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puncture repair kit
puncture repair kit
Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit
Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit
Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit
Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit 500 ml

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Don’t make yourself late for a meeting, fix flat tyres in minutes with the powerful Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit.

  • No tools needed.
  • Repair your tire immediately.
  • Reinflate your tyre to safe pressure.
  • Suited for passenger cars and small SUV’s only.
  • For all types of tires up to 245/45 R17.
  • Exclusive MICHELIN formula.


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₹1495₹1330 (₹165 OFF) Inclusive all taxes

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Michelin Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Flat tyres can be very inconvenient and even annoying, especially when they leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Also, as careful as you can be, flat tyres are inevitable if you happen to run over the wrong thing, especially on the brutal Indian roads. That’s when Michelin emergency tyre repair kit comes into the picture as a saviour. Michelin emergency tyre puncture repair is much easier than waiting for a mechanic, looking for help to get your car towed away, or worse, leaving the car in the middle of nowhere and taking an Uber because you can not afford to miss that meeting.

Michelin Tyre Repair Kit Seals And Inflates

Michelin tyre repair kit allows you to seal any tyre punctures. It even reinflates the tyre to get you back on the road.

Easy To Use Michelin Emergency Tyre Puncture Repair

To use Michelin emergency puncture repair for motorcycle or car, you just have to connect the hose with the deflated tyre’s valve and release the sealant. Michelin emergency tyre repair will seal the puncture while simultaneously filling the tyre evenly with a proper amount of air at a high pressure allowing you to reach the nearby mechanic and get the puncture permanently repaired.

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Michelin India Pvt Ltd, Michelin Lifestyle Limited, Campbell Road, Stoke -on-Trent ST44 EY,UK


Super Tyre Tec- No.84/4, Manish Towers, j c Road, Bangalore-560002, M +91 9845154540 O +91 80 41323267


How long does emergency puncture repair last?

Michelin emergency puncture repair kit for car and bike is a temporary solution for a flat tyre. You must reach the mechanic for a patch repair as soon as possible after getting out of the flat tyre situation on the road.

Are puncture repairs safe?

Yes. Puncture repairs are safe unless you don’t decide to drive a very long distance with them. In fact, puncture repairs are the best solution to a flat tyre situation.

What is the price for Michelin emergency tyre repair aerosol?

The maximum retail price for Michelin emergency tyre repair aerosol is INR 1495. However, you can avail the product at a discounted price from Carorbis.com.


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