bag's integrity.

Shop for Premium Apparel Riding Bags at Carorbis

It’s time to upgrade your gear with the best travel solution from Carorbis – affordable and high-quality riding apparel bags that guarantee hassle-free rides and memorable road trips. With all your essential gear in secure storage, you can truly enjoy the great outdoors without worrying if your items are safe. Plus, with easy access, waterproof protection and compact designs, you will truly experience the convenience and reliability of our original apparel riding bags, sourced from top brands and delivered right to your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Apparel Bags?

Ans. Apparel bags are used to store riding gear such as gloves, jackets, off road pants and other essentials like documents, smartphones and personal items. They have compact dimensions and stylish designs which are perfect travel solutions for riding enthusiasts.

Q2. How Much Do Apparel Bags Cost?

Ans. Riding apparel bags from Carorbis start from Rs. 1,700 online. They come with free and fast shipping.

Q3: What Size of Apparel Bag Do I Need for My Riding Gear?

Ans. A size of 5-10 litres is good for carrying jackets and riding pants along with gloves. To carry helmets and riding boots, you may need a riding apparel bag with a capacity of around 20-30 litres.