BOSCH Oil Filter For Cars (Diesel)

Bosch Tractor Diesel Filter – F002H20308-8F8

By Bosch

MRP: ₹365 Inclusive all taxes

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Enjoy optimum tractor performance with Bosch tractor diesel filter with ultra-fine filter paper and high dirt-holding capacity.

  • Diesel Filter
  • For Tractor
  • From Bosch


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MRP: ₹365 Inclusive all taxes

Delivery Options Change

Economical Bosch Tractor Diesel Filter

Dirt, dust, debris, and water droplets can mix with the fuel of your tractor’s engine and cause damage to multiple parts of the engine system and even complete engine shutdown. Bosch presents its premium tractor diesel filter for superior performance and protection of your engine against harmful foreign particles. You can purchase authentic Bosch filters from at the lowest possible tractor diesel filter price.

Ultra-fine Filter Paper

The excellent quality of multi-layered, ultra-fine filter paper is capable of retaining potentially harmful particles as tiny as the size of one grain of talcum powder. The high degree of effectiveness ensures increased protection for the injection system of your engine.

High Dirt-Holding Capacity

As the fuel filter continues to block impurities from entering the fuel system, it over time gets clogs with the impurities and at a point, isn’t able to work as effectively as it should. Bosch tractor diesel filter comes with a high dirt-holding capacity so you don’t have to worry about changing the tractor diesel filter after every few months.

Effective Water Separation

The engine fuel usually includes some water content that becomes responsible for filter blockage, corrosion, and icing during cold weathers. Bosch tractor diesel filter is able to separate even the most tiny water droplets to protect the engine from potential damage.

Weight 0.3 kg

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What is the weight of Bosch Tractor Diesel Filter?

The weight of the Bosch Tractor Diesel  Filter is 0.3 kg.

What is the Swaraj and Mahindra tractor diesel filter price?

The maximum retail Bosch tractor diesel filter price is INR 365 for Swaraj and Mahindra tractor.

Is the item durable?

Bosch Tractor Diesel Filter is made from premium quality raw materials, and engineered under expert supervision. Hence, it is much more durable as compared to other products with similar tractor diesel filter price.

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